Gasser Adds Measurement to 2016 County Action Plan

Recently, I noted that the measurements for goals in the 2016 McHenry County Action Plan regarding a new contract with the Feds for putting people in the McHenry County Jail were weak.

They were what I would call “process” goals, rather than “performance goals.”

In sharp contrast to one measurement for jail staffing levels (“Maintain an inmate carrying cost of $95 /day or less” — actually more of a goal than a measurement, but at least people will be able to see whether it costs more than $95 a day).

The contact “measurements” can be seen below:

  • Measurement 1: Conclude negotiations by August 2016.
  • Measurement 2: Monthly reports and updates to Law & Justice Committee.

Now look at what is said about jury fees, which, thanks to votes by local Democrat Jack Franks, have skyrocketed because of legislation raising payments to jurors:

Goals an

Goals and measurement for jury fees.

Originally, the measurement was to be “Quarterly reports and updates to Lake & Justice Committee.”

But, apparently County Board member Andrew Gasser asked what the reports would contain.

He offered an amendment adding, “which includes a comparison of jury fees prior to the unfunded mandate.”

Andrew Gasser count his amendment as keeping a campaign promise to provide more transparency in County Government.

Andrew Gasser count his amendment as keeping a campaign promise to provide more transparency in County Government.

Gasser was asking for something any rational decision-maker would need to formulate policy.

His motion passed 15-8.

Those voting against what Gasser calls a “Transparency Amendment” were

  • Sue Draffkorn – District 4
  • Tina Hill – District 5
  • John Jung – District 5
  • Donald “Don” Kopsell – District 3
  • Robert “Bob” Martens – District 4
  • Anna May Miller – District 1
  • Robert “Bob” Nowak – District 1
  • Larry Smith – District 6

Draffkorn, Hill and Miller are on the ballot in the Republican Primary Election.

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It is hard to comprehend why anyone would vote against Gasser’s innocuous proposal.


Gasser Adds Measurement to 2016 County Action Plan — 6 Comments

  1. Cal, send the no voters a email and ask them why the negative vote.

  2. The reason is that the information was already provided the amendment was unnecessary.

    A lot of the county board members just like to hear themselves talk.

    The county board has become a circus with no respect for what the committee do and for the first time on the county board floor as the member is sitting there they read their packet then decide to make amendments.

    This county board including Me Gasser should learn from lake county they have a cow every Friday before the actual county board so these issues can be resolved.

    Rather they sit and bicker over nin sense issues.

    This is an example of government gone astray

  3. @Stand- but then they miss their valuable air time….

    There is NO interest in Governance and this blog often feeds that with frequent short sided, narrowly informed responses that start with a desired outcome and work backwards to find data to support their lens of the world.

    The county board has lost influence and respect- talented people have reconsidered involvement as a result.

    Transparency is a myth- as a voting populist- we should TRUST our elected officials to act in our best interest- we have now over corrected and think everything should be scrutinized and the effort is often put in the wrong place.

    Save a nickel spend a million is how it has played out in recent years.

  4. The Nob: The email addresses can be found on the County Board web site.

  5. I do not understand why Andrew’s amendment is looked on negatively…

    He just wanted a meaningful benchmark….

    15 of us agreed…

    I don’t understand the backlash…..

    I don’t believe this to be a hill to die on…

    what am I missing here, folks?

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