County Board Settles Zinke Report Suit with First Electric Newspaper — 14 Comments

  1. So Sheriff Prim signed the agreement to pay the guy who went after his primary opponent?

    Hardly a news story, just surprised the check wasn’t bigger.

  2. Prim has nothing to do with this settlement other than turning over docs.

    SAO defends the lawsuit, the County approves the settlement and pays.

  3. I wonder if Mr. and Mrs. Gonigam feel any guilt for taking money from people who have lost their homes because they cannot afford to pay the taxes which are used to pay the settlements of the crazy tort laws in Illinois?

    If these settlements were funded with money from the elected officials and public sector employees involved, I would have no problem.

  4. Cautious

    Then just believe what you’re told and good luck.

    Pete fought this for the truth, the truth you dont seem to care about.

    If you or I tipped off ANYONE, in regards to ANY criminal matter, we would be in jail, it wasnt about money, obviously, it was about freedom of infomation and the truth.

    You believe what you want and enjoy life in your little bubble

  5. zgone: If it was not about money, why did the Gonigams not refuse the monetary award?

    I have no problem with anyone pursuing the truth.

    I have a problem with paying for it.

  6. While attorney Mary Gardner is the mother of my children, she is not and has not for eight years been my wife.

    The settlement will pay for filing costs, expenses and in excess of 300 (!) hours billing for her professional time.

    I have accepted the $5,000 fine as compensation for 200 to 300 hours of my own time.

    The way the Illinois Freedom of Information Act is written, the only way to enforce the Attorney General’s decision that the Sheriff’s Office should turn over the Zinke report was to sue for it.

    Complaints about the cost, although two and a half years tardy, should be addressed to either the General Assembly or Keith Nygren, Cape Coral, FL.

  7. Well stated “zgone on 12/16/2015 at 8:33 am said: ”

    IMO Zinke and Nygren should be footing the bill from their personal assets not dumping the results of their choices on Taxpayers.

    Gonigam faced the fight while the rest of us hardly blinked and some even blamed him.

    Where did our brains and integrity go?

  8. Zgone’s absolutely right and so is Anonymous.

    FOIA shouldn’t be played with.

    It was put in place for the citizens’ benefit.

    If the ‘one’s in charge’ want to screw with your right to know…and we as a county voted them in office, we ought to be sued!

    This badgering is the thanks Mr. Gonigam of First Electric News gets for wanting transparency on our behalf ? ? ?

    Nygren and Zinke were colossal mistakes however, this doesn’t even make a dent in all the destruction they caused.

    There are others of their ilk that still need to be removed who are pulling similar scams.

    Look at it as an expensive lesson in how important it is to vote the Right People into office!

  9. Still waiting for all that “insiderer cover-up” information that that report is supposed to show, and just how bad everything was; he’s had the report for a few days, and it can’t be that long.

    How come we haven’t seen anything in print about just what he found, so we can see just how much he (we) didn’t get for our taxpayer money?

    Still waiting Pete!

  10. I wonder if Mr. Zinke mentioned the lawsuit when he was being interviewed for the Police Chief job in Rantoul?

  11. Did he get that job?

    It would be a shame to waste all those years of Police talent and training

  12. For AZ supporter:

    No, I haven’t had the report for a few days.

    I’m supposed to receive it Tuesday afternoon.

    It must be easier to support a preconceived conclusion when you make up your own facts.

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