John Reinert Shows 26.6% Assessment Change

District 2 McHenry County Board candidate John Reinert sent the following after reading a story about rising taxes on McHenry County Blog:

I’m out of town this week so I am unable to post this pic of a tax assessment letter in your remarks.

You can post the following for me if you like.

Assessments went way up for this homeowner.

Assessments went way up–26.61%–for this homeowner.

John Rinart

John Rinart

I do not believe any one person is being exposed without their consent.

Here is an example of a property’s current value assessment that went up 26.61%.

The reason for the major change was noted as an adjustment to market value.

I helped him keep the assessment down in years past due to the flat sales.

Now there are comparable sales in his neighborhood that are significantly higher.

Tax House with bills flyingI was unable to help him this year.

His taxes will rise over $2,500.

He had a few years of lower taxes, but now the more equalized value is much greater.

There will be a lot of home owners that will experience the same misery in 2016.

A Change will not happen quick enough for some.

Many home owners will suffer high tax bills.

I do not know who Ted is but he is most likely correct in his statement.

And I have to say Mark is spot on In his explanation.


John Reinert Shows 26.6% Assessment Change — 10 Comments

  1. I can almost see all the “For Sale” signs going up now.

    Government and their unions holding homeowners hostage again.

    As the Great Exodus from Illinois continues unabated …. who will be the last ones out ?

  2. Before anyone freaks out, remember this is a quadrennial, and in 2011 home values were in the dump, sprinkled with short sales and foreclosures.

    The general feeling is that home values went up all around,and new homes are being built again, adding to the tax base.

    The resident above will only get clocked if no one else gets a 20 to 26% raised assessment.

    If that’s not the case, then he will have the world’s easiest Board of Review appeal.

    The tax rate is set one two things: the assessment value of the entire taxing body, and the amount of the tax levies.

    That being said the levies are still too much.

  3. Ours went up 27%. It is appropriate, given equivalent sales in the neighborhood.

    Successful appeal possibility 0% according to to RE agents I checked with.

    This is just the assessment par.

    Like to see typical 5% to 6% across-the-board rate increase on top of this!

    So, for the 2015 tax year, I’ll likely be paying in the neighborhood of $9,000 annually in 2016 on a home with assessed valuation around $220,000.

    This is outrageous obviously, but we cannot do anything about it.

    Tax bill goes up with assessments go down, and they go up more when assessments go up.

    What are we getting here in Illinois, that folks in Wisconsin, Missouri, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio are NOT getting?

    If I’m going to pay an amount equal to a new, small care EVERY year, I’d like to know how I can fight it.

    Vote the fools out works if you know who to vote for, otherwise the alternative could be worse!!

    Is there a politician that promises to fight taxes, to reduce our rates??

    Who do we vote for?

  4. This was in the NWH about Consolidation and Unfunded Mandates today which relates to property taxes.

    DeKalb County Board Chairman Mark Pietrowski Jr., a Democrat, said he has concerns about the report’s suggestion to repeal or reform the Illinois Prevailing Wage Act by allowing only skilled labor to be covered by the act.

    “I think prevailing wage does a lot of good,” Pietrowski said.

    He also fears eliminating certain government bodies will mean saying goodbye to the funds required to carry out their responsibilities.

    “Is that going to itself turn into an unfunded mandate? Let’s say the report leads to the elimination of townships,” he said.

    “All those things the townships took care of, is that now going to be the responsibility of the county, and are we going to get those funds that the township used to get – or are those funds going to be eliminated by the state and then they just say, ‘You figure out how to pay for it?’ ”

  5. How do you find someone stupid enough to buy your house, knowing the monthly tax escrow, will be more than the monthly payment owed to the bank?

    Just one more reason Illinois represents 11% of the nations banks, on the FDIC’s troubled banks list.

    To pile on to homeowners woes.

    Anyone else notice your insurance rates going up 7-8 % per year?

    Ain’t happening in other states I do business in.

