Rauner Creates Technology Department

A press release from State Rep. Steve Andersson:

Rauner Creates New Department

Computer Rauner Dept CreationToday, Governor Bruce Rauner signed Executive Order 16-01, which creates the Illinois Department on Innovation and Technology (DoIT).  This new state agency will work to transform the state’s information technology functions into one agency to provide better service to Illinois residents and businesses.

This agency will modernize our out of date technology systems to create faster and more efficient services for our residents.  In order to do so, DoIT will create a strategic, statewide technology plan to modernize our state’s current system and accelerate the process.

While there has been some consolidation of technology services at the state level, each agency was left in charge of developing its own technology solutions.  That created a patchwork of systems that were often redundant, and vulnerable to cyber-attacks.  Our existing computers could not communicate with each other.  Insuring that our various agencies can communicate with each other will reduce the opportunities for waste, fraud and abuse.  Now, decisions and spending will be consolidated under this one agency; a move that will save taxpayer dollars.

Twenty-nine other states, the City of Chicago and much of the private sector have consolidated technology functions into central departments.  In order to help Illinois become competitive again, and draw in businesses to our state, improvements in technology is key.  It is great to see Illinois move in the right direction and be in a better position to serve our residents and businesses.

As Illinois continues to operate without a budget in place, and with our current financial crisis—this effort to consolidate and help save our state money while also improving services for Illinois residents and businesses is a great step forward.  I commend the Governor on this action.


Rauner Creates Technology Department — 4 Comments

  1. DoIT will do little to “help Illinois become competitive again”.

    We all know what the fiscal problems of this state are.

    Further, until those problems have been addressed and rectified, Illinois will never be “competitive” again.

  2. So fortunate to have a business person like Rauner to represent our State.

    Sic em Brucey!

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