Presidential Petition Objections Stall Ballots

The press release below from the McHenry County Clerk’s Office mentions objections filed to Presidential petitions.

The most important of those seems to be the one claiming that U.S. Senator Ted Cruz is not a natural born citizen.

The other Republican whose petitions have been challenged is Senator Marco Rubio.

There are others, including to petitions of all three major Presidential candidates seeking to be listed on the Democratic Party ballot.

State Board of Elections’ Pending Objection Hearings Delay By Mail and Early Voting

Mary McClellan

Mary McClellan

McHENRY COUNTY, IL – McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan announced yesterday that ongoing objections to several Presidential Candidates are not anticipated to be resolved by the State Board of Elections in time for ballots to be prepared and voting tabulators to be programmed for the opening of By Mail and Early Voting on February 4, 2016.

The ballots and machines will be available no later than February 17, 2016 – the beginning of Grace Period Registration and Voting – by which time most challenges seeking to remove candidates from the ballot should have been decided and final ballot certifications issued by the State Board of Elections.

“It is possible that ballots may be available prior to February 17, and if so, we will notify the media and voters through a release, on our website and social media,” said McClellan.

“It’s unfortunate that the compressed filing calendar for Presidential candidates and the circumstances of these objections will likely delay our receiving final certifications from the State Board of Elections and affect the opening of voting statewide.

“Once final certifications are received, we will move as quickly as possible to finalize ballots, program machines and open for voting.”

Voters seeking more information about voting By Mail should visit

For Early Voting schedules and locations please visit, or contact our office via email at, or by phone at 815-334-4242.

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