Muni, Twp Officials Support Marty McLaughlin for State Senate

A press release from State Senate candidate Marty McLaughlin:

Local Leaders Announce Support for Martin McLaughlin

Cite McLaughlin’s Proven Record of Cutting Spending and Lowering Taxes

BARRINGTON HILLS, IL – Today, a number of local leaders announced their support for Martin McLaughlin for State Senate in the 26th District.

“I am honored to have the support of these local leaders who work tirelessly for their communities,” said a grateful McLaughlin. “In our positions, we can’t allow politics to stand in the way of moving our communities forward.

“As a result, we have enacted many of the reforms that Governor Rauner is looking to achieve in Springfield.

“That’s the kind of experienced leadership the Governor needs on his side in order to enact his conservative reforms.”

Martin McLaughin

Martin McLaughin

Endorsing McLaughlin are

  • Deer Park Village President Bob Kellerman
  • Hoffman Estates Mayor Bill McLeod
  • Lake Barrington Village President Kevin Richardson
  • Lake Zurich Mayor Tom Poynton
  • North Barrington Village President Al Pino
  • South Barrington Village President Paula McCombie
  • Island Lake Mayor Charles Amrich
  • Barrington Township Supervisor Gene Dawson
  • Cuba Township Supervisor David Nelson
  • Palatine Township Supervisor Sharon Langlotz-Johnson
  • Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner Robert Miller
  • Cuba Township Highway Commissioner Randy Marks
  • Former Tower Lakes Mayor Kathleen Leitner
  • Former Hoffman Estates Trustee Cary Collins

McLaughlin was elected Village President of Barrington Hills in 2013, defeating the two-time incumbent [Democrat Bob Abboud] by a margin of 60%-40% despite being outspent 5-to-1.

In the years prior, the Village had spent recklessly, increasing expenditures 83.5% and hiking taxes a whopping 177%.

In McLaughlin’s three years in office, he has cut spending every single year, held the line on taxes his first year, and cut taxes each of the past two years.

“Serving as the unpaid, volunteer Village President of Barrington Hills for three years, I have led by example. Despite a 5-1 board opposed to my conservative reform agenda, I successfully used common sense business principles to reduce spending and cut taxes, finally giving homeowners a small amount of relief,” McLaughlin stated.

“We can fix our state, but it will require bold measures. I am ready to go to Springfield to fight the entrenched powers on behalf of my neighbors in the 26th District.”

About Martin McLaughlin:

Martin McLaughlin is the Village President of Barrington Hills, a small businessman and a financial expert running to bring his common sense private sector experience to Springfield. Martin brought business principles to a bloated local government rife with cronyism and successfully reduced spending, cut taxes, and put the village back on a path towards fiscal responsibility. Martin earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Illinois Wesleyan University. He has been married to his wife, Kathleen, for 24 years, and they have 5 daughters, aged 21 through 9.

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Besides McLaughlin, Casey Urlacher and Dan McConchie are running for the Republican nomination for State Senate.


Muni, Twp Officials Support Marty McLaughlin for State Senate — 5 Comments

  1. Those of you who have not heard Marty publicly speak or have researched his record of accomplishment in Barrington Hills, you are in for a treat.

    Be a SMARTY and vote for MARTY!

    This guy is the real deal. . .

    What he says is what he does and he does not back away.

    He has rid VBH of corruption, waste and mismanagement which has plagued VBH for many years.

    The choice for 26th district State Senate is a “no brainer”.

  2. I second the comments of David.

    McLaughlin has done an outstanding job in Barrington Hills and has the skill set to deal with the dysfunction in Springfield.

    Compare the resumes and accomplishments of the candidates in this race and Marty is the clear choice.

    Learn more at

  3. Everything in the earlier post is factual, unbiased.

    I thank Marty McLaughlin for running.

    The benefits to the taxpayers of, not only, residents of St. Senate Dist. 26, but the entire state, are endless.

    If the State Legislator had to pay someone with Marty’s expertise in pensions, alone, they couldn’t afford him.

    He’s willing to contribute this invaluable resource as State Senator. You have only to cast your vote for him on March 15th, (and encourage others to do the same).

  4. I congratulate Marty on the initiative and enterprise shown in making tremendous progress in Barrington Hills. It will have lasting benefits for our Village and our residents.

    I intend to offer whatever resources I have available to make his bid for Senate a successful one.

    I personally will make myself and my family available if we are needed!

    Marty is a good neighbor and has made BH a better place to live. —

  5. Marty has dealt with the problems in Barrington Hills using a rare commodity in government…Common Sense!

    That could be because he was elected to fix problems and we are forever grateful that most of them are solved.

    He is a business man, husband and father and I confess I wasn’t happy about his decision to run.

    His forte in the business world is the pension business and if he can help clean up the mess in Springfield, I wish him well.

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