Draft County Legislative Agenda for Next Year Released

Here’s what the McHenry County Legislative Committee will be considering Friday:

McHenry County 2016 Legislative Priorities

Township Assessor Consolidation

McHenry County supports an objective cost-benefit analysis of township assessor consolidation. If the cost-benefit analysis identifies opportunities to reduce the size and cost of local government, then the county supports an amendment to the Township Code to allow the County Board and/or the voters of a township to vote to consolidate all offices of the township assessor in the county with the county assessor. This could add cost efficiencies and promote uniformity of assessments.

Township Consolidation

McHenry County supports the Lt. Governor’s Local Government Consolidation and Unfunded Task Force in creating legislation to effectively consolidate township governments. Taxpayers should be held harmless from a tax increase in the year after township consolidation. The 126 square mile cap on township size should be removed so voters have the option to form larger, single townships.

Property Tax Payer Protection

PTELL Flexibility McHenry County would like flexibility with regard to the voter approved levy for the Property Tax Extension Limitation Law. The County would like to preserve some allowable levy while seeking legislation that protects McHenry County taxpayers by allowing the County to take the levy when and if is necessary.

Senior Service Levy Flexibility

McHenry County would like to use funds from the Senior Service Levy to pay costs associated with administering the Senior Services Grant Program. The County proposes to use no more than 1.5% of the fund for administrative costs.

Tort Fund Flexibility

McHenry County would like the flexibility to use the tort fund to pay for costs incurred by government entities established by the County, including the Workforce Network, and Veterans Assistance Commission.

Recognition that Workforce Networks are a County Department

Workforce Networks are essential for building partnerships with and responding to the needs of local employers. Workforce staff provide services such as job training, job search assistance, career assistance, career advising, case management and business services to County residents and employers. The County proposes legislation to acknowledge Workforce Networks as County departments.

Workers’ Compensation Reform

McHenry County supports proposed reforms to the Illinois Workers’ Compensation system primarily with regards to causation, definition of a traveling employee and allowing the utilization of American Medical Association (AMA) guidelines or ratings as a sole determinant of permanent partial disability awards. These reforms will create greater balance in the Illinois Workers’ Compensation system and make Illinois a more competitive and job-friendly state.

Juror Pay Reform

Recent legislation mandates higher pay for juror services. The law requires the County pay jurors $25 for the first day of service and $50 for each additional day. While the legislation reduces the total number of jurors, juror pay increases are estimated to add over $220,000 annual costs to the budget. McHenry County supports legislative reform to reduce the burden of juror pay to counties.

Support for Human Services

McHenry County recognizes the value of human service programs to the health, safety and wellbeing of our community. Cuts to funding for human services would adversely affect the quality of life for our residents. The County will continue to supports human services that provide timely and effective care for residents of need.

Prevailing Wage

McHenry County supports continued dialogue and examination of the Prevailing Wage Law, including the consideration of minimum thresholds for the requirement of Prevailing Wage on the construction and maintenance contracts


Draft County Legislative Agenda for Next Year Released — 7 Comments

  1. There are zero people on this Board with a “D” behind their name but most definitely behave as liberals!!

    Where is my tax reduction legislation?

    BTW Due to the elimination of manufacturing jobs which are being replaced with lower paying service sector jobs and the passage of HB1687 in 2011, the cost of Workmen’s Compensation has been reduced by 52 % from 1994 to 2014 ( $5.48 to $2.35).

    The words: “Supports dialogue and examination of the Prevailing Wage Law” DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!

    I see nothing about eliminating the social service costs to support illegal aliens!

  2. Maybe those on the Legislative Committee can enlighten Bob Anderson relative to the remote meeting attendance policy in force at the County.

    He is SUING the taxpayers because McCann and Aavang voted remotely on his push (along with Kurtz and Walkup) for Township Consolidation.

    If Bob is HONESTLY interested in reducing the property tax burden in McHenry County he will withdraw his lawsuit AND cease and desist with his Township vendetta!!

  3. Still on the warpath with Townships and looking for ways to raise taxes above imposed limits?

    That’s my county!

    Please clean your own house before looking at “helping” lower tax bills while growing county government

  4. How about the county board gaining more oversight responsibility of MCCD’s budget?

    Line Item veto, perhaps?

  5. In case you want to know who is on the Legislative committee:

    Nick Provenzano
    John Jung
    Donna Kurtz
    Carolyn Schofield
    Bob Martens
    Yvonne Barnes
    Larry Smith

    Both Martens and Smith were absent at the November meeting.

    Here is who voted in favor of placing Township Consolidation on the ballot:

    Martens Sr,

  6. How utterly embarrassing!

    This is what happens when we do not vet our candidates.

    Far too often, here in McHenry County, they tell us they are conservatives yet once elected, their performance is exactly the opposite.

  7. This is how the Republican Party destroys itself.

    If you don’t agree with 100% of the time they are not Republican or Conservative or there RINO’s.

    It is utterly ridiculous!

    This is why the Republican Party will not be the force for a long time.

    The question is do you feel the Board, the State, the Federal Government are they at least fighting to try and fix things?

    The Federal Government NO!

    That is why they are panicking now because people are tired of putting them in office and not fighting for them.

    The State Republicans I think try and do what they can but I feel that the State House/Senate don’t have a plan and the falter.

    It is a Democratic Stronghold and they need to figure out the State and at least figure out where the weak spots are in the House and start pounding the Dems.

    You have to get rid of the SuperMajority!

    The County from what I have read and seen actually cut their budget and no increase in the tax levy!

    Is that not a good thing?

    This is what happens Republicans cut their own throat because they won’t get behind each other even after the Primary.

    At least don’t go out of your way in public to discredit them.

    This Blog being one of them.

    Of course from what I have heard that there are Dems on the board and they have to be weeded out and go after them.

    But can anyone on this blog find out all the votes the County Board makes and find out who you agree or disagree.

    Hopefully I can leave this state soon because the Jack Franks of the world do this State and County no favors.

    But he does know how to exploit the Republicans.

    It is laughable sometimes!

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