Steve Reick Urges Attendance at Tonight’s MCC Candidates’ Night

A press release from Steve Reick, Jack Franks’ real Republican opponent (as opposed to the Jack Franks’ supporter put on the ballot to make sure that Franks would not have a real fall opponent):

Town Hall Meeting sign

It’s no exaggeration to say that the 2016 election is a do or die proposition for Illinois. We’re into our 7th month without a budget, gridlock is the order of the day in Springfield, and Governor Rauner’s Turnaround Agenda has been stopped in its tracks by the Madigan/Franks status-quo super-majority.

Bruce Rauner carried the 63rd District by 36%, which was an overwhelming mandate in anyone’s eyes. The voters sent Jack Franks to Springfield, expecting him to work with the Governor to accomplish his agenda. It hasn’t worked that way.

A yard sign from Steve Reick's 2014 campaign linking Jack Franks to Mike Madigan.

A yard sign from Steve Reick’s 2014 campaign linking Jack Franks to Mike Madigan.

Instead, Franks has become a reliable vote for Mike Madigan in thwarting the reforms that you supported with your vote.

To add insult to injury, the Democrats have attempted to hijack the Republican primary in this District by placing a Democrat onto the Republican ballot.

Jeffrey Lichte, a long-time Franks supporter, now stands as my opponent in theMarch 15 primary.

My opponent has chosen to not attend the forum, and therefore by the League’s rules, I’ll not be able to take questions from the stage.

However, I will conduct a town hall meeting in the commons area outside the conference room.

I’ll take any and all questions, and will discuss the issues that affect us all as citizens of Illinois.

I look forward to seeing you.


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Reick’s primary opponent Jeff Lichte has said he will not attend.

Under League of Women Voters’ rules, that means Reick will not be able to take questions during the meeting.


Steve Reick Urges Attendance at Tonight’s MCC Candidates’ Night — 8 Comments

  1. Republicans may not want to say more taxes, but fees and fines they like.

  2. Even if the Republicans win every House and Senate seat they have candidates in, Madigan and Cullerton will still be in charge.

    That said, if we can send people like Reick and Serwatka to Springfield, it will give Rauner more bargaining power to rein in the union controlled government in Illinois.

    Where is the petition for a referendum to remove guaranteed pensions from the Constitution?

  3. Karma, This site has a tendency toward zero involvement of liberal voices so I believe you have escaped gaining the negative attention of most people here due to a hunger to hear the other side…

    Anyone’s version of the other side.

    To date you have mixed your messages to the point of irrelevancy, used editorials as fact based sources to support your arguments and generally been so parochial in your understanding of the world it is laughable.

    Now it is time to move into a more mature understanding of the United States, Illinois and McHenry County and their current crisis.

    Rauner was a Democrat who switched to being a Republican for two reasons.

    Rauner understands money/math and the Republican Party of Illinois and her adherents were completely broke thereby willing to welcome a Democrat who could self fund his campaign against an empty suit.

    The hope existed Rauner would recognize the true threat to our Representative governance was a despot by the name of Mike Madigan who needed to have his sails severely trimmed.

    No one thought a Democrat would seriously challenge Madigan’s hold on the state but Rauner has proven us all wrong.

    He has done a spectacular job so far of mitigating Madigan’s previously unmitigated power.

    This brings pain.

    More is to come.

    Look to Greece for indications of what is to come here.

    This has nothing whatsoever to do with political party.

    Madigan isn’t a Democrat.

    He is a Madiganite.

    Party is a tool he uses as it suits him and Rauner uses the Republican Party as it suits him.

    Party politics aren’t in play here.

    It is a death match struggle for freedom from a despot.

    Nothing less.

    Nationally we see the same struggle playing out with different despots and a much more complex story.

    The foundation of the fight is the same.

    While The People of Illinois sold themselves into slavery generations ago the United States as a whole has very nearly completely sold its heritage to despots.

    Both Sanders and Trump are tapping the Freedom vote in different ways.

    This is why the supporters of these two men find so much common ground.

    Sanders isn’t a Democrat but caucuses with them.

    Trump is another Democrat who understands money/math self funding a Republican run to avoid the Clinton coronation from democrats.

    Both want freedom from anti American interests embodied in Obama and all the special interests who own both Party’s.

    They want different paths and a different looking America at the end of their different visions but the foundational impulses are not Party driven and are the same.

    In McHenry County we have a specific opportunity to help end Illinoisan’s slavery by taking down a Madigan sycophant in the person of Jack Franks.

