Joe Tirio, Candidate for Recorder, Says Abolish the Office

You know I try to publish all press releases sent to me by candidates.  (That’s no problem at this stage in the election proceszs, but gets more difficult as the election nears.)

The following press release from Joe Tirio, a candidate for McHenry County Recorder of Deeds, is a bit different from most.

He proposes abolition of the office he seeks.

This has been done in McLean County.

By referendum, the voters merged the Recorder of Deeds Office with that of the County Clerk.

The idea is also being considered in Champaign County.

In any event, here is Tirio’s press release:

Candidate for County Recorder, Joe Tirio says he will “Erase the Recorder” when elected

WOODSTOCK, IL – Citing an opportunity to further save money for the taxpayers of McHenry county, Recorder Candidate Joe Tirio has promised to pursue the abolition of his role and consolidation of his office into the County Clerk’s office when elected.

Joe Tirio

Joe Tirio

“The State Constitution provides for the creation of the Recorder’s office, but there are also legal means to eliminate the office as well. I intend to pursue those means once elected,” Tirio said.

“If things go as planned, I hope to have the process completed by the end of my first term,” Joe continued.

This announcement follows his earlier campaign promise to eliminate nepotism and similar practices from offices when elected.

Joe will target reduced operating costs, improved service and will implement policies for ethical hiring and management.

“Nepotism and patronage hiring and employment are an insult to the taxpayers of McHenry County.

“I promise that I will never hire a relative and commit to only hiring the most qualified person for the job, regardless of their political connections.

“I challenge my opponents to make the same promise.”

To further illustrate his conviction to eliminate nepotism and patronage, Joe launched his campaign website with the domain name “”.

About Joe Tirio

Born in Chicago and raised primarily in the western suburbs, Joe lives with his Wife, Karen in Woodstock where he has lived for 12 of the 15 years he has Lived in McHenry County. He and his wife own Monarch Senior Care, located in Woodstock just off the city’s historic square. Joe is also the co-founder of Voters In Action (, a citizen activist group focused  n increasing public involvement in government with an eye toward reducing taxes and corruption and increasing transparency.


Joe Tirio, Candidate for Recorder, Says Abolish the Office — 22 Comments

  1. A McHenry County political candidate thinking outside the “box”. A breath of fresh air.

    As a lawyer who uses both offices on a regular basis, this idea might have legs.

    I do not know the cost/benefit analysis in undertaking such a merger but would like to know more from Joe on this point.

    Like deciding whether to take Valley Hi private, this idea is worth examining.

    I hope the County Board is taking notes . . . .

    Contrary to District Voter 1, it is time some of the fish swimming together upstream brake from the “rank and file” standing alone in front offering new ideas on how to re-create County government which has become stagnant and too costly!

  2. Tiro would be a huge win for the citizens of McHenry County.

    HONESTLY know what is needed and has the courage to say so.

  3. If either one of the other two candidates are elected, unionization will quickly follow!!

  4. You are correct, Rawdog. The Recorder’s office isn’t unionized….YET.

    But you can bet if either one of his opponents were to get in, they would unionize! (like CautiousVoter said)

    They both lapped up Union money for their campaigns.

    Tirio hasn’t taken any campaign contributions from the Union (or any other group that would expect political favors)

    Before deciding on who to vote for, I go to see the campaign donations of the candidates I went to IL State Board of Elections (committee search) A-1.

    Do this for all candidates!

    This will tell you who will be beholden to the Unions and other politicos.

    This guy doesn’t even have a ‘hosting committee’ with political individuals we’d have to worry about.

    This is phenominal!

  5. I always wonder when a business owner is elected to an office like that, what will they do with the business, will they be working at the office full time?

    Or does he intend to lead from another office? Just wondering.

    Also not buying the unionization thing.

    So the Operators make a donation to a candidate and that means they’ll sign with service workers?

  6. Mrs. = Joni Smith is married to a man that is an Operator 150 Union guy.

    Daughter already working in the office.

    YES that office will go union if Smith or Hill is elected.

    Joe Tirio is the most qualified in any case.

  7. How can you say that he is more qualified than the person DOING the job?

  8. Joe Tirio will make an excellent Recorder.

    The reformers are here and more are coming.

