Four Apply for Zoning Board of Appeals

Interviews will be held next Tuesday for two vacancies on the McHenry County Zoning Board of Appeals.

There are four applicants:

  • Matthew Hansel
  • Richard Kelly
  • Sharon Button
  • Patricia Kennedy
Pat Kennedy

Pat Kennedy

Richard Kelly is the current Chairman.

Pat Kennedy will be the Republican Precinct Committeeman in Dunham Township, the precinct with more Republican votes than any other in McHenry County.

Sharon Button is listed as Associate Dean of Math, Sciences and Health Professions at McHenry County College.

The posts are paid. See this article.


Four Apply for Zoning Board of Appeals — 2 Comments

  1. Matt Hensel is a former county employee who worked in Planning and Development.

    He has described himself as “Full-Time Bureaucrat, Part-Time Cartoonist” on Mylife.

    “I was super excited I got to work on it,” Hansel said.

    “It’s an opportunity to hang out with cool guys with a lot of experience.

    “I’ve also learned lessons about visual dynamics, visual storytelling, meeting deadlines, honing your craft and working with other people.”

    The Knight Watchman is not just for fans of superheroes, Hansel said.

    “It’s about quality stories, drama and interesting stories — you shouldn’t be afraid of it because there’s a guy in a costume.”

    Matt has taught political science at MCC.

  2. Have any of these august public ‘servant’ wannabees ever hear of conflicts of interest?

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