County Board Candidate Kay Bates Holding Meet & Greet

No announcement press release has been received yet, but District 4 McHenry County Board candidate Kay Bates is holding a Meet & Greet this Thursday night. [Originally I thought it was a fundraiser. It isn’t.]

She’s calling is a “Run with Kay Mixer.”

It’s free.

It will be held at the McHenry VFW from 5-7.  (Maybe someone will send me some photos.)

Kay Bates invitation for her free Meet and Greet on Thursday, January 28th.

Kay Bates palm card.


County Board Candidate Kay Bates Holding Meet & Greet — 3 Comments

  1. U.S. Chamber of Commerce?

    Dollars spent lobbying:

    $124,080,000 (2014)

    $74,470,000 (2013)

    They are number one in lobbying for open borders, more ‘guest workers’, student work visas etc.

    I do not consider a background in Chamber employment to be an asset.

  2. Will Ms. Bates retire from her job at the Chamber of Commerce if elected?

    Surely she cannot represent the taxpayers properlyt if still working and lobbying on behalf of the Chamber.

  3. Do you even know if they belong to the US Chamber?

    The US Chamber is a membership organization.

    McHenry Area Chamber is an organization that represents businesses in the area.

    Perhaps it is free so people can come meet her?

    I don’t see an ask or the word fundraiser anywhere.

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