CapitolFax Praises McSweeney

Political news is normaly slow in December, so CapitolFax Publisher Rich Miller instituted Golden Horseshoe awards.

A horseshoe is a Springfield-only meal consisting of french fries, some meat or fish covered with cheese sauce.

In the category for Best Republican Illinois State Representative, the winner was David Harris.

Coming in second was State Rep. David McSweeney.

Here’s what was written:

David McSweeney

David McSweeney

Rep. Dave McSweeney is awarded a very close runner-up for strong nominations like this one…I think that everyone in Springfield was afraid of what he might be when he first got to Springfield. And, yes, he has definitely still ruffled feathers, especially in his own caucus.

But he has really established himself as an independent thinker, who, while very conservative, is also interested in getting things done and doing what he thinks is right.

In a year that has seen so little independence on either side of the aisle, McSweeney has actually stood out.


CapitolFax Praises McSweeney — 4 Comments

  1. Voters in D-66 need to send Serwatka to Springfield to help McSweeny.

  2. McSweeney and Serwatka would be a force to reckon with.

    Their tenacity, combined, would undoubtedly influence the watered down Republican presence currently in the State House.

  3. McSweeney/Serwatka would give new meaning to “The Dynamic Duo”

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