Bob Anderson Files Open Meeting Act Complaint Against County Board

Wonder Lake’s township fighter Bob Anderson has filed a complaint against the McHenry County Board for allowing two members to vote by telephone on the township consolidation referendum question.

Its content follows:

Bob Anderson

Bob Anderson

My name is Bob Anderson from Wonder Lake in McHenry County. We had a conversation on Nov. 30, 2015 in regards to a right for review about remotely voting by two members of the McHenry County Board on October 6, 2015.

The McHenry County Board Chairman is Joseph Gottemoller. Remote voting came from two board members voting on the subject of township consolidation. Both members voted no.

1) Board Member Mary McCann was in attendance when the meeting started. (from minutes) Ms.McCann said she had to leave and would like to call in to vote on this issue (township consolidation) Ms. Kurtz was against this and the Chairman did’t feel this was appropriate as she was leaving on vacation. Ms. McCann voted no.

2) Board Member Michele Aavang was not in attendance during the meeting. Ms Aavang voted remotely from Washington D.C. Ms. Aavang was in Washington D.C. on business with the Farm Bureau. Ms. Aavang voted no.

If you would like a copy of the Oct. 6th meeting minutes, approved on Nov. 17, 2015, please contact Linda Fitzgerald at the County Clerks’ office. (815-344-4242) The County Clerk, Mary McCellan can also be reached at this number. Ms. McCellan presided at this meeting.

Thank you for your attention in regards to this very important matter as there are very specific limitations on when a member can remotely “attend” a meeting.

If I can be of further assistance please contact me at (w) 815- 653- 7699 or at (h) 815-653-9865.


Bob Anderson Files Open Meeting Act Complaint Against County Board — 10 Comments

  1. There is a policy on phone voting, John Hammerand does it quite often from FL.

    Even if those two votes were disqualified the vote still would of been against consolidation 11 to 9.

    Why does Bob Anderson want to create 8 bigger and more expensive units of government?

    Elimination or Consolidation, the work isn’t going away, more consideration of those happening needs to be revved and the facts and numbers made public before any vote is taken.

  2. What a sore looser it’s sad to see anyone so wrapped up in one thing as this man is . He really needs to get a life

  3. I’m sick and tired of fat cat politicos residing in other, usually far away locales …… take the legendary relocation of ex-Sheriff Nygren who set up his office in southern Florida.

  4. Had Anderson not had the backing of Mike Shorten, Ron Salgado, Mike McCleary, Demetri Tsilimigras, Donna Kurtz, Michael Walkup, Andrew Gasser and some other well know Republicans, this would have been a non-issue and never would have reached the floor for a vote.

    For the record, here are the Board members who voted in favor: Barnes, Gasser, Heisler, Kurtz, Martens Sr, Provenzano, Rein, Walkup, Wheeler

    I do hope people realize that this is 2015.

    Virtual meetings are becoming more and more common and can save taxpayer dollars.

    Why not give every Board member a laptop or tablet computer capable of on-line video broadcast and conduct all meetings virtually?

    To offset the cost, take it out of their pay.

    Use the Board meeting room for the citizens to come and view the broadcast and make their three minute comments.

    Even the Federal Congress is investigating the possibility of doing this.

    The biggest hurdle to overcome is it would greatly weaken the power of the lobbyists which even the County of McHenry wastes taxpayer dollars for.

  5. County Administrator Peter Austin said the Federal lobbyists had been let go.

    I don’t remember anything about state lobbyists.

  6. Cautious voter, thanks for listing the board members who deserve support for their effort to give ballot choice to the voters.

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