Turnberry Country Club May Have Found Savior, 240 Condos Planned

A press release from the Village of Lakewood:


Developer Wants Turnberry Country Club to Be a Premier Destination

J.P. Asset Management Co. has initiated discussions with the Village of Lakewood to purchase Turnberry Country Club, an iconic golf course and venue within McHenry County and northern Illinois for decades.

Planned improvements would rejuvenate the property so that it once again serves as the centerpiece and gathering point for the prestigious Turnberry Subdivision in the Village of Lakewood.

Nestled in the heart of the community, situated between the beautiful Turnberry Lakes and the award winning par 72 golf course designed by E. Lawrence Packard, the location would also serve as a premier resort destination for the region.

In addition to 240 condominiums, there will be

In addition to 240 condominiums, there will be 60 guest rooms.

The Village of Lakewood was recently presented with preliminary plans for the clubhouse at Turnberry Resort that would renovate, update, and expand the facility with the addition of approximately 240 condominiums and another 60 guest rooms for visitors participating in events at the golf course or banquet facility.

In addition, the private country club would include amenities such as: an

  • an expansive pro shop
  • banquet facilities
  • a full service restaurant
  • health club
  • spa
  • outdoor pool
  • a park
  • walking trails
Proposed front of the enlarged building.

Proposed front of the enlarged building.

Preliminary renderings of the project have been provided courtesy of Group A Architecture (Elk Grove Village).

The architecture would complement the existing French Normandy Country Club Style and is intended to celebrate the golf and health club experience. Mr. Kyunhee Park, President of J.P. Asset Management Co. recently purchased and completed a renovation of Lake Barrington Shores Country Club.

Mr. Park said, “Turnberry Country Club has a stellar reputation as one of the premier golf courses and facilities in northern Illinois. It will be a privilege to be the new owner of such a storied golf course.

An aerial view of the proposed Turnberry Resort.

An aerial view of the proposed Turnberry Resort.

“The new resort population will financially support the golf course and clubhouse and will allow for the renovation of the existing facilities, as well as the addition of new amenities.”

“At its core, the Village of Lakewood is a lake and golf course community,” said President Erin Smith.

“Turnberry Country Club is a crown jewel in northern Illinois, previously serving as host to both a U.S. Open Qualifier and an Illinois Open,” she continued.

“We are honored that Mr. Park understands the inherent value of this community asset and is interested in making a $50M investment to maintain it as a private country club that is a full service destination golf course and spa.”

The next several months will be spent developing the detailed architectural renderings and site plan (including storm water, engineering, traffic, etc.) which will be submitted to the Village’s Planning and Zoning Committee for a Public Hearing. Per State Statute, formal notice will be sent to all property owners within 250 feet of the proposed project at least 15 days prior to the Public Hearing.

Upon its conclusion, the Planning and Zoning Committee will provide a recommendation for consideration by the Board of Trustees. Information, notices, and updates regarding the project will be posted to the Village’s website.

“The Village will continue to work proactively with the Turnberry Property Owners Association (TPA) in order to provide information to the entire Turnberry neighborhood throughout the process,” explained President Smith.

“In fact, this process began with an informal meeting with the TPA Board, which assisted in the coordination of a meeting with the residents on Wednesday, December 16,” President Smith continued. Mr. Rob Kirk of Group A Architecture speculated that it is their goal to break ground in summer of 2016.

= = = = =
A meeting of the Turnberry Property Owners Association will be held at the Country Club Wednesday night at 7.

Turnberry Country Club fell on hard times during the real estate recession.

Here is an article that features what Lakewood Village President Erin Smith said in 2015:

Lakewood Village President Writes Her Turnberry Neighbors about the Problems of the Turnberry Country Club


Turnberry Country Club May Have Found Savior, 240 Condos Planned — 12 Comments

  1. Flop!

    Will be a “Ghost Resort” within 1 year…

    Call Brickstone Resorts and ask them how things are going at the Eagle Ridge Inn in Galena….


    Turnberry has no INDOOR pool and I do not see a plan for one.

    NO outside entertainment, no woods, no hiking trails, no bicycling, no fishing, no lake swimming……when this thing fails, and it will, the residents will be stuck with a huge white elephant…. and huge tax bills.

