Attacking Homelessness Meeting Friday Afternoon

Thursday, January 7th from 2-4 PM, the McHenry County Continuum of Care to End Homelessness Strategic Planning Committee will meet at the County’s Administration Building.

Approval of the plan developed for the Continuum by the Heartland Alliance entitled,

“Confronting Homelessness in McHenry County: Strategic Plan to End Homelessness 2016-2018”

is expected to be approved.

A grant for “emergency solutions” will be considered, as will future officers.

Discussion about establishing “grievance, standards, coordinated assessment recommendations and monitoring procedures for CoC-funded agencies/projects” will occur.

There will also be short reports from the Year-round Shelter Committee and the Coordinated Assessment Committee.


Attacking Homelessness Meeting Friday Afternoon — 6 Comments

  1. “Who is paying for all of that gibberish?”

    Exactly what I was thinking.

  2. “Who is paying for all of that jibberish?”

    Silly question.

    ‘They’ have to do this to comply with ‘federal grant’ requirements. The money for grants comes from dollars ‘borrowed’ by the federal government. The collateral for those loans is the United States taxpayer.

    You can find the official definition of ‘homeless’ here:

    If you are in a “shelter” you may still be counted as homeless.

    For the category of “unsheltered homeless” here are the numbers displayed on the HUD Point In time homeless counts:

    2007 18
    2008 4
    2009 10
    2010 1
    2011 3
    2012 3
    2013 5
    2014 5
    2015 9

  3. The white, liberal grant hustlers are at it again.

    All “entitlements” should have a mandatory work component and drug testing.

    When I did that in Nunda Township, General Assistance and Emergency Assistance payments dropped to near nothing.

    We also found jobs for several people who insisted that they could find work.

    As a bonus, I found that people connected with local welfare advocacy programs were prepping the applicants and suggesting bogus answers to qualifying questions and bogus addresses in the township to collect benefits.

    The real welfare cheaters are the paying getting paid to “Advocate” the programs.

    If you want more crime and drug abuse in McHenry County, bring in more “Affordable (Taxpayer subsidized) Housing.

    Our children need more exposure to social problems. (That was sarcasm, Karma).

  4. Charles Nelson I agree with you..

    Let the people who are organizing all of this tax payer spend do some fund raising and support people as a private charity.

    The Mental Health Board is just writing checks with tax payer money.

    A spend-a-thon

  5. It is worse than that.

    Taxpayer money is used to trade favors among the connected.

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