    McHenry County is going through the long and painful process of routing out Democrats who have infiltrated the Republican Party.

    Mary McCann, Mary McClellan, Carolyn Schofield, Joni Smith, and Anna May Miller come to mind.

    Some continue to throw rocks and add no substance or energy to the fight.

    A lawyer of David Stieper’s caliber and success should have no problem throwing $5,250 dollars into the campaign of Mr. Tirio, along with his wife, to ensure Joe wins his election.

    Do something Stieper besides blow smoke up everyone’s behind. I hope you are Tirio’s number one volunteer.

    I hope you do something more than write posts on a blog and I cannot wait for Mr. Skinner’s story on how you actually donated to Joe Tirio’s campaign.

    I will anxiously look for Stieper’s A-1 donations to the Tirio campaign.

  9. Inish – this was a pass it to a friend deal.

    She may or may not be doing the job well.

    To insure security – Smith WILL unionize.

    Nygren supporters and anyone who carries his values are who she gets behind.

    Also, in her literature she states that she has experience in the “business industry”.


  10. A step in the right direction Mr. Tirio, I will support you at
    the ballot box.

    Now let’s do the same for the office of Illinois lieutenant governor.

  11. District 1 Voter: And what are you doing that is so honorable and good for residents of McHenry County?

    Why not ID yourself as an elected County Board Member?

    Be careful, your writing style is giving you away.

    By the way, careful what you say about me, I no longer hold public office and am not fair game for character assination.

  12. This guy is an idiot does not
    Know the law in Illinois these are political babel. He does not even know the law as it applies to the office a ha ha ha ha

  13. Instead of your idiotic babble, how about stating specifics. You show your ignorance and show that you didn’t even read the article. Stand4truth, isn’t that a gay website?

  14. I like his chops. He worked on an actual plan to save the taxpayers and run a more efficient operation!

    All his female narcisistic opponents have done is campaign, fundraise, and plaster their face all over 4×8 signs or Billboards with no Plan in place, no Substance, no Accomplishments, no Pledge to do the right thing.

    Tirio’s a non-politician – we need more of those.

  15. Consolidate both departments, then don’t approach it like the Township Consolidation with HOPE nonsense.

    Get the proper numbers and facts, then present your plan.

    Plans with tax saving facts works.

    Do that before the election, if tax savings are to be had, you’re election will be a win win for us all.

  16. “District 1 Voter”, you sound like McHenry County government informing all on this blog how my wife and I should spend our hard earned money.

    District 1 Voter, with your elitist attitude, now I know you are more than just a voter in District 1 but fit the profile of many McHenry County Board members.

    You are displaying many of the pathetic traits of past VBH politicians which I worked with others to successfully remove.

    District 1 Voter, it took no money just knowledge of the issues.

    Throwing lots of money at something doesn’t make for desired results, this is true even in the case of elections.

    District 1 Voter to avoid further embarrassment I recommend you keep the mask on.


    “That’s in the range of what Tirio estimates McHenry County might save. The Recorder’s salary and benefits all alone amount to about $123,000, although that’s not a lot in the context of a $4.6 million budget. Tirio told FEN there might be more savings since he thinks the current Recorder’s staff is “top heavy” with supervisory personnel.

    “FEN was unable to contact either retiring Recorder Phyllis Walters or Clerk Mary McClellan to see what they thought of the consolidation idea.

    “Nor was FEN able to contact Walters’ endorsed choice for successor, Joni Smith, or District Five County Board Member Tina Hill who’s also vying for the Republican nomination.”

    I BET Phyllis Walters or Mary McClellan Weren’t available for comment! LMAO!

  18. I think he might be running for the wrong office.

    If you want to consolidate the Recorders Office with the County Clerks Office I think you need the State Legislative to do that.

    So maybe you should run against Jack Franks.

    And I don’t think that Mr. Tirio will be able to hire out an independent company to do the analysis that will be required to show if there will be any savings what so ever?

    Isn’t that what was required that so many people complained about trying to consolidate townships?

    An independent study to show cost savings etc..

  19. Live, no, you’re wrong.

    other counties have done this with no study, no action by legislature.

    all it requires is approval by county wide referendum and Boom!

    Money saved, redundancies eliminated.

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