Answers to Illinois Family Institute Questions – Senate District 26

The Illinois Family Institute sends questionnaires to legislative candidates.

McHenry County has a vibrant State Senate contest in its southeastern segment.

Barrington Hills Village President Martin McLaughlin is running against Mettawa Village President Casey Urlacher and Dan McConchie of Hawthorne Woods.

Seven o’clock Thursday night at McHenry County College the three will face off in a League of Women Voters Debate.

Here are the questions and answers presented by the socially conservative Illinois Family Institute:

Il Family Inst 26 Senate questinsIl Family Inst 26 Senate answers


Answers to Illinois Family Institute Questions – Senate District 26 — 7 Comments

  1. Defund, Hell!

    They should all be jailed.

    It is already illegal to do everything that they have been caught doing.

    Why aren’t these people (PP) being dragged away in cuffs?

  2. Because the maker of the video edited out the truth and edited in statements that were not made in response to questions and now they are in jail.

    Defunding is wrong for an agency that provides care to poor women and very few abortions.

    Abortion is still legal and unless you’re a Supreme Court Justice it doesn’t matter to most of us what your opinion is on the matter.

    Fiscal conservatives yes, religious zealots no

  3. For those of you unfamiliar with Martin McLaughlin I encourage you to attend any of the coming forums to hear him speak.

    I was not a strong supporter of M. McLaughlin during his journey to VBH Presidency.

    He trounced a two time incumbant and when you meet and hear him speak, you will know why.

    After his succesfful election, as a member of VBH zoning board, I have had the privilege to see him work a hostile majority Board, obtain a majority in the next election and in 3 years carry out each of his campaign promises come hell or high water ridding VBH of the “corruption”, “waste” and “mismanagement” that had been plaguing VBH for previous 9 years.

    All this at no salary while raising the morale of VBH police department while lowering the pension contribution.

    He has with the help of a few restored ethusiasm and sane government to our our village and will do the same for Illinois.

    (As an aside, MCBOT can learn from Marty, because the word “no” we cannot fix this or do that is not in Marty’s vocabulary. He does it with class and political charm which disarms his opponents and often defeating them without them realizing it.)

    Marty is not only a pension expert which he does for a living but an expert on women’s issues as well being himself married to a woman and the father of 5 daughters, the oldest in college and youngest in elementary school.

    Needless to say Marty has made a believer out of me and having reviewed the credentials of all the candidates in this race, Marty is the only one qualified to tackle the major issues confronting our state which are primarily fiscal in nature, “Pensions”.

    I will attend the forums and listen to all the candidates before making a final decision, I owe that to myself and the other two candidates.

    In all fairness, from what I gleaned so far the only disadvantage Marty would have compared to McConchie is that Marty would be new to springfield not having the connections McConchie gained through years of lobbying in Springfield.

    It is conceded, McConchie probably knows the “political nooks and crannies” in Springfield having already formed political alliances, and Marty does not.

    While an established insider to the Springfield political arena Marty is not, I believe a man named Abraham Lincoln was once an outsider to Springfield politics as well.

    I am told it worked out “ok” for him.

    We are a citizen government irrespective of what the establishment insiders, lobbyists or a former elected official radio host might tell you.

    They do not own our government or the process . . . we do, that is, unless you let them.

    Those of you who call yourselves “Walsh Freedom Walkers” having presumaby been told by the tip of the spear that McConchie is the best choice for you and go work for him, do yourself a favor, sit back and research all the candidates, meet them and hear them speak/debate and then make an informed decision.

    Make “your” decision “yours” not “their” decision “yours” for the sake of the “political team”.

    See and listen to the candidates for yourself before taking your “Freedom Walks”, you might find you are currently carrying the wrong political sign.

    There is no rush except maybe to meet the Walsh timeline and you do not have to be angry as he instructed you to be the other night.

    Let’s restore IL government and IL Republican Party by being “smart” using reason and not “emotions” by electing the best people we can after hearing from them all on the same stage.

    I promise you Marty will be one important cog in reaching this goal but in the end, after listening to them all, I may be wrong finding myself voting for one of the other two candidates.

    Lets remember, the Cubs believed aging pitcher Ernie Brioglio was a better choice than the youthful Lou Brock who the Cubs traded to St. Louis.

    Lets not elect an Ernie Brioglio!

    What I do know is Marty McLaughlin is special and people who know me know that I do not pass compliments lighly especially when it comes to politicians.

    I am asking McConchie and Walsh disciples to not “walk” blindly but be a smarty and learn about MARTY as well as Casey Urlacher for that matter!

    And for the rest, lets learn about and see all the candidates on the same stage before throwing our hat or hairpin for one or the other.

    Our Democratic-Republic deserves nothing less from us.

  4. To The Mrs.: Abortion is NOT legal in God’s eyes.

    Has nothing to do with religion or zealots.

    It is His law.

  5. Cindy-We’re talking about the actual federal law, not God’s law.

  6. DAVID STIEPER – Who do you think you are kidding?

    The only “true conservative” is Marty?

    You have to be joking – you want people to vote for a pro union pension fund manager?

    Have you not been paying attention to the issues in this state?

    Are you not aware of why our taxes are the highest in the nation?

    Pensions need to be gone – we need to reform and figure out a better system like the rest of our tax payers that don’t have a pension – I can’t see Marty wanting to put less in pension or do without pension when his livelihood depends on it.

    Give me a break with saying he is doing a job of being mayor with no pay – I’m sure he has no benefits from being mayor right?

    The funny thing is not many people really read these blogs and I’m sure the people that do can see right through the BS.

    Another ide – check your facts before calling people out.

    Dan McConchie has been to Springfield once in his life for a family tour to show his kids – your assumptions are making you look uneducated.

    I’ll give you another fact that you are probably not aware of.

    Marty has voted Republican ONCE – he has also voted democrat before – do the research.

    Marty orchestrated the UNION contract for the Barrington Hills police department which has increased expenses and increased property taxes.

    Ask the people of Barrington Hills how they feel about all the for sale signs in front of all the houses because people are moving out to state to pay a quarter of the property taxes they pay in Barrington Hills.

    Your statement is interesting “He does it with class and political charm which disarms his opponents and often defeating them without them realizing it” – I think this is what he is doing to the voters in the district – it is also called BS.

    By the way – Marty does not have a chance in this race

  7. McLaughlin signed off on the Village’s first police union contract just 2 months into his term in office.

    They had been non-union prior to his election.

    This gave them a 20% raise back dated to 2009.

    Additionally, he further enhanced the union contract 1.5 years later with another 8% raise.

    He also sent the union president to law school on the tax payers dime.

    This is in addition to the giveaway of management rights.

    BH is now covered under the MAP union, one of the most visceral in the country.

    75% of McLaughlin’s signature for his mayoral election were collected by David Stieper – a strong union supporter.

    McLaughlin owed the union a huge favor and thus gave away the budget.

    This is part of the reason he had to raise taxes in BH.

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