Kenneally versus Regna in League Forum

A “forum,” not a debate.

Patrick Kenneally

Patrick Kenneally

McHenry County League of Women Voters made that clear with State’s Attorney candidate Patrick Kenneally wanted to rebut a comment made by candidate Dan Regna.

Ten-year Assistant State’s Attorney Kenneally’s introductory comments made it clear that he thought he was “far and away the most qualified person to be State’s Attorney.”

His goal, he said, was “unlike Cook County, I want to make sure that people don’t leave McHenry County because they’re afraid.”

Regna pointed to his 20 year residency in Woodstock, ten years in the State’s Attorney’s Office and community involvement.  Later he said that Kenneally had just moved to Crystal Lake six months ago.

Kenneally touted the accomplishments of the office under Lou Bianchi, including  high won-loss ratio felony trials in 2014 and 2015.

Dan Regna

Dan Regna

Regna said the number of cases were way down.

Regna criticized the office for the wrongful prosecution of the Johnsburg man for the murder of one of his co-workers at Van’s Supermarket.

(Sitting there, I wondered why the wrongful conviction that put Richmond’s Gary Gauger on death row by the office that preceded Bianchi–Gary Pack’s–might not be as relevant.)

Regna cited his extensive leadership experience in the Army following his graduation from West Point.

Kenneally dinged him for operating his sole practitioner law practice without malpractice insurance “out of a post office box.”

A question was asked about the importance of the Republican Party, to which both candidates agreed to its importance.

Kenneally pointed to a document from Regna’s unsuccessful 2008 campaign against Bianchi which said Regna would “not participate as an active member in any organized political party including the McHenry County Republican Party.”

After the meeting, Bianchi passed out copies.


Kenneally versus Regna in League Forum — 10 Comments

  1. Kenneally smoked him!

    If Regna signed a document renouncing the McHenry County Republican Party, then why is anyone from the party bothering with him??

    OHH I KNOW WHY…because the Democrats in county Govt. posing as Republicans will have him! And now you know the real story.

  2. landon I am in agreement with you 100%….

    isn’t Regna one of “those” that caused problems for Lou Bianci …that resulted into huge costs for the County?

  3. Kennneally came off as arrogant and immature IMO.

    To tout a high win/loss ratio is not an accomplishment–it is the DUTY of the State’s Atty Office to prosecute only those who are guilty beyond a resonance doubt, not waste time and resources on cases that cannot be won.

    I’ll stick with Regna and the opportunity to separate the State’s Atty Office from the Sheriff’s Office.

  4. Regna is calling the prosecution of Papa’s Little Kumquat as “wrongful prosecution”?

    The testimony showed an order to assault the Carrick kid by the son of a Gary Pack supporter.

    Is Papa buying into the Regna campaign to insure protection for Kumquat’s future entrepreneurial activities?

    I am sure that Johnsburg needs a new drug dealer.

  5. If Regna has people like Larry Mason and Dave Linder out supporting him, I’m voting for Kenneally

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