Answers to Illinois Family Institute Questions – State Rep. District 66

The race for State Rep. Mike Tryon’s 66th District seat is a four-way one:

  • Carolyn Schofield
  • Paul Serwatka
  • Allen Skillicorn
  • Dan Wilbrandt

The Illinois Family Institute has sent questionnaires to all of them.

The organization is a socially conservative one.

Below are the questions and answers for the 66th District.  Democrat Nancy Zettler and Republican Carolyn Schofield did not return the questionnaire.

IL Family Inst 66 Rep questionsIL Family Inst 66 Rep answers
Seven o’clock Thursday night at McHenry County College the four will face off in a League of Women Voters Debate.


Answers to Illinois Family Institute Questions – State Rep. District 66 — 10 Comments

  1. Would Allen vote for legalization of pot, his answers made me wonder?

  2. Five new casinos is ridiculous.

    Illinois had a healthy horse racing industry until river boat gambling was legalized without allowing slots at horse race tracks.

    If slots were legalized at race tracks, then there would be no opportunity for Rod Blagojevich to ask horse race track owner John Johnston (or vice versa) for a campaign contribution in exchange for a percentage of river boat gambling proceeds.

    Which resulted in the conviction of Johnston and a large award to casinos which resulted in the bankruptcy of Balmoral and Maywood and a plan to sell the properties.

    John Johnston was the owner of Balmoral and Maywood horse race tracks.

    In Illinois too often it’s about having systems in place to encourage political campaign contributions in exchange for something, be it votes, campaign contributions, election assistance, etc.

    So the next dagger to the horse racing industry was Pat Quinn vetoed bills that would have allowed slots at horse racetracks yet he expanded gambling by allowing video gambling at non horse race track venues.

    So twice gambling was expanded yet keeping slots out of horse race tracks.

    There are slots in horse racetracks in most states that have horse race tracks.

    Ditto dog tracks.

    The slot revenue is used to offer bigger purses (payout to winning horses).

    As a result, horse owners and the jobs involved in supporting the horses have gone to the bigger purses, be it Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, etc.

    Just another reason Illinois loses residents and jobs.

    The last live race at Maywood Park in Melrose Park was October 2, 2015.

    The last live race at Balmoral Park in Crete was December 26, 2015.

    The remained open a bit longer for simulcasts / off track betting, then were closed January 29, 2016.

    A simulcast / off track betting allows one to watch and bet on a live (not taped) broadcast of a race physically taking place at another location).


    The legislators and Governors had no problem hiking pension benefits to underfunded pension systems though.

  3. Heh, heh …. why is Schofield masquerading as a Republican?

  4. Thank you Mark. Well stated.

    My husband and I are still doing a burn over all these shenanigan.

    It was in part, what caused us to throw in the towel and stop fighting the Politian’s.

    Twenty + years we raised and raced thoroughbreds.

    So disgusting to see how they systematically killed a vibrant industry.

    Sadly, everything promised when the lottery and casinos were approved has simply caused more precarious spending on the part of those elected to office.

    Just one more government sanctioned “Ponzi” scheme and the unintended consequences be dammed.

  5. Allen Skillicorn supports more marijuana?


    And lighting a joint…

  6. It’s sad to see all these “leaders” are against human rights and equality, women’s health, and adolescent health.

  7. It’s not my district, but I’m deathly afraid that Messrs Serwatka, Skillicorn, and Wilbrandt will split the votes that are cast by the right and center-right factions of the electorate and allow Schofield to sneak in.

    Illinois does not need any more RINOs in public office.

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