Illinois State Rifle Assoc. Meeting Tuesday at Algonquin’s Colonial Cafe

Toward the bottom of this message from Mickey Schuch, President of the McHenry County Concealed Carry Association is information about an Illinois State Rifle Association meeting being held in Algqonuin Tuesday night:

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When is enough….enough?

Is it too early for Merry Christmas? Happy first day of Hanukkah.

Here is the question of the day.

At what point does public safety and the rights of others trump your rights?

Hold that thought for a little back story.

I was blessed to have spent 10 years of my youth on a small 30 acre piece of earth in unincorporated Crystal Lake. It had everything a boy needed. A pond full of fish, a stream full of crawdads, woods full of deer and squirrels and plenty of area to learn how to shoot.

Mickey Schuch

Mickey Schuch

One day after a few hours of busting clay pigeons with my brothers, a friendly deputy rolled up the drive to say hello. He took a look at my FOID and told me a neighbor had called 911, they thought a gunfight was happening next door. We chuckled at the city folk that had moved to the country.

A few months passed with no issues and after sighting in a new .22 a knock knock, was heard at the door. Guess who? Yep another deputy to check in again.

As suburbia encroached we had to start making some changes.

I would visit the neighbors and let them know we would be shooting. Most were happy that we cared, but truth be told they still did not like it, but they tolerated our pastime as we were kind enough to show some respect.

We did curtail our shooting and they curtailed the police calls.

Did we have to do this?

No we did not. But just because we could do something did not make it right. Those folks paid to enjoy their little slice of country as well.

We now have several property owners in the county that enjoy shooting as we all do, unfortunately they have neighbors who do not feel equally as pleased on shooting day. I’m not talking about an hour or two now and again but at times hundreds of rounds for an entire weekend. I shoot more than most and I would not want to spend my weekend hearing that at home.

Its discourteous and downright infuriating.

These fed up neighbors have challenged the county board to enact new zoning restrictions to limit our ability to discharge firearms on our own property because of the lack of care by a couple of shooters.

We successfully stopped this last year but it will quickly and rightfully get reintroduced due to the selfish actions of a few.

Yes I said selfish. I don’t want to spend my time defending something that does not have to be.

Here is the dark side of liberty when it is exercised carelessly. It cuts both ways.

You get to do as you please and those you are pissing off get to lobby our leaders to enact new law. It sure seems a lot easier to me to go knock on a door or two and make peace with your neighbors.

We have two main residents at the root of this. One in the Harvard/Woodstock area, another right outside of Woodstock city limits.

You either know them or I’m talking right to you.

Get mad at me. I can take it. But when a new zoning laws get rammed through because someone is too stubborn and rude and hides behind the old “it’s my rights” speech I personally will be very upset and you should too.

This is no joke and I really have had enough of the “it’s my right” crap. During a county board meeting, this very day,  neighbors of the residents mentioned, above brought the matter back in front of the board. They are fed up.

You have a right to shoot and they have a right to peace and quiet. 

Read it again if you need to.

We all cry for less government. That is impossible when one cannot “self govern” their own actions.

Here is what must happen.

1. Those in question need to be more courteous of their neighbors.

2. They need to communicate to find a common ground. Yes its your right to shoot but not when it becomes illegal through zoning law(enacted because of a few hard heads) Don’t be so right that you ruin it for the rest of us.

3. We need to remind our pals that shoot in the county to do so politely and safely.

4. We preach good citizenship. Quit talking and start doing. Get involved.

Here is a good way to get involved.

Illinois State Rifle Association has its first grass roots meeting in the area.
Its tomorrow, December 8th at 7pm.
Colonial Cafe, 2555 Bunker Hill Dr, Algonquin, Illinois, 60102

I will be there and hope you will too.

With all that is currently happening in the world and nation we need, now more than ever to remember to be aware, implement action when needed and protect life and liberty where you are able.

Many of my students obtain their CCL but do not carry daily.

It’s useless sitting at home.

Get a quality holster and train.

Final thought.

Upholding and proliferating liberty and freedom is so much more than spouting on about the founding fathers, reciting the constitution, or waving the stars and stripes.

It is a choice to live a life that is fulfilling to our dreams and ideals, but does not impede or degrade the law abiding life of another.

If we must supplant the liberty and joy of others to create our ideal world maybe we should move.

That is in fact why God made Texas and Alaska…….

