Salaries of County Local 150 Union Maintenance Workers

A reader asked about the salaries of the Operating Engineers Local 150 union bargaining union whose contract was rejected by the Facilities Management Committee.

Here they are:

  • Maintenance Technician I            $18.70
  • Maintenance Technician II           $20.25
  • Maintenance Technician III          $27.30

The wage increases rejected were:

  • December 1, 2015 – 1%
  • December 1, 2016 – 2%
  • December 1, 2017 – 2%

The County Board will consider the contract at its meeting tonight, which starts at 7 PM.


Salaries of County Local 150 Union Maintenance Workers — 3 Comments

  1. Those pay rates are comparable to other local gov agencies, and the percent increases also.

  2. If the McHenry County Board wants to represent taxpayers here is what they can do.

    Post the collective bargaining agreements:

    1. On the county website.
    2. In a logical location such as under board, administration, human resources, business office
    3. Search inquiry in the search bar on the county website for keywords such as collective bargaining agreement, negotiated agreement, union contract, etc. would return results for the agreements.
    4. Each agreement itself would be in searchable (not image) format.
    5. Each agreement would include the cover page, term of the agreement, plus any appendix, addendum, letter of agreement, side letter, memorandum of understanding (MoU), salary schedules, etc. that modifies the base agreement.
    6. Each agreement would be indefinitely archived on the county website.
    7. Include a summary document for each agreement, summarizing the changes over the last agreement.
    8. Include a change document for each agreement, indicating each change to the agreement from the last agreement, for example, strikethrough for deletion, and underline for additions.

    Currently taxpayers have none of that.

    Currently taxpayers, whom the board represents, have to go out of their way to request the documents.

    Lousy collective bargaining transparency.

    Here are the current McHenry County Board members.

    District 1
    Yvonne Barnes
    Andrew Gasser
    Anna May Miller
    Robert Nowak

    District 2
    James Heisler
    Donna Kurtz
    Carolyn Schofield
    Jeffrey Thorsen

    District 3
    Joseph Gottemoller
    Donald Kopsell
    Nick Provenzano
    Mike Walkup

    District 4
    Sue Draffkorn
    John Hammerand
    Bob Martens
    Chuck Wheeler

    District 5
    Tina Hill
    John Jung Jr.
    Michael Rein
    Michael Skala

    District 6
    Michele Aavang
    Diane Evertsen
    Mary McCann
    Larry Smith


    McHenry County does not make it easy for someone to discover who their elected representatives are.

    In DuPage County for example, one can type in an address, and the elected representatives are returned.

    McHenry County has a website in which you can type in an address, and the precinct is returned, and then you have to do more research from there to determine ones elected representatives.


    State law requires school districts post collective bargaining agreements on their website.

    The state law should be extended to all governments that have a collective bargaining agreement.

  3. The McHenry County Board now has collective bargaining agreements posted on its website. > County Government > Departments A – I > Collective Bargaining Agreements

    The following contracts are posted:

    – Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Lodge 118, Unit 1, covering McHenry County Sheriff (Patrol Officers & Detectives), December 2014 – November 2018

    – Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), Unit 2, covering McHenry County Sheriff (Corrections Officers), December 2014 – November 2018

    – Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), Unit 3, covering McHenry County Sheriff (Civilian Employees), December 2012 – November 2015

    – IUOE Local 150 Public Employees Division covering McHenry County Division of Transportation (Highway Maintenance Workers & Mechanics), July 2014 – June 2018

    – IUOE Local 150 Public Employees Division covering McHenry County Facilities Management Department (Maintenance Technician I, Maintenance Technician II, and Maintenance Technician III), December 2015 – November 2019

    – MAP Chapter 515 covering McHenry County Circuit Court Clerks office in the 22nd Judicial Circuit Court (Courtroom Specialist I, Courtroom Specialist II, Courtroom Specialist III, Courtroom Records Specialist, Accounting Clerk II, LEAD Court / Courtroom Specialist, Accounting Coordinator), December 2014 – November 2018

    – SEIU Local 73 covering McHenry County Coroners office (Deputy Investigators, Deputy Coroners, and Secretary / Deputy Coroner), December 2014 – November 2018

    – SEIU Local 73 covering McHenry County Board of Health – Veterinary Public Health Division (all full time and part time Animal Control Officers, Kennel Technicians, Lead Kennel Technicians, and Office Staff), December 2014 – November 2018

    – SEIU Local 73 covering McHenry County Valley Hi Nursing & Rehabilitation Center (Registered Nurses aka RN & Licensed Practical Nurses aka LPN), December 2012 – November 2015

    – SEIU Local 73 covering McHenry County Valley Hi Nursing & Rehabilitation Center (support staff: Activity Assistant, Administrative Specialist I, Admissions Coordinator, Certified Nursing Assistant I, Certified Nursing Assistant II, Cook, Custodian, Food Service Assistant, Assistant Cook / Food Service Worker, Front Desk Associate, Housekeeper, Laundry Worker, Medical Records Coordinator, Non-Certified Nursing Assistant, Office Assistant I, Psych-Social Aide, Supply Clerk), December 2015 – November 2019


    That is 10 bargaining units.

    How many employees are covered in each bargaining unit?

    Would be nice if the county told us.


    IUOE = International Union of Operating Engineers

    MAP = Metropolitan Alliance of Police

    SEIU = Service Employees International Union


    So the public can understand the changes from one agreement to another, the County should also post the the collective bargaining change agreement, which is the agreement containing strikethrough for deletions and underline for additions.


    The county should also post any changes agreed upon subsequent to the initial agreement, such as appendixes, addendums, memorandums of understanding, letters of agreement, side letters, riders, etc.

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