Tobin Urges People to Call Wheeler about Taxing Social Security

Mailed First Class last week, the envelop below arrived in my mailbox and those of 229 other people on Jim Tobin’s mailing list two days later:

The envelop from Jim Tobin features the message on its face--a good communications' technique.

The envelop from Jim Tobin features the message on its face–a good communications’ technique.

It was addressed to me and attacks State Rep. Barbara Wheeler, who does not have an opponent in the Republican Primary election or in the General Election.

Here’s the content after the individualized salutation:

Barbara Wheeler

Barbara Wheeler

Your Illinois state representative, Barbara Wheeler (R-64, Crystal Lake)[emphasis throughout in the original], hasn’t changed her party affiliation to Democrat, but she has recently proposed that a new Illinois state income tax on government pensions could serve as “the kind of back-door pension reform the state desperately needs…”

While Illinois is absolutely in desperate need of government pension reform, the legality of singling out only government pensions for a new state income tax is highly questionable, due in part to legal precedents set by the Illinois Supreme Court last May, but also, the Illinois Constitution and United States Constitution both have a Uniformity Clause expressly stating that taxes are to be levied uniformly.

Her proposal doesn’t hold water.

Although Wheeler is correct in seeking a legal maneuver to enact government pension reform, which is needed immediately in Illinois, her proposal is not constitutional.

This suggested legislation could instead lead to the Illinois General Assembly adopting an even worse option, which would be legal: imposing a new Illinois state income tax on all retirement benefits, including Social Security.

Jim Tobin in Crystal Lake

Jim Tobin in Crystal Lake

The solution to the government pension fiasco in Illinois is not a new state income tax, but repealing the Illinois Constitution’s clause protecting these outrageous government pensions from reform.

Please take a look at the enclosed government pension data. These lavish, multimillion dollar lifetime pension payouts for retired government employees give taxpayers millions of reasons as to why we must pursue constitutional means to enact government pension reform immediately.

Contact Illinois state representative Barbara Wheeler at her Crystal Lake office (847) 973-0064 or Springfield office (217) 782-1664 and let her know that taxpayers will not support a new state income tax.

Nearly 90% of the funds from the last state income tax hike went to fund the uncontrolled government pensions, and the results were negligible, if not detrimental to the financial stability of our state.

We need free market solutions to return prosperity to Illinois – NOT NEW TAXES.


Jim Tobin, President

P.S. Help us stop the Illinois General Assembly from imposing a new Illinois state income tax on all retirement benefits, including Social Security.


Tobin Urges People to Call Wheeler about Taxing Social Security — 14 Comments

  1. Wheeler is the poster child for people who run for office under the Republican banner for the wrong reasons.

    The wrong reasons being:

    – they believe life starts at conception

    – they know they cannot get elected as a Democrat or an independent

    In my opinion, the majority of people currently on the McHenry
    County Board, fall into this category.

    In McHenry County this year there is only one person running for State office as a Republican for all the right reasons:

    Paul Serwatka.

  2. Serwatka is definitely pro-life.

    I think CV means for some of these “Republicans” being pro-life is the only thing Republican about them.

    Then there are the “Carolyn Schofields” who can’t even say THAT.

  3. Rep. Wheeler fundraises with Democrats, what do you expect from her?

    He has been swayed by the liberals in Illinois.

    I am voting for Paul Serwatka.

    He is by far the best candidate running.

  4. Coming soon: Exit tax for all those wishing to leave the state of Illinois.

    A.K.A. – Fee To Flee.

  5. As usual, Serwatka is right on point! Little Miss Wheeler-Dealer is a RINO par excellence. She’s one pathetic pachyderm I hope goes from endangered to extinct. She does not belong in McHenry County; she belongs in a Museum of the Past.

  6. I’d love to know where you derive that information….

    If you look at Wheeler’s voting record in the House, there is absolutely NOTHING factual that would suggest she is anything but conservative.

    The American Conservative Union recognized her as 1 of only 17 (of the 118) house members with the designation of “Award for Conservative Excellence”.

    In addition, she is one of only 9 House members throughout the State to receive 100% ACU rankings.

  7. Hmmmmm: I looked up what you say.

    You are 100% correct. Barb Wheeler is a strong CONSERVATIVE…..pleasantly I found out she’s rather right wing, in fact.

    I think these other conservatives on this blog want her to be frumpy, grumpy, and angry.

    Well, “Old-Man”, “Juanita”, and “Conservative”, just because Ms. Wheeler is a pleasant and happy politician who looks on the bright side rather than being pissed off all the time – that doesn’t make her a liberal.

    Her voting record is VERY conservative.

    Do your homework.

  8. Bad hatchet job by Tobin, whose reputation as a somewhat wide-eyed and goofy hatchet-man is now confirmed.

    Attempting to conflate a pension reform measured aimed solely at excessive public pension recipients, with a crazy claim that it’s a masked attack on private retirements, including social security, is stretching on steroids.

    As others have noted, Wheeler’s conservative bona fides are unimpeachable.

  9. It is starting to have the appearance that Tobin may be nothing but a shake down artist.

    To take a page out of Tobin’s book, Tobin is starting to behave like the grand liberal Jesse Jackson.

    “Do what I say, or I will trash you.”

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  11. Really..well what is her stance on taxing public pensions?

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