Merry Christmas,

Mickey Schuch
McHenry County Right To Carry Association


Illinois State Rifle Assoc. Meeting Tuesday at Algonquin’s Colonial Cafe — 13 Comments

  1. Maybe people should move to more rural areas if they like shooting.

    A stray bullet can and has caused damages.\

  2. If the neighbors are complaining because of the noise, I can empathize – if it is because of the three word ‘gun’ I have a real problem.

    We have a certain County Board member who is championing the gun noise issue but if we are going to continue to urbanize McHenry County we need to address the whole NOISE issue.

    Plum Tree golf course is in process of pursuing rock concerts, I have as much a problem with that as I do with inconsiderate neighbors who think it is their right to have target practice which exceeds one hour per day.

    In addition, I have a problem with the whole Special Event ordinance which allows four events per year (horse racing, rock concerts, fund raisers with hundreds of people and the traffic that goes with it etc.).

    All of these events create NOISE.

    Remember, the County approved a shooting range across the street from their own Nursing home.

    Why is the ‘certain County Board member’ concentrating on shooting noise?

  3. B.H.O. – The greatest gun salesman in the history of the U.S.A., and quite possibly the world.

    Gun sales set record for the 7th consecutive month. Source: The Drudge Report.

    Better to have one and not need one than need one and not have one.

    Get’em before they’re gone!

    Gats Guns awaits …

  4. If more effort was put into legalizing suppressors then everybody could be happy.

  5. Has MCR2CA tried to contact these property owners to mediate for these complaints, or even speak to the property owners to validate the legitimacy of the complaints?

    Or are they simply listening to the offended individuals and taking their word as fact.

    I’m not sure if the property “right outside of Woodstock city limits” is the property that I have shot at but it’s safe and we’re respectful of the adjacent neighbor’s safety and comfort.

    There is a berm setup and maintenance is done on it regularly, the Sheriff’s Department has even inspected the berm and found it to their satisfaction.

    We’ve even changed our plans because they were having guests over.

    I can never recall shooting happening the “entire weekend” at the property, at most a Saturday afternoon.

    If the “neighbor” is concerned with noise, how do they deal with the County Fair Grounds that’s less than a mile away?

    We have had the Sheriff’s Department visit us while shooting to the natural sounds of MotoCross races at the Fair Grounds.

    If noise is the issue, then maybe we could have someone champion Illinois HB 433 to allow citizens to own and use suppressors, instead of passive aggressively berating these property owners.

  6. Please don’t assume we are so ignorant as to just take peoples word for anything.

    We have spoken to the owners numerous times as well as written letters.

    Names were not used in this letter for a reason.

    MCR2CA is most assuredly on the side of the second amendment and we are champions of the legalization of suppressors.

    In fact we take a busload of citizens to Springfield annually to help get promote our ideals and communicate them to the legislators.

  7. I guess we won’t be meeting karma or Cautious voter tomorrow night.

  8. I moved to McHenry County 36 years ago and bent myself nearly in half financially to purchase a piece of land large enough so I could shoot in a county which allowed it.

    People need to do their due diligence when moving into an area and not simply expect the neighbors already established there to meet their every wish.

    I don’t see much difference here from an immigrant from another country insisting we teach their children in a language other than english.

    I suppose I’m lucky in that most all of my neighbors are either farmers or descended from farmers and they all shoot and hunt.

  9. i can tell you I support freedom to bear arms but unless someone is in the shoes of a homeowner like myself who has “NO” flipping peace all weekend long well into the night you really have no idea how horrible it really is.

    We spent a fortune to buy our home 10 acres.

    We cannot open our windows all summer long ..ever…many of the shooters are living illegally in a rented house whose owner has been brought in front of the courts several times because he illegally expanded the hose,,had Drug lords living there,, started several illegal businesses etc, etc..

    He was a known abuser of the law from Lake in the Hills..slum lord.

    He cried to the courts that he would sell the was all a show.

    Then we have others who come out to some open space that they don’t even own and shoot huge guns for hours and hours..

    We can’t have anyone over because the machine gun shooting is so annoying its just not pleasant to sit out doors..

    I will be there tonight.

  10. If people are shooting machine guns near your property, call the ATFE.

    It is illegal under both federal and state law to possess fully automatic weapons in Illinois unless you are in law enforcement or a licensed dealer.

    The courts tend to come down very hard on people who are caught with them.

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