Message of the Day – A Bumper Sticker

You know I look for political images.

Here’s one of a Berrnie Sanders bumper sticker, plus others, that I found on Route 14  in Crystal Lake.

Bernie Sanders bumper sticker.

Bernie Sanders bumper sticker.

Sanders certainly has more bumper stickers in McHenry County than any other candidate for any office.


Message of the Day – A Bumper Sticker — 16 Comments

  1. Why do people think it is ok to use the government to take people’s earned property!

    Where is this logic picked up at?

    Watch out people as these goofs are all about and have figured out they CAN vote to get YOUR property for their own purpose posing as some cause.

  2. Well stated, Farmer!

    Wish these “people” had a clue what our great country and its success, is all about.

    They need to live in a communist country; they should get a good dose of the same conditions the majority of that population lives under.

    Just possibly they would appreciate what we have.

  3. It is called eminent domain been around for a long time.

    There is several requirements but the government has a right purchase your land at a fair market value when they can show there is a need.

  4. The dudes that wrote the Constitution had their faults, lacked some foresight, but over all they did a good job in forming our countries government.

    They in a sense created a ruling class, and they didn’t have the foresight to know how that ruling class would stray from fiscally responsible gov compared to what we have now, a national debt pushing 20T.

    Unfortunately the state gov ruling class we vote in also, isn’t any better fiscally speaking.

    We need to change our gov’s fiscal problems with a Balanced budget amendment that uses known revenue we are willing to give for them to spend wisely, equal to known revenue, last years numbers.

    Part of Amendment should be the right of we the people to vote on all taxes, deductions, or anything that relates to our wallets.

    I like flat taxes with no deductions, but I can compromise if you can on that.

    Any changes to taxes, property and income, would require a 2/3 vote by us for approval.

    Time to change what the founders started, because they did pay off the debt once, it was always their intent to be fiscally responsible.

  5. Bernie is not talking about handouts he is talking about investing in people and not more corporate welfare.

    Look at how our government taxes the middle class to give incentives to the 1%.

    The rich hide their money in Bermuda, bribe local governments for incentives to stay in a town, outsource jobs, use huge lobbying money to convince the uneducated mass that they want laws that hurt them.

    American Enterprise (the Koch Bros) gave lobbying money to mostly republicans to make asbestos claims much harder.

    They want to get rid of obamacare not improve it, have no alternative, make tougher rules if you are hurt (like Governor Snyder of Michigan allowing Flint Mi to have lead in drinking water to save $100 per day and now they will complain about the children with learning disabilities that being cheap cased)

    Those that cause harm need to be held accountable and Bernie will do it.

  6. If the corporate DNC and RNC don’t interfere and if the press gave Bernie half the air time of Trump we will see President Sanders in 2w016.

  7. Nice sticker.

    The top 1% pays most of the bills and this chucklehead vilifies them for doing so.

    Guess thats what happens to your brain, when your stuck driving a POS Fusion.

    But thats 1%’rs fault to isn’t it?

  8. Bernie seems more honest granted, but his plan isn’t the greatest and not well thought out.

    Bernie never seems to mention BBA, problems Houston!

    Your anger toward the corp media should be directed only at the Hilliar backed corp media.

    The RNC media could care less if it’s Bernie or the self serving Hilliar.

  9. The Useful Idiots who espouse bigger government at the price of their liberty are a clear and present danger to every American citizen.

    With this in mind, it’s no mystery why gun sales have continued to
    set new records year after year for the last seven years.

  10. The best presidents in history were Democratic Socialist, including FDR who created the largest middle class the world has ever seen off an economic policy called the new deal.

    Dwight D Eisenhower was also A Democratic Socialist like Bernie Sanders.

    A lot of post on this page show a lack of Education in Economics, civics and just general knowledge past Fox news.

    Come on people you are smarter than that. Democratic Socialist is not a Communist, nor a Socialist.

    Some of you need a Economics class bad.

    Reagans Supply side economics has destroyed the middle class and is still in place today.

    I do not know one person past a Bachelors in Economics that is Republican because it’s a total scam.

    Give all your money to the rich and it will never come down.

    The facts are on our side, The numbers prove it has cut your pay in half but by all means keep demonizing the poor and supporting the Stupid party or also known as the GOP.

  11. I have a bachelor’s degree in economics from Oberlin College and a master’s degree in public administration from the University of Michigan.

  12. Not only is Cal a Republican but he even allows Progressives and others to make their silly comments on his blog!

  13. Meanwhile back at the farm, NW Herald ran with a “story” on how McHenry County residents are less likely to be scammed.


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