Skillicorn & McConchie Join Other Candidates Supporting Recall for Rahm

A press release from candidate for State Rep. Allen Skillicorn:

Statement Released by Legislative Candidates:

Dan McConchie

Dan McConchie

Allen Skillicorn

Allen Skillicorn

“In light of recent events, I’m standing up with fellow principled republican candidates to call on the General Assembly and my opponents to protect the families and children of Chicago and empower them with the ability to recall Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

“Legislation has been filed by State Rep. LaShawn Ford, a West Side Democrat, to allow for a recall election of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

“If I was in Springfield I would co-sponsor the legislation and push for its passage.

“I call on my opponents to do the same.

“Rahm and the Chicago political power structure have failed the students they are charged with educating and the families they are charged with physically protecting.

“It’s time to stand up and speak with moral clarity against the injustices bestowed upon us from the political status quo.

“A status quo that cares only about perpetuating their power at the expense—financial and otherwise—of those they have so grievously failed.”

  • Seth Lewis, Candidate, 23rd Senate District
  • Dan McConchie, 26th Senate District
  • Mel Thillens, Candidate, 28th Senate District
  • Benjamin Salzberg, Candidate, 29th Senate District
  • Mike Amrozowicz, Candidate, 31st Senate District
  • Michelle Smith, Candidate, 49th Senate District
  • Dale Fowler, Candidate, 59th Senate District
  • Heidi Holan, Candidate, 46th House District
  • Jillian Bernas, Candidate, 56th House District
  • Dawn Abernathy, Candidate, 59th House District
  • Allen Skillicorn, Candidate, 66th House District
  • Brandi McGuire, Candidate, 72nd House District
  • Lindsay Parkhurst, Candidate, 79th House District
  • Mike Strick, Candidate, 84th House District
  • Mike Babcock, Candidate, 111th House District
  • David Severin, Candidate, 117th House District
  • Jason Kasiar, Candidate, 118th House District


Skillicorn & McConchie Join Other Candidates Supporting Recall for Rahm — 9 Comments

  1. Most problems created by politicians are due to interfering in other people’s lives.

    If you do not live in Chicago, leave the Rahm problem to the voters there. Let the voters in Chicago solve the problem.

    What I would rather see is State politicians who support putting an end to the tax supported gravy train which is feeding the Chicago combine.

    Chicago residents do not deserve one penny of my state tax dollars.

    Just like builders of ‘affordable housing’ in McHenry County do not deserve one penny of my federal tax dollars.

    Attempting to interfere in Chicago politics is can be compared to the ‘regime change’ efforts the U.S. government is involved with in other parts of the world.


  2. Well said Con Dude!

    Instead all those listed should concentrate on getting this state fiscally responsible for a change.

  3. “I call on the General Assembly and my opponents to protect the families and children of Chicago” —

    “If I was in Springfield I would co-sponsor the legislation and push for its passage.

    “I call on my opponents to do the same.”

    So, he’s calling on his opponents to do what, exactly?

    This guy is just weird.

  4. Rahm’s epitaph will read as follows :

    “I Was The Last White Mayor Of Chicago”

    Perhaps Hillary will enlist Rahm for VP.
    Stay tuned, things could get even more “interesting”!

  5. What a busy body! Stay out of Chicago politics.

    That’s not your business.

    If you are running for a local office convince the voters why they should vote for you.

    I wouldn’t want to elect someone who cannot focus on the needs of the residents in this area.

    You disappoint me!

  6. Just wondering ………..How Bad are you, when your own party throws you under the bus?

    Also just wondering if Somewhere on the south side of Chicago, Ex Mayor Daley and ex Police chief McCarthy are imbibing a little Irish Christmas cheer …. smiling

  7. It is House Bill 4356 (HB 4356) in the 99th General Assembly.

    The short description is Chicago Mayor Recall Election.

    The Synopsis As Introduced is:

    “Amends the Revised Cities and Villages Act of 1941.

    Establishes a procedure for an election to recall the Mayor of Chicago.

    Effective immediately.”

    House Sponsors are the following State Representatives:

    Representative, Party, District, District Office

    La Shawn K. Ford, Democrat, 8th District – Chicago

    Mary E. Flowers, Democrat, 31st District – Chicago

    Jeanne M Ives, Republican, 42nd District – Wheaton

    Jaime M. Andrade, Jr., Democrat, 40th District – Chicago

    Ron Sandack, Republican, 81st District – Downers Grove

    Thomas Morrison, Republican, 54th District – Palatine

    Peter Breen, Republican, 48th District – Lombard

    David McSweeney, Republican, 52nd District – Cary.

    That is 3 Chicago Democrats and 5 suburban Republicans.

    Andrade signing on as a Chief Co-Sponsor comes with some interesting history.

    Andrade was appointed as State Rep in August of 2013.

    He succeeded Democrat Deb Mell, who was appointed 33rd Ward Alderman in the Chicago City Council by Rahm Emanuel to replace her father, Richard Mell, who serviced in that capacity for 39 years.

    Richard Mel’s other daughter and thus Deb Mel’s sister is Patti Blagojevich, wife of former Governor Rod Blagojevich.

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