Franks Not Serious Enough about Government Consolidation to Attend Half of Meetings

Steve Reick

Steve Reick

Jack Franks

Jack Franks

The Local Government Consolidation Task Force Report recommendations are out and it has lots of detail regarding the proceedings, which you read here.

One person who did take a look at the report was Jack Franks’ 2014 opponent Steve Reick.

Reick is the one that Franks or someone on Mike Madigan’s team is so afraid of that petitions were passed by people (all but the candidate from out of McHenry County) for a dummy Republican in the hope that Franks wouldn’t have a real fall opponent.

On his blog Illoyances, Reick writes he

“…took a look at the meeting minutes to see how involved he was in the actual process.

“As it turns out, not so much.

“Of the 16 meetings the Task Force held, Franks was absent from 8 of them, and of the 8 he did attend, 5 of them were by telephone.”

Read the entire article and you can see why Jack Franks doesn’t want to run against Steve Reick.

Oh, by the way, the fake Republican’s name is Jeff Lichte.  He is a supporter of Jack Franks, even having a year sign in his front yard in McHenry.


Franks Not Serious Enough about Government Consolidation to Attend Half of Meetings — 8 Comments

  1. Franks – the no show doing nothing!

    Sounds like our old “cell phone sheriff” Nygren.

  2. Franks is a quintessential symbol of the modern American Politician:

    Fat, over-privileged, out of touch, arrogant, phony, duplicitous, lazy, and a blatant economic FAILURE who is ruining our state.

    He is liked only by his political hack-colleagues and his political beneficiaries.

  3. A 72 year old Democrat from McHenry, Jeffery Lichte, that is apparently unknown to the general public and does not have a campaign website less than 3 months prior to the election, whose petition passers (other than himself) resided outside McHenry County, is a Republican State Representative candidate in the March 15, 2016 Primary for the 63rd Representative District against Harvard resident Steve Reick.

    If Mr. Lichte wins he would run against the incumbent Democrat State Representative Jack Franks, whose campaign sign Mr. Lichte had in his front yard at 3805 W Orleans in October 2012 as can currently be seen on Google Street View.

    The houses to the left and right of Mr. Lichte, and kitty corner across the street, also had Democrat Jack Franks signs in the same 2012 Google Street view image.

    The petition passers were from:

    Maple Park (1 person, 11 petitions) – Kane County
    DeKalb (2 people, 3 petitions) – DeKalb County
    Chicago (6 people, 37 petitions) – Cook County
    Alsip (1 person, 10 petitions) – Cook County
    Western Springs (1 person, 2 petitions) – Cook County

    Summary of petition passers:

    11 petition passers
    63 petitions

    Summary of petition passers by County

    Kane County (1 person, 11 petitions)
    DeKalb County (2 people, 3 petitions)
    Cook County (10 people, 49 petitions)

    Further analysis of petition passers by County

    Kane County: 1 of 13 people = 8%, 11 of 63 petitions = 17%

    DeKalb County: 2 of 13 people = 15%, 3 of 63 petitions = 5%

    Cook County (10 of 13 people = 77%, 49 of 63 petitions = 78%.

    Cook County petition passers storm McHenry County to place unknown Democrat on Republican ballot for 63rd State Representative District primary election to be held March 15, 2016.

    How many Democrats are planning to cast a Republican ballot and vote for Lichte for 63rd State Representative on March 15, 2016?

  4. Not to be overlooked is Michael Madigan hosts Jack Franks fundraisers in Chicago (Cook County).

  5. Is Steve Reick actually running for office?

    He hasn’t raised, or spent, a penny.

    How did he pay for his petitions?

  6. @dave: Jack Franks pays to have his petitions circulated, and it would appear for those of the fake Republican, Jeff Lichte.

    The folks who collected for me were volunteers, for whom I’m grateful.

  7. Oh?

    You printed them for free?

    And how do you expect to run against Franks if you haven’t raised a penny?

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