Tollway Does Stupid

Traffic jam before the Toll Tax hike.

Traffic jam before Pat Quinn’s 88% Toll Tax hike.

So this afternoon I get an email from the Toll Tax people with the subject line

New Credit Card? Update Your I-PASS Account. Got it. Do it. Done.

I did get a new credit card recently with one of those little chips, so I figured maybe our account had run dry.

I called the Illinois Tollway Authority and was told by its friendly computer to have my account number ready.

While cycling through the nine options, I hurried out to the car and ripped off the I-Pass transponder.

When the phone was finally answered, I got a pleasant young man who asked for all sorts of identification.

When I gave him the last four digits of my credit card, he indicated there was no problem.

If there was no problem, I wondered, why bother to take up 10 minutes of my afternoon finding out.

I told him I thought it stupid to send the email.

He didn’t disagree.


Tollway Does Stupid — 5 Comments

  1. I get at least six emails a week from them. I don’t think it costs them anything to harass us.

  2. When is Rauner going to overhaul the whole rotten state system?

    We need a whole new department to go through every single blessed existing state dept., agency, commission and entity to cut the excess, waste stupidity, etc., from the bloated gov’t!

  3. Where can I pick up the card?


    How much does it cost.

    Thank you kindly.

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