    What will I tell the kids…

    we are going to Crystal Lake for a five day vacation?

    A purchase of the club, clean it up and modernize it, fix up the golf course and let it be…

  2. Residents of Lakewood:

    Drive out to Plum Tree golf course and take a look.

    If this Lakewood project is approved, you can see what may happen in the future.

    Recently Plum Tree was sold for $1,500,000.

    Now the neighbors who built homes valued well over $200,000 get to complain about the rock concerts being held there.

    The new owners have even mentioned plans for moto-cross events.

  3. Every 100 new luxury housing units created in Lakewood creates the need for 10 more low income housing units in Lakewood tif.

    Every 10 new low income housing units In Lakewood tif creates 6 more no-pay students in Woodstock D200 to be paid for at Woodstock taxpayers’ expense in order to subsidize wealthy Lakewood developer land-and-grant-money giveaways.

    Every 6 students cost Woodstock taxpayers $54,000 (6 X $9000, annually).

    Lakewood in order to be compliant with Illinois Affordable Housing Act needs 124 low income housing units) (100 have already been approved in tif by resolution).

    124 X .6 student = 74.4 students.

    74.4 X $9000 = $669,600.

    Woodstock taxpayers will be paying $669,600 annually to pay for educating these Lakewood students.

    Paul Serwatka.

    You won office and political favor largely due to your opposition to the Lakewood tif.

    What is your position?

  4. So the residents put up a fight against a sports complex at the edge of town and yet Erin thinks a hotel and condos are welcome right in the middle of a neighborhood?

    I thought we elected village board members to speak for us not to undermine our livelihoods?

    Erin does not have our interest at heart and her lack of communication to the village board and residents can only look suspicious.

  5. Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered Mizz Smith!

    You can have your village, just don’t try to make it your kingdom!

    Good Day.

  6. Paul Serwatka has yet to make any public statement on the recent decision (11/24/15) by the Lakewood Village Board to contract with CLFD for fire and ems service starting Jan 1, 2016.

    This includes explaining his rationalization as to why he voted in favor of a proposal for fire and ems service that will cost the residents of Lakewood more for actually less service.

    Nice work Susan explaining the TIF concerns.

  7. Linda you are aware that the tif residents’ property taxes were abated?

    That supports the theory that Lakewood intends to have all tif property services provided for free courtesy of other taxpayers.

  8. There’s no reason to put one thin dime into a golf club; golf is a dying sport in this country.

    Cut your losses, raze the place, and grow crops on it.

  9. Merry Christmas!!!

    If the following statement from our Village President (who is suppose to represent the Village along with the Trustees) is correct; why does Turnberry CC keep needing to be saved!

    “At its core, the Village of Lakewood is a lake and golf course community,” said President Erin Smith.

    If that’s the case why haven’t we built a real Club House for RedTail and marketed it better so it can be profitable and contribute to the villages bottom line more than it is today?

    Same with Turnberry!!!

    How would this proposed upgrade to Turnberry CC support itself if it never has in the past?

    Are the new 240 residents going to pay for the GF as part of their association fee?

    Or will the 60 guest suites be guaranteed to be booked 100% of the time to pay for the Club as the builder suggests.

    Also, are the new tenants going to park outside (bad idea) or in an underground Garage which should be part of the proposed project.

    We need greater details and more time to analyze this project and the village residents not our trustees need to vote for this to make it happen.

    Also, we the taxpayers voted these people in, we should stop complaining get involved and end the nonsense.

    If this project is done properly with all of our approval I think it’s the best idea this administration has looked at to date…

    But we the taxpaying public of this village have to get involved and stop playing the poor us routine as it is getting old.

    Once Again…. Merry Christmas!!!

  10. The article mentions the “completed renovation of Lake Barrington Shores Country Club.”

    First of all, Lake Barrington Shores is a GOLF CLUB, not a Country Club.

    Secondly, there was no renovation -unless you consider painting the maintenance barn and the porch of the club house a renovation.

    Watch out for this guy, Park.

    He wants to turn Turnberry into a little Korean hamlet in the NW burbs.

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