Skillicorn Takes Shot at Madigan

A press release from Allen Skillicorn, one of four running to replace State Rep. Mike Tryon:


Allen Skillicorn

Allen Skillicorn

East Dundee, IL – Allen Skillicorn, Republican candidate for State Representative seeking Rep. Mike Tryon’s open-seat, challenges statements by Speaker Michael Madigan.

During a public meeting arranged by local good government groups to facilitate budget negotiations, Madigan criticized Governor Bruce Rauner’s proposals as unbalanced and extreme.

“I have to point out that Speaker Madigan calling Governor Rauner ‘extreme’ for just a few modest reforms, is, in itself extreme.”

Skillicorn continued,

“Speaker Madigan has been Speaker of the House for thirty years now

“No one else owns Illinois debt like Speaker Madigan.

“He controls a veto proof majority.

“He could override the Governor and pass a budget today, yet he doesn’t.”

Meanwhile, Speaker Madigan dismissed popular term-limits and redistricting reform efforts as a partisan ploy for the 2016 election.

Skillicorn responded,

“Mr. Madigan, you’ve been in Springfield over forty years.

“I find your comments self-serving and you’re not fooling anyone.”


Skillicorn Takes Shot at Madigan — 2 Comments

  1. Yes Allen, Self-Serving!

    But he must be fooling a whole bunch of people to still be allowed to even sit at that table.

    Until WE all wake up and put the right people in place, this State is doomed.

    Hopefully Gov. Rauner is the beginning of big change and possible redemption in Springfield.

  2. On my walks and door knocking adventures, these past few months, I was lambasted with angry outbursts.

    These voters are angry.

    WE are sick of all the talk.

    What can YOU do about our State’s downward spiral?

    We are all burned out on the finger pointing game Allen.

    Everyone including Madigan, knows he is dirty and rotten.


    What WILL you do?

    Not what do you WANT to do.

    We all know what we want to do. And in the end how do I, the voter, know that you are truly going to make a difference and not sell out like all the rest.

    We need revolution within this State and within the Republican party Mr. Skillicorn.

    Are you really all in on that task?

    Are you truly ready to go in and just piss off this ESTABLISHMENT?

    Who are you going to attack and who are you going to take out, if elected?

    As a voter, I would love to hear your plan. As a citizen I would like to believe you.

    As a human, I’m afraid I am not hearing or believing much.

    Sorry, just letting you know what WE the people are saying and that we need positive productive and revolutionary change from our Republican candidates or WE need you to step aside and allow someone who will.

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