Schofield Gets Township Supervisors’ Nod

A press release from McHenry County Board member Carolyn Schofield:

Carolyn Schofield Earns Unanimous Endorsement of McHenry County’s 17 Township Supervisors

McHENRY COUNTY, IL. Carolyn Schofield, Republican Candidate for Illinois’ 66th Legislative House District, announced today that she has received the unanimous endorsement of all 17 McHenry County Township Supervisors in her race to succeed Mike Tryon in the IL House of Representatives.

Carolyn Schofield

Carolyn Schofield

“It is an honor to receive unanimous support from this hard-working group of elected officials,” said Schofield, a current member of the McHenry County Board and former member of the Crystal Lake City Council and the City’s Planning & Zoning Commission.

“I have worked with all 17 of these individuals through my work on the county board, and I am extremely pleased and humbled to have their unanimous support.”

Roger Naylor, Chairman of the McHenry County Township Supervisors’ Association and the Supervisor for Coral Township said Schofield has emerged as a leader in the county’s effort to ensure citizens are receiving quality services at a reasonable price.

“Carolyn is refreshing to work with,” said Naylor. “Her patience, her research of an issue, and common sense approach allows her to make good and correct decisions for the community.”

Grafton Township Supervisor Jim Kearns called Schofield a “smart leader” and “an advocate for responsible government” in her role as one of the county board’s representative for Grafton Township.

“Carolyn is a people’s person who represents the citizens of this township very well,” said Kearns “When we had an issue in Grafton recently that no one else would handle, Carolyn stepped up and took the bull by the horns.”

Algonquin Township Supervisor Dianne Klemm echoed Kearn’s sentiments and added that Schofield has shown she can make difficult decisions when they are in the taxpayers’ best interest.

“Carolyn has been a real asset on the Crystal Lake City Council and the McHenry County board, and while her leadership at the county level will be missed, I know she would excel in Springfield,” said Klemm. “She is definitely ready for that next step.”

Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner Bob Miller said he has worked with Schofield on many issues during her time on the County Board. “Carolyn will be a great successor for Mike Tryon as our next State Representative,” Miller said. “She is an intelligent and creative woman who excels at putting politics aside and doing what is right for her constituents. She is a strong problem solver, and McHenry and Kane Counties will be well represented in Springfield by Carolyn Schofield.”

A complete list of the Township Supervisors who have endorsed Schofield include:

  • Preston Rea (Alden Township)
  • Dianne Klemm (Algonquin Township)
  • Samuel Jones (Burton Township)
  • Robert Dixon (Chemung Township)
  • Roger Naylor (Coral Township)
  • Robert Pierce (Dorr Township)
  • John Pihl (Dunham Township)
  • Jim Kearns (Grafton Township)
  • Barbara Klasen (Greenwood Township)
  • Charles Kruse (Hartland Township)
  • Paul Musgrave (Hebron Township)
  • Steven Weskerna (Marengo Township)
  • Craig Adams (McHenry Township)
  • Lee Jennings (Nunda Township)
  • Patrick Doyle (Richmond Township)
  • Karen Schnable (Riley Township)
  • James Kagel (Seneca Township)

“Having the support of township supervisors means a great deal to me because these are the people with the most direct day-to-day contact with the residents who live and work in McHenry County,” said Schofield. “By being unanimous in their endorsement, they are sending a solid message of their faith in my ability to lead at the state level, and I sincerely appreciate their confidence and support.”

The supervisors’ endorsement marks Schofield’s third major endorsement in the last month. State Representative Mike Tryon and County Board Chairman Joe Gottemoller both issued separate endorsements of Schofield’s candidacy in December.

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Hartland Township Supervisor Charles Kruse comments:

I for one did not endorse her, my job as Supervisor is one of serving the people of Harland not to endorse someone who would not even represent me or my constituents in Springfield.


Schofield Gets Township Supervisors’ Nod — 14 Comments

  1. All 17 really think she’s the best in the race?

    I’m not a statistics guy, but that seems kind of strange.

    I have to think that their endorsements are a big “thank you” for the Township Consolidation Task Force, which Carolyn was Chairman of, deciding not to go forward with consolidation plans which would have put these township supervisors’ jobs at risk.

  2. This proves she’s bad news.

    Worse, she’s an idiot — doesn’t she even begin to understand that this is 2016, not 1966 …. such a weird ‘endorsement’ costs her MANY more votes than she could eve gain from the lamebrain maneuver.

    Few of the Township nepotists and freeloaders can are even in her dist. to vote for her.

  3. The township supervisors are all scummy career bureaucrats who bend the taxpayers over a barrel to preserve their useless jobs.

    This gives me another reason to vote against Schofield.

    If she’s on the side of the government pigs, she’s not on my side.

  4. I for one did not endorse her , my job as Supervisor is one of serving the people of Harland not to endorse someone who would not even represent me or my constituents in Springfield

  5. If you are looking for a reason to support dissolution of townships, I give you a the damning piece of evidence this support.

    All the task force provided was political thug Gottemoller giving his hand picked stooge a platform of an “accomplishment”.

    The endorsements are a payback.

    Anytime Wilbrandt, Skillicorn or Serwatka want to call her and Gottemoller out on this would be a welcome moment indeed.

  6. I invite other Supervisors who DID NOT endorse her to state so.

    I am a former supervisor.

    I watched her performance as Chairman of the Township Consolidation, if I lived in her district I would openly campaign against her.

    We need people in Springfield who will WORK on behalf of the taxpayers and not work for special interests.

    Kudos to Charles Kruse for setting the record straight.

    Now I want to see how honest Schofield is.

    Insofar as Naylor’s endorsement, does he live in her district?

  7. Schofield should quit politics and teach pre-school.

    She reads Dr, Seuss real well (she would need to slow down a little) as displayed in her personal remarks at County Board meetings.

  8. What other endorsements will she claim that are not true?

    If this is an indication of how she would behave in Springfield, voters in D-66 beware.

  9. I believe only Algonquin and Grafton Townships are in State Rep. Mike Tryon’s district.

  10. **She reads Dr, Seuss real well **

    I love when people make fun of someone’s intelligence, but can’t even use basic grammar.


  11. Exactly! (what Paul Greenlee and Boethius said is right on point!)

    Just one more reason not to vote for this shill.

  12. It appears that a misunderstanding between two township officials has sparked a negative attack against State Rep. candidate Carolyn Schofield.

    I would like to be clear in stating that Ms. Schofield was told by me that I had secured permission from all 17 Township Supervisors for a collective endorsement of her candidacy.

    For my role in the misunderstanding, I offer my apology.

    However, I remain solid in my backing of Carolyn as the best candidate for the District 66 seat and am certain that the other supervisors have a clear recollection of our conversations about supporting her.

    I hope this issue can now be put to bed so that people can focus on an issue-driven campaign rather than on negative attacks stemming from a misunderstanding that was not Ms Schofield’s doing.

  13. Townships are endorsing the head of McHenry County’s Anti-Township task force?

    Sounds to me like some of these “Supervisors” are looking to “consolidate” their neighboring townships’ BUDGETS into theirs…

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