McHenry Township Picks Trustee to Replace Retiring Road Commissioner

At a special Tuesday night meeting of the McHenry Township Board of Trustees, the Board appointed fellow trustee James Condon to fill the vacancy of Highway Commissioner Leon VanEvery.

Interviews of three applicants were conducted behind closed doors:

  • McHenry Township Trustee Jim Condon
  • Announced candidate for Road Commissioner Steve Koerber
  • Township Road District employee Glen Dixon
McHenry Township officials were ready with their float.

McHenry Township officials were ready with their float for the Fiesta Days Parade.

Trustee Doug Carlile absent.

Township Supervisor Donna Schaefer also retired before her term was completed.

McHenry County Township Officials .

McHenry County Township Officials in the Johnsburg Parade . Jim Condon is right above the word “Township” on the camera side of the float. He’s wearing a blue button down collar dress shirt and looking over his left shoulder.

That was last December.

She was replaced by Township Trustee Craig Adams.


McHenry Township Picks Trustee to Replace Retiring Road Commissioner — 6 Comments

  1. There’s now an opening on the Board of Trustees for a replacement for Jim Condon.

    I wonder if they’ve got that all worked out ahead of time.

  2. Mr. Condon is a professional engineer with years of experience in McHenry County.

    He might be the most qualified Road Commissioner in the County.

    Wise choice.

  3. Since I live in McHenry Township and can comment with seeing and knowing how the township does things on a daily basis, the road district does a great job all year round.

    As a matter of fact, all departments in the township do a great job.

    What is the problem here with all you people bitching about every little thing?

  4. Paul revere, Mussolini kept the trains running on time too but his was a “closed shop” just like township government.

    Ned Nuemann, you’d better believe they have their replacement trustee all picked out.

    My question is how was the public notified of the interviews for road commissioner and who voted on the choice?

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