Additional Security for County Board Meetings

The McHenry County Board apparently thinks its members are not safe enough when meeting.

Recently they have had a couple of Woodstock Policemen at their meetings.

The County Board room was packed, with people standing in back.

The County Board room was packed, with people standing in back.

Perhaps it was the large number of people from Coral Township who showed up to express their displeasure with the Fraternite of Notre Dame re-zoning request.

In any event, this is what appears in the December 14th Management Services minutes about security:

Administration Building Security

The committee members were provided with a memo outlining security options during the County Board meetings. This issue will be discussed by the full County Board tomorrow in executive session.

They wanted to provide the options for consideration to this committee, including the costs for each option. The discussion will involve a policy decision by the County Board.

They will need to determine what level of comfort they are looking to achieve. The various options will increase security costs from $20,000 to $100,000 each year.

A new security firm is now under contract.

Before the County Board meeting tomorrow all individuals entering the facility will be “wanded” prior to entry into the building. Wanding will occur after 4:30 pm.

The security staff have been trained in this process.

Signage will be included for those entering the facility. If anyone is found carrying a weapon, they will be asked to remove this item from the facility.

The committee members were reminded there is an extra costs for the extra security.

Woodstock Police were at the meetings considering zoning in Coral Township.

Woodstock Police were at the meetings considering zoning in Coral Township.

The committee will come back in January and determine the next step in this process.

The Sheriff is expected to discuss this issue with the County Board is January.

He is talking about allowing one deputy for attendance during the County Board meetings.

Concern was voiced they would not get a consensus from the County Board regarding what they feel is appropriate security since they all seem to have a differing opinion on this issue.

The committee members were informed there has been an elected official that has complained about security within this facility since it opened.

It was stated the elected officials can decide how much security they want within each office.

It is up to each elected official to decide on how to secure their offices.

The committee members were informed, there has not been any large security issues identified within this facility.

Some minor events have occurred though they were all handled by staff in the departments.

Some of the recommendations have large costs involved.

The County Board will need to obtain a consensus to implement increased security within this facility.

It was suggested they engage a consultant to determine the best way to move forward.

The conversation by the County Board members should provide the needed direction.

Additional security can be obtain, though there will be an additional cost.

The committee members were informed they are working on updating some of their policies.

The County Board, along with the department heads, will be involved in a table top exercise in the future, for an active assailant.

They will also be involved in tornado and fire drills so all understand what is required for each incident.

= = = = =
During one County Board meeting, one Board member asked that a Sheriff’s Department K-9 be at the next meeting.

If Board members are really afraid for their lives, maybe they should install steel plating on the fronts of their desks, so they would have something secure to duck behind.

Some might conclude that the more security a public official or office has, the more important they are.

I remember being astonished when I discovered that the Treasurer’s Office in the Administration Building looked like the old bank in Union.

Bulletproof glass separated the public from the public employees.

Ready to withstand a bank robber from the 1920’s or 1930’s.

Now, I admit that a little man punched me in the hall outside my office in the Old Courthouse during tax collection season when I was County Treasurer, but bulletproof glass?

A bit much for a public office, it seemed to me.


Additional Security for County Board Meetings — 15 Comments

  1. Paranoid much ?

    When the government turns on it’s citizens, then citizens must turn on their government to preserve Liberty.

  2. Thank you for diverting Police out of the streets of Woodstock, where violent crime has been going up, because you felt threatened by nuns, and for wanting to spend another 80,000 dollars on yourself.

    God bless you!

  3. How about the Board save $20,000-$100,000 in taxpayer money by allowing for the legal carry of weapons inside the Admin Bldg?

  4. These pro gun county officials would be afraid of guns in meetings because they know they are not acting in peoples’ interests.

    It is just like pro life Christians have daughters getting abortions.


  5. No karma… I, speaking only for myself, would welcome people openly carrying and conceal carrying at board meetings.

    Illinois state statute regulates government buildings.

    I would absolutely support conceal carry in our meetings.

    It would set up an interesting case in the court system.

    Can a local government override a state law?

    I support open carry as well.

    Anti-gun nutters always talk about how bad open carry is.

    Texas just started open carry. I

    f it was that bad it would be front page news and on all the TV shows.

    …and we all know how the “no guns” signage works.

    I will ALWAYS choose dangerous liberty and freedom over the false sense of safety and security of big government.

  6. Good for you, Mr. Gasser!

    I must say, you’re certainly not the average County Board member. (that’s a compliment)

    There are a few good (no great) people on the County Board.

    If only they could multiply!

    Willbeck, Snarski, Leibmann, Thorsen, are definitely needed if we’re going to see positive change and support for those who are currently good on the board.

  7. The Police were there!!

    Thank goodness….

    those nuns look like they were going to cause some SERIOUS trouble.

    It’s not the militant Muslims we have to fear, it’s those scary devout Catholic nuns.

    Anything else would be profiling!

  8. Maybe if they made better decisions, FOR the people, they wouldn’t be so afraid…..

    obviously making themselves more important than they are…

    as for a dog from the Sheriff’s Dept…..

    get real…

    maybe they should park that MRAP vehicle outside…

    just in case !

  9. Next, Board members will be asking for body armor similar to what the EPA has for its staff.

    Any elected official who supports gun control should not be permitted to have taxpayer funded body guards.

    I noticed that Governor Rauner did NOT use state taxpayer funded body guards while on vacation.

  10. Please, County Board, use some common sense, consult the Sheriff for some recommentaions and security. and DON”T hire an overpaid consultant to make your decision.

    What better “consultant” regarding security than an in-house Sheriff’s Dept.?

    Some of you are just plain nuts; write a check from your personal checkbook if you feel threatened, and not the public’s checkbook.

    we’re close to broke.

    Agree with right to carry, but I truly wouldn’t want some County Board members to be armed; their history of poor decisions doss not lend itself to reponsible use of firearms.

  11. “Before the County Board meeting tomorrow all individuals entering the facility will be “wanded” prior to entry into the building. Wanding will occur after 4:30 pm.”

    This, of course, means that up ’til 4:29 any number of Islamist terrorists can enter with ANY kind of weapon…

    How utterly inane.

  12. Unfortunately in this day and age, there should indeed be ample security provided for all board members and attendees at County Board Meetings.

    This includes the exclusion of all weapons in my opinion.

    What I don’t understand, is why that service can’t be provided by Sheriff Prim and uniformed County deputies?

  13. Re:
    “This includes the exclusion of all weapons in my opinion.” How many more people have to get killed or maimed for life in gun free zones before we demand that anyone with a concealed carry permit be allowed to enter / occupy any and all buildings?

  14. The only weapon the good sisters need, and use is the Rosary.

    As St. Padre Pio stated

    “Get me my weapon, get me my Rosary.”

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