Tom Wilbeck Algonquin Fundraiser Thurs, Feb. 11th

The details for McHenry County Board candidate Tom Wilbeck are below.

In brief, it is at Mandile’s Restorante from 7-9.  The Italian restaurant is located on the edge of McHenry County at the Northwest corner of Lake-Cook and Algonquin Roads.  The cost is $50 per couple.  RSVP’s to 847-770-3565 by Monday, February 8th.

Wilbeck invite 2-11-16


Tom Wilbeck Algonquin Fundraiser Thurs, Feb. 11th — 6 Comments

  1. It’s a simple question Tom, is the board position you are running for a part time of full time job?

    Your failure to give a straight answer is troubling.

  2. Nob

    I answered previously to the best of my ability. If you want to discuss, call me.

    You will see the results.

  3. Typing it here is free also, and it only takes two or three type strokes, no or yes.

    You’re Waltzing Tom, the other two candidates have always have given me straight answers.

    It’s called transparency, something we all want in our gov.


  4. Cindy funny, but I get straight answers before voting or my wallet come out for any politician.

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