  6. Folks need to concentrate on where most dollars go–school districts.

    School board election are in 2017, but taxpayer protecting candidates are hard to find.

  7. Illinois State Board of Elections

    Citizens for Pietrowski

    Committee ID – 22928

    Purpose: To help elect Mark Pietrowski Jr to DeKalb County Board 3

    Report of Campaign Contributions & Expenditures

    Reporting Period July 1, 2010 thru December 31, 2010

    four contributions received:

    DeKalb County Democrats – $333

    Laborer’s International Union of North America (LiUNA) – $2,500

    International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 134 (electrical union) – $500

    Plumbers & Piperfitters PAL Fund (plumbers union) – $250 > Committees > Search Options > Committee Search > Committee Name > Citizens for Pietrowski

    Thus, all contributions for that reporting period were from the democratic party and trades labor unions.

    The trades labor unions support and directly benefit from prevailing wage, as prevailing wage is pretty much union wage.

    Skimming through the other reporting periods there seem to be no other itemized contributions, although didn’t do a thorough search.


    Northern Illinois University

    Mark Pietrowski Jr., M.A., Associate Director

    Mark Pietrowski Jr., is the associate director for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences External Programming.

    He has been with the office since 2007. Mark is a Northern Illinois University alumnus where he earned a bachelor’s degree in communication with an emphasis on media and a master’s degree in communication with an emphasis on rhetoric and media.

    He received an award for his service as Graduate Student Adviser for the Public Relations Student Society of America, the Martha D. Cooper Award for Teaching Assistant Peer Leadership and Excellence and a Certificate of Appreciation from the NIU Supportive Professional Staff Council.

    At NIU he is faculty advisor for the NIU Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) and is a member of the Collaborative on Early Adolescenece (CEA), committee for the DeKalb Public Library “Big Read” event, NIU Annuitantants, and is an NIU LGBT Ally.

    He has formally been a member of the Unity in Diversity Steering Committee and the Supportive Professional Staff Council.

    Mark has experience teaching COMS 100 Fundamentals in Speech Communication, JOUR 200 Basic News Writing, JOUR 335 Principles in Public Relations, JOUR 360 Public Relations Writing, COMS 407 Practicum, and COMS 497 Internship for the Department of Communication.

    In the community, Mark is an elected DeKalb County Board member for District 3 and serves on the Economic Development and Highway Committee.

    He is the current vice-president for the DeKalb Kiwanis, chair of the DeKalb County Democratic Party, secretary of the DeKalb County Convention and Visitors Bureau, board member of the Egyptian Theatre and member of the DeKalb County Farm Bureau and Sycamore and DeKalb Chamber of COmmerce.

    He is a former elected Kishwaukee College trustee, and Joseph Glidden Homestead and Historical Center board member.


    DeKalb County Board Members

    Mark Pietrowski Jr

    Term 12/03/2012 – 11/30/2016


    Open the Books Widget

    Mark Anthony Pietrowski

    Northern Illinois University

    2013 – $45,437
    2012 – $46,238
    2011 – $40,180
    2010 – $42,720
    2009 – $39,720
    2008 – $30,000


  8. Maybe a return of some of that 40 Million stockpile of cash at Valley Hi through excessive and illegal taxation may smooth out these illusory increases in real estate values.

    The recent increase in real estate values is “nominal” and not “real” due to Fed. Reserve policies of suppression of interest rates or cost of money.

    As we have been reminded this week in the stock market, the US and rest of world economy is experiencing rapid deflation.

    Deflation in the end which even the central banking system will not be able to stop through dollar devalution policies.

    We are being levied on inflation not real increase in value of real estate and this is the scam.

    Do not confuse “nominal” growth in value with “real” growth in value.

  9. My assessment, too, went up during the current “Quad” reassessment year.

    After FOUR YEARS of my assessment going DOWN steadily due to the housing market tanking.

    And I am told that the local tax levies my tax rate is based on are still capped at CPI by the state’s PTELL law.

    So instead of blind panic, I’m considering refinancing my home based on our area’s recovering, increasing real estate market…

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