    Removing Jack and putting in anyone who would vote against Madigan’s speakership would help end the slavery.

    Parochial beliefs aren’t even a factor in this vote.

    Liberalism or conservatism doesn’t factor into this vote at all.

    Party doesn’t factor into this vote whatsoever.

    This is a vote for liberty over slavery.

    Unfortunately, in our state, both Party’s are so completely bought into The People’s slavery it hardly matters who has the speakership…

    Hardly. We know who and what the creature of Madigan is and wants.

    We can only hope someone who is not Madigan will be less of an impediment to freedom for The People of Illinois.

    I urge you to mature past Party politics and a really uneducated approach to argument to grow to be the alternative voice many would like to see out of you.

  4. I want everyone to live by the same rules.

    I see people daily in this county with Jesus signs on their cars speeding and almost hitting pedestrians but they think they are law and order but all minorities are criminals.

    You don’t want to pay more taxes and neither do I but it is not education which has been seriously underfunded in Illinois or anything else but the rich and corporations not paying their fair share and that is why our property taxes are so high.

    If tax breaks are given to a business to move here someone else must make up those taxes.

    Most businesses are not that good and need to be given taxpayer breaks and bailed out when they fail.

    True capitalism would let them fail.

    We should not be giving corporate welfare to Walmart and other stores like Buss Ford and then blame the teachers.

    The truth is no matter which party you vote for we are in trouble.

  5. Perfect responses for the subject of your wandering argumentation…

    No one, to my knowledge, has accused you of being a greedy, hateful or selfish person.

    You marry this with the non sequitur of an article on tax principles.

    There seems to be no point.

    I presume you think the tax code should be rewritten to be more fair, whatever THAT means, but you don’t say this.

    Even if you did say this there would be a near universal agreement with you on this blog.

    How to define “fair” is the problem but you don’t make any argument at all so no discussion may ensue.

    Your next comment starts with the hypocrisy of Jesus freaks who speed and almost hit pedestrians who then feel totally comfortable judging others.

    Have you met the other humans with whom you inhabit the planet?

    They’re all hypocritical oafs.

    Name one who isn’t and most people will show you how they, in fact, are a hypocrite.

    You could make the argument there is a problem in our society with judgmental hypocrites who insinuate themselves into the public discussion with no humility whatsoever but you don’t.

    You make some generalization which most people agree with and then state THOSE people specifically think all minorities are criminal.

    Who can keep up with the twists and turns of your non arguments?


    All hypocrites think minorities are criminal?

    What about minority hypocrites?

    Do they think all minorities are criminal?

    Is that wrong headed of those minorities or a function of those minority hypocrites living next door to those minority criminals and incorrectly interpolating based upon their limited experience?

    I don’t know.

    Who can even guess at your argument at this point?

    You then go on….

    Somehow neither of us wants to pay taxes.

    I might.

    I may see the benefit of paying for those societal functions universally accepted as necessary to all society…

    You go on…

    I think you mean to say education hasn’t been seriously underfunded in Illinois (most people would agree) nor has any other function of government been seriously underfunded (most people would disagree as there are a myriad of interests who believe their pet project or governmental function is seriously underfunded).

    Then you go on to add the “rich” (who are these rich people?) and corporations don’t pay their fair share and this specifically correlates to our property taxes being so high.

    Moving businesses here with tax incentives to level the national tax playing field somehow damages the local tax base in your mind.

    This is truly one of those statements you make which is so general and simplistic there is no way to argue against it without writing a book attempting to educate first and then argue.

    No one is going to do this and most people will write you off as a loon.

    Be specific.

    Susan is specific and is absolutely brilliant in her property tax arguments.

    Follow her example.

    If you wanted to use the example of Motorola and their extraordinary deception of idiotic governmental types most people on this blog would agree with you on the argument’s face.

    How they got over on the local governmental types and how do we defend against it in the future could be an excellent discussion but you make no point except we shouldn’t give tax incentives and then blame the teachers for them.


    No one blames the teachers for the tax incentives.

    I can confidently say no one in the entire country of sound mind will blame the teachers for tax incentives.

    Finally, most people in the nation are going to agree with the statement no Party is worth following in the least.

    Bless you for joining any discussion and, specifically, this one.

    Try to pick and argument and make the most of it in the future.

    No one can understand or discuss these ramblings.

    You deserve to get a discussion going and so does everyone else.

    You can do it….

    We all believe in you.

  6. LOL Priest.

    You slay me.

    A more eloquent speech I have never encountered; yet, do you see what you are up against?

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