Kelly Liebmann Expands on County Board’s Valley Hi Overtaxation

A press release from District 6 McHenry County Board candidate Kelly Liebmann:

Kelly Liebmann expands forum answer on Valley High $41 million surplus

District 6 County Board Candidate Recommends Option to Fund $500,000 Valley High Yearly Operating Cost Shortfall Through T-Bill Interest on $41 Million Reserve Fund

Crystal Lake, Illinois – Republican Candidate for McHenry County Board, Kelly Liebmann, addressed voters January 26th at McHenry County College during a candidate’s forum hosted by the League of Women Voters.

Kelly Liebmann

Kelly Liebmann

Limited to sixty second answers, Liebmann briefly explained her understanding of the financials at Valley High and her answer about cutting the levy.

“I’m for cutting the levy,” Liebmann stated.

“Back in 2002 when voters passed the referendum for Valley High—that was 14 years ago; we have a lot of new [different] homeowners in the county.”

The fiscally responsible conservative was prompted to expand her forum answer after Liebmann promoted her ability to develop uncommon solutions to county issues during her opening statement.

“The $41 million in Valley High reserves, if invested today into long term T-Bills, would gain approximately 2% interest revenue.

“Over the course of one year, interest accrued would be in excess of $800,000” Liebmann calculated.

“Even at current low rates, Valley High’s yearly shortfall could be funded through interest earnings alone.”

Mary McCann

Mary McCann

Larry Smith

Larry Smith

Liebmann was prompted to examine Valley High’s financial situation when two board members from District 6

  • Mary McCann and
  • Larry Smith

voted against lowering the Valley Hi tax levy in committee last October.

“This solution would solve the long-term funding dilemma some county board members have asserted as the reasoning for not cutting the Valley High levy entirely.

“Current county board members should thoughtfully discuss this funding option which, to me, is a reasonable transition to being smart stewards of taxpayer funds at Valley High,” Liebmann concluded.

Liebmann is a 13-year resident of District 6, having lived in both Harvard and unincorporated Wonder Lake. A former member and current volunteer for 4-H, Kelly has been employed in administration and management for over 20 years and currently works as an Operations & Logistics Manager for a mobile marketing and concert touring transportation company.

The McHenry County Board 6th District consists of all of Alden, Chemung, Coral, Dunham, Greenwood, Hartland, Hebron, Marengo, Riley, and Seneca Townships and a portion of Grafton Township. Persons wishing to volunteer or donate should go to: for more information.

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McHenry County Blog’s article on the County Board candidate’s answers to the Valley Hi surplus question can be found here.


Kelly Liebmann Expands on County Board’s Valley Hi Overtaxation — 8 Comments

  1. She’s a sharp cookie.

    Some people are not public speakers but can analyze and manage the hell out of situations.

    I think Kelly Liebmann could be a viable candidate!

    One on one, as I have had the opportunity to speak with her, she’s very knowledgable and has great ideas.

    McCan should be toast.

    Doesn’t seem to care enough about the issues to show up!

    She is also one that feels (in regards to Valley Hi) it’s alright ‘to keep taxing even tho Valley Hi has a tremendous amount of our money stockpiled.

  2. I would call Mary McCann and Larry Smith ‘do-nothings’ but they are actually worse than that if they both think ‘it’s okay to tax the taxpayers on Valley Hi because they won’t notice.

    Dangerous people to keep voting for if you’re taxed to death.


    McCann thinks it’s okay to hand the phone to her husband when constituents call with questions anyway.

  3. Ditto to Joe’s comment.

    We need a solid conservative to replace Evertsen and McCann is a Progressive running under the Republican banner.

  4. Ladies, Valley Hi slush fund is stolen money from taxpayer.

    You do not invest stolen money you give it back to the victim your stole it from, the taxpayer. Governments can only tax the extent of what is necessary to operate government and nothing more. Levies on Valley Hi have been illegal for years!


  5. David – Can you figure out a mechanism to refund the surplus?

  6. Thanks Cal, how about tax rebates for county taxpayer for the next 8 years at 5 Million Dollars per year or filing a declaratory action in court whereby the MCBOT sues itself for excessive-illegal taxation through excessive levy in violation of IL Law and request relief from the Court setting forth various options including return of funds to taxpayers.

    OF course Valley Hi would be named as a defendat as well.

    Simply trying to correct a wrong.

    MCBOT trying to play Robin Hood is wrong!

    These are just two ideas off the top of my head, but I am not an elected official paid to research the issue but I think both of the above is a good start.

    Had I been elected this would have been priority number one and I would have had a bold plan in place and a loud call to action . . . .

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