Bob Anderson Files Ethics Complaint against Joe Gottemoller and Anna May Miller

Bob Anderson

Bob Anderson

After the McHenry County Board refused to place township consolidation referendums on the Primary Election ballot, Bob Anderson was a bit more than disappointed.

First he filed an Open Meeting Act complaint against the County Board, claiming that neither Michele Aavang nor Mary McCann should have been allowed to vote.

Aavang was attending a Farm Bureau meeting in Washington, D.C., and McCann announced she had to leave the meeting because she had to catch a plane.

Anderson claimed neither type of absence allowed a member to vote by phone.

Now, Anderson has filed an Ethics Complaint against Board Chairman Joe Gottemoller and Anna May Miller.

He claims they both should have “recused themselves from voting,” because they “both had township pecuniary interests.”

Anderson was talked out of withdrawing the complaint and, instead, take his concern to the Management Services Commitee.

He agreed to do so, but vows,

“I’m not going to drop it.”

With his Ethics Complaint Anderson included the following part of the County Board Rules regarding “Member Conduct:”

The parts of the Rules for McHenry County Board members that Bob Anderson thinks Joe Gottemoller and Anna May Miller have violated.

The parts of the Rules for McHenry County Board members that Bob Anderson thinks Joe Gottemoller and Anna May Miller have violated.

Gottemoller is Grafton Township’s attorney.

Miller works in her husband Bob Miller’s Highway Department.


Bob Anderson Files Ethics Complaint against Joe Gottemoller and Anna May Miller — 14 Comments

  1. Do you think Bob has a strong case here or do you think this is a case of sour grapes after his township consolidation effort failed?

  2. Even if the votes of Gottemoller and Miller were thrown out, the motion still failed.

    I suspect that any YES votes were made to give those who vote, a chance to decide.

    However, how could the voters decide if ZERO FACTS to support or oppose cannot be proven and all projected numbers provided are ‘pie in the sky’??

    Now, it appears that Pam Althoff is apparently going to put forth legislation in Springfield to further screw up how Townships operate!

    As mentioned numerous times on this blog, Anderson has an ‘axe to grind’ with Townships.

    I do hope that Mike Shorten, Ron Salgado, Donna Kurtz, Andrew Gasser, Michael Walkup, Sandra Salgado, Michael McCleary are patting themselves on the back for getting this ridiculous motion on the County Board agenda.

    Joe Gottemoller voted NO on the motion but he was responsible for creating the Consolidation Committee headed by Carolyn Schofield.

    Sad, we do not have different candidates for County Board Chairman.

    If the Democrats put forth a candidate for Board Chair, he / she would garner a lot of votes from people who have been disappointed with current County leadership (or lack thereof).

    I suggest Bob Anderson divert his attention from Townships to the School District where he is a board member.

    Harrison has a rating of 4 out of ten by the Great Schools group.
    Based on another posting on this blog:

    Bob Anderson’s school district has the highest tax rate in the area!!!

  3. Mr. A… you are correct, McCann and Aavang should never have been allowed to remote-vote.

    However, in your case against Gottemoller and Miller, you need to include your buddy, Mr. Walkup.

    Numerous times Mr. Walkup, at county board meetings, at the consolidation committee meetings, and in this blog, made sure everyone knew of all the “pro-bono” work he has done for Mr. Anderson and others… for township elimination and consolidation.

  4. Eliminate all four of the people Bobby is whining about and Mike W. and the measure still would of failed.

    Bobby’s personal hate for townships could cause all our taxes to good up if consolidation or elimination some day happens because of his rants.

    Anti dudes, get your numbers and facts in a real plan and prove elimination or consolidation will save us.

    Till them stop whining about the politics of townships, every gov agency has politics.

  5. The issue is not whether the vote (to consolidate) failed or passed; the issue is violating Board rules and ethics in general.

    It was more than obvious that neither Gottemoller or Miller should not have voted, yet Chairman Gottemoller, without hesitation, called for the vote.

    This behavior, and denying Board Members their right to question, or be better informed, as what demonstrated in Tuesday’s meeting on a sign ordinance, tells us why he should not be elected as County Chairman.

  6. FYI, fine the vote would of been a tie and still failed.

    Facts and related numbers on real tax savings, not HOPE nonsense, WHERE’S THE BEEF?

    This action is a waste of our tax $$$$$, we all know the story, and the best place to show how we feel about it is at the ballot box.

  7. I’ve known Bob Anderson for over 20 years and he’s not a whiner, he’s a worker.

    He is new to the Harrison School board so I doubt he can be blamed for the present situation.

    Time will tell what he’s able to accomplish.

    Gives a darn good haircut too!

  8. So, FYI…

    you think that because he “wasn’t “paid” for the worked he did for Mr. A & others… on township elimination/consolidation, it doesn’t count???

    That is sort of like being… a little bit pregnant, friend.

  9. I represented Bob Anderson in the mid 1990’s and was paid to some extent.

    Since then I have done no legal work for him, paid or otherwise.

  10. Bob Anderson for President.

    Goat-muller and HRM Queen Miller imagine themselves above rules ‘little people’ like Anderson must follow.

    These porcine tax hogs need to be roasted on a spit.

  11. OldManWinter, you are a stitch!

    Your comments are worth the price of admission for sure.

    Still laughing over a poem you’d written on another post.

  12. Bob Anderson’s failed candidacy for Township office, and his resulting war against the form of local democracy that rejected him, now continues to cost the taxpayers money with a frivolous lawsuit.

    What else have we learned to expect from the legendary Sour Grapes Barber Of Wonder Lake?

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