Recorder Candidate Joe Tirio on Nepotism & Patronage

Running for the post of McHenry County Recorder of Deeds, Joe Tirio has as one of his web sites:

Now he comments under the missive from County Board member Andrew Gasser on patronage and nepotism:

Nepotism and patronage hurt the county in a number of ways:

Joe Tirio

Joe Tirio

1. When familial/political relationship becomes a factor in the hiring process, other, better qualified candidates may not be selected. This means that the county gets a friend/relative in their employ rather then the best person for the job.

2. Once a family member/friend gets into the workplace, the leader loses their moral high ground. The team will expect that the newly hired family-member or friend will get preferential treatment. The leader can no-longer hold the team to a high bar as she has lowered the bar for herself. Furthermore, much like stealing, people know that nepotism and patronage are wrong. When a leader openly engages in unethical behavior, it creates de facto approval for all to engage in questionable behavior and little recourse for the leader to manage it.

3. Quality suffers. When a leader hires a family member or friend, they create doubt around their commitment to quality and instead seem to be saying that personal relationships and unpaid favors are more important than performance.

Nepotism robs government of the best and brightest and replaces them with husbands, daughters and the well-connected. So, instead of great government that’s proud to run lean, we have a bloated, ineffective government that is unashamed of its shallow gene pool and unwilling to change so long as they continue to get rewarded for this behavior.

That is why I am running on a platform to eliminate nepotism, patronage, waste and ultimately, to eliminate one more elected official with a raft of favors to repay.


Recorder Candidate Joe Tirio on Nepotism & Patronage — 11 Comments

  1. Joe, I don’t know what you know about the McHenry Co Recorder’s office, but it is highly regarded throughout the State and even nationally.

    Phyllis Walters has been Recorder for as long as I can remember and has done a wonderful job.

    We are one of the few counties in the State that has every recorded document digitized.

    The office runs very efficiently and the personnel are very professional.

    Let’s keep this office the way it is.

  2. Fred – Phyllis is NOT running.

    Joni Smith has already hired a relative to work there.


  3. I understand who is running, Joni hired no one, Phyllis Walters did the hiring of both Joni and “her relative” both of whom have done a competent job.

    Phyllis knows what it takes and I will stick with her recommendation.

  4. Joe has my vote and my family’s

    Joni is married to an Operator 150 Union man and will bring that union in and it will cost the county tax payers.

    She lists her credentials as – “working in the business industry” – brilliant!

    It is an office that should be eliminated and could be.

    She gets in, it will never end.

  5. Wow, Nothing brings out the union beast like someone working to change things for the better.

    Boom sounds like a real intelligent fellow.

    Just ignore ignorance and keep up the fight, Joe.

  6. back at you back at you, union 150 is already in the county work force.

  7. “Fred”, how would YOU know that Joni isn’t the one that hired her daughter??

    Looks like Joni is on the Blog again trying to make it look like she has a defense.

  8. Even if Joni wasn’t the one to pull the trigger on the hiring, it’s not mere coincidence that Walters hired the daughter of her most loyal lieutenant months before packing up.

    The rumor I heard is that Joni’s daughter was an extremely recent hire, leading me to assume that Joni requested Phyllis do it so she wouldn’t get the heat that McClellan got.

    Joe, why don’t you FOIA the daughter’s employment records?

    99% of what’s in there is non-exempt and you should be able to get a copy within 5 days.

  9. How do you think that the operating engineers will be working in an office?

    It’s absurd.

    And yes please google her employment records so you can share with the world that she wasn’t hired by her mother.

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