Ed Sullivan Endorses Martin McLaughlin to Replace Dan Duffy

A press release from State Senate candidate Martin McLaughlin.  Ed Sullivan is the retiring State Representative from the eastern half of Dan Duffy’s State Senate district.  David McSweeney represents the part that lies in McHenry County.

State Rep Ed Sullivan Endorses Martin McLaughlin

Says McLaughlin’s History of Proven Results Needed in Springfield

Ed Sullivan

Ed Sullivan

MUNDELEIN, IL – Republican State Representative Ed Sullivan, whose 51stDistrict covers the eastern half of the 26th Senate District, announced today his support for Martin McLaughlin for State Senate.

Sullivan stated:

“I am wholeheartedly endorsing Martin McLaughlin for State Senate.

“So many candidates and politicians talk about the things they want to do, but never do them.

“McLaughlin is a man of action, and as a volunteer local official has already implemented many of the reforms Governor Rauner is trying to implement in Illinois. McLaughlin has led by example, and that makes him the best choice for State Senate in the 26th District.”

Martin McLaughlin

Martin McLaughlin

As a fiscally conservative leader in Springfield, Sullivan is widely known as an expert on property taxes and a champion for cutting spending and lowering taxes. He serves as a Republican leader and one of the main supporters of Governor Bruce Rauner and his “Turnaround Agenda.”

“I am so grateful to have Representative Sullivan’s support. He’s built up a reputation as a fighter who stands for conservative principles, and we need more of that in Springfield,” McLaughlin thanked Sullivan.

“I am proud of my record of cutting spending, lowering taxes, and instituting conservative reform in my village. I’m ready to take that proven experience to Springfield to work with Governor Rauner to fix our state.”

The McLaughlin campaign continues to build momentum. Today’s endorsement adds to the growing list of Republicans, local leaders, and organizations endorsing the proven reformer.”


Ed Sullivan Endorses Martin McLaughlin to Replace Dan Duffy — 4 Comments

  1. We need more good people like Marty McLaughlin in Springfield to clean up the Madigan/Cullerton mess.

    He’s got the financial background that the other two guys sorely lack.

    McConchie, the federally registered lobbyist, and Urlacher, the brother of a former Bear, can’t hold a candle to Marty.

  2. Marty gets my vote every time. MCB, you can learn from Marty. BE A SMARTY VOTE FOR MARTY!

  3. Congrats go out to State representative Ed Sullivan for his endorsement of maverick candiate Martin McLaughlin.

    Ed Sullivan’s characterization, is right on.. the guy is a man of action.

    Voters want candidates who will take on the establishment, stop making excuses and get Illinois back on sound fiscal ground.

    As a proven fiscal conservative, he will be the solution to our fiscal mess.

    Elect McLaughlin for the March 15 primary, so we can be proud once again of the legislators we send to Springfield to represent us.

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