Anna May Miller Charged with “Prohibited Political Activity” by Bob Anderson

Bob Anderson

Bob Anderson

Anna May Miller

Anna May Miller

Imagine my surprise when I saw McHenry County Blog cited as the source of Wonder Lake Republican Precinct Committeeman Bob Anderson’s second Ethics Complaint against District 1 County Board member Anna May Miller.

The part of the article that stimulated the complaint was Miller’s use of the McHenry County seal on the top of her letter.

You can see the complaint below:

Bob Anderson's complaint about Anna May Miller's using the McHenry County seal on a political letter.

Bob Anderson’s complaint about Anna May Miller’s using the McHenry County seal on a political letter.

Here’s a copy of the letter that ran on McHenry County Blog (the entire article can be found here):

Miller, Anna letter p1 1-16
Miller, Anna letter 2 1-16


Anna May Miller Charged with “Prohibited Political Activity” by Bob Anderson — 29 Comments

  1. Anna May Miller needs to resign.

    The people have had enough of her antics!

    The only reason she has that is because of her husband’s connections.


  2. That seems to be a legitimate complaint.

    Campaigning using government letterhead.

    How ironic is the sentence,

    “Certainly one of the most important jobs of any public official includes using your tax dollars wisely.”

    Government letterhead is paid for with tax dollars not campaign dollars.

  3. That is a clear violation.

    Unlike the allegations made against the Sheriff- there is no public service tie here.

    Looks like this family has been getting some bad guidance these past couple months.

  4. Or was it just a stamp placed or copied onto paper purchased with her campaign dollars?

    In which case one question might be is the McHenry County Seal in the public domain and can be used by anyone at any time for any purpose.

  5. Inish, allegations against what sheriff?


    I know some were made against Nygren at one time.

  6. How did she get to vote on the Township consolidation bill that was passed.

    She voted No, yet her husband is the Algonquin township comish?

  7. All tax payers own a piece of the seal, it’s in public domain, she is a tax payer.

    Bob is wasting of our tax $$$$, just like messing with voting on the Consolidation issue, it’s nit picking for political gain at our expense.

    If you don’t like her, vote her out, but lets not waste our $$$$ playing games.

  8. The county seal is public and she is an elected county board member what a waste of resources

  9. Here is an article from California about the use of government seals.

    Western City – The Monthly Magazine of the League of California Cities

    Who Gets to Use Agency Seals, Logos, Letterhead and Other Insignia?
    June 2013


    The use of the Springfield city seal in a political campaign occurred last year.

    Springfield Journal Register
    Use of city seal on campaign materials becomes issue in Ward 7 race
    by Bernard Schoenburg
    Political Writer

  10. Really people, get a life!

    If she only used the seal, which is public domain, and didn’t cost the taxpayers any money what’s the fuss?

    Sounds to me like a hit piece by Bob Anderson.

    Leave her alone, Anna May Miller has and will continue to serve McHenry county well.

  11. Why is a committeeman from Wonder Lake bringing this up?

    Who is the committeeman in her precinct?

    What are the consequences and who decides if she is wrong in using the county seal or not?

  12. Perhaps y’ll should go to the McH Co gov website and look at the new logo on the top left hand corner, the new one they had designed as a school competition.

    Looks different don’t ya know.

    In conflict with what?

  13. Using the McHenry County Seal gives the false impression that the county is endorsing her.

    I thought it was in poor taste to use.

  14. If “Anderson is against Corruption and Waste, no matter who it is, Eric C.” is an accurate statement, why has he been wasting taxpayer dollars with innumerable FOIAs and working with a few fellow Republicans to further his own agenda which appears to be based on personal hate?

    The Algonquin voters can determine the fate of Anna May Miller, we do not need the meddling of Anderson.

  15. What does the fifth paragraph about non-dedicated subdivisions refer to?

  16. PatrickinCary,

    The process of improving non-dedicated roads to become dedicated roads.

    The county has plans to do that already, as the owners in those areas requested gov maintained roads.

    They have paid property tax to road funds, county, township, and MFT, and they feel the deserve to be treated equally.
    Most of those roads are in Alg, Nunda, and McH Twh’s.

    Alg and Nunda have worked with this people in the past to bring roads to standards, McH has done little to help.

  17. Jennifer, is that the county seal used presently or the abandon county seal on that letter?

  18. Mark, the changing of the county seal is like the ever changing weather isn’t it. 🙂

  19. The original seal is better in my opinion.

    The new one seems more like a marketing logo.

    The original has the year 1837 & “State Sovereignty, National Union” printed on the ribbon indicating the importance of state’s rights yet one nation.

    An important concept which will be important as Illinois, these local units of government, and pensions ask for Federal bailouts…they dug their own grave, it was their choice.

    Illinois became a state in 1818 & McHenry County became a county in 1836 or 1837.

  20. We could of lived in Wis had a politician not interceded.

    Wis southern border was originally a east west line at the south end of lake Mich.

    Politics, you gots to luv it. 🙂

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