NYT: Trump Ahead in Area Congressional Districts

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

McHenry County is split into two congressional districts:

  • 6th Congressional District, represented by Peter Roskam
  • 14th Congressional District, represented by Randy Hultgren

The New York Times has done polling in each of the country’s congressional districts to determine how Donald Trump is doing.

The margin of error (8.7%) is quite large, but the results are all that exist at this point.

Here they are:

  • District 6 – 34% for Trump
  • District 14 – 33% for Trump

This analysis from NewsMachete says that Trump needs 33% to win the nomination.


NYT: Trump Ahead in Area Congressional Districts — 6 Comments

  1. It would appear that “The Donald” cannot be bought which explains his popularity,

    and the Republican elite class has got it’s panties in a wad about it.

  2. Pretty much sums up all of my door knocking.

    I would just add that many will not publicly put a Trump sign in their yard or bring up Trump at the water cooler… but many say they plan to pull the trigger for Trump.

  3. Ted Cruz is the man the country needs but the public is so fed up with being treated like a door mat and NOT represented, if Trump is the guy then he is the man to shake it up and dump this PC crap.

    Bring it on please!

  4. Trump is great.

    He makes the political class (Rep and Dem) and their bed-partners (the press) incensed.

    Support for Trump is the modern day American Revolution.

  5. I don’t think voters should worry about personally liking Trump.

    Liking “nice” people got us in the mess we are in now.

    Additionally, everyone has a bug up their backside about their personal/pet causes.

    Here’s a thought, if our COUNTRY isn’t saved by someone who is capable/proven successful/etc.

    NONE of our personal agendas will matter.

    It has been torn apart by those who seem to be anti American and pro everyplace else.

    Don’t send billions of our hard earned dollars to countries that want to kill us / convert us to being the losers they are.

    Stop the politically correct nonsense and use common sense.

    America never claimed to be perfect but it only needed some lover and tweaking not transformation.

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