Dan Wilbrandt Fundraiser

While your McHenry County Blogster cowered from the cold last night putting up banner ads for Circuit Court candidate Demetri Tsilimigras and State’s Attorney candidate Patrick Kenneally, a Friend of McHenry County Blog was taking photos and gathering the information found below about State Rep. candidate Dan Wilbrandt’s fundraiser at Marzano’s Restaurant in McHenry.

Former State Rep. and current District 155 High School Board member Rosemary Kurtz chats with State Rep. candidate Dan Wilbrandt at his fund raiser.

Former State Rep. and current District 155 High School Board member Rosemary Kurtz chats with State Rep. candidate Dan Wilbrandt at his fund raiser.

Tuesday night February 9, Assistant State’s Attorney Daniel Wilbrandt, candidate for State Representative District 66, held a packed house of over 80 guests at his fundraiser at Marzano’s Restaurant in McHenry.

After being introduced by State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi, Dan thanked his many friends and family, particularly his wife Nadia and his parents Vicky and Larry for their support.
Some of those attending Dan Wilbrandt's fund raiser.

Dan Wilbrandt speaks to those attending his fund raiser.  State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi and his wife Jean can be seen to the right.

Dan also introduced candidates in attendance:

  • Andrew Snarski – County Board District 5
  • Judge James Cowlin – Circuit Court Judge
  • Joni Smith – McHenry County Recorder
  • Demetri Tsilimigras – Circuit Court Judge
  • Patrick Kenneally – McHenry County States Attorney.
A shot of the crowd at Dan Wilbrant's State Rep. fundraiser.

A shot of the crowd at Dan Wilbrant’s State Rep. fundraiser.

Republican Party officials in attendance included Republican Committeemen

  •  Dave Gervais
  • Eileen Marhoefer
  • Christina Meyer
  • Chris Yeager
  • Mike Shorten
Other elected officials included:
  • Lou Bianchi – States Attorney
  • Rosemary Kurtz – former State Representative (D64)
  • Barbara Wheeler – State Representative (64)
  • Donna Kurtz – County Board Member (D2)


Dan Wilbrandt Fundraiser — 6 Comments

  1. When I review who was there, all kinds of ‘red’ flags go up!

  2. When I review who was there, they are the ones fighting to bring down the red flags and all of the corruption!

    “Concerned voter” is a “REGIMER” and one big fat red flag!

  3. Dan, Your parents and family are some of the finest people in the county.

    You have the name and brand recognition they have offered you.

    I don’t know what you offer beyond this right now.

    I urge you to find supporters outside of those who fling the “Regimer” poo argument since in McHenry County today you are clearly supported by a power structure which could accurately be described as “The Regime” should some mindlessly idiotic person decide to label you.

    Stand on whatever principles you may have to offer, argue the policy points, visit with The People and try to garner their support in a field which has appealing candidates for the different factions.

    Your family is better than the poo flinging monkeys.

    You can’t pick who supports you but you can show leadership aptitude right now by rejecting divisive idiocy now.

  4. I attended the candidate forum last week at MCC, and when I walked in there, I wasn’t sure who I was going to support, but mid-way through, it was more than obvious to me that Dan Wilbrandt stood out among the crowd.

    He has great credentials, good ideas, and was able to present them in a way that wasn’t rehearsed, combative or angry.

    He’s a great communicator and I would love to see him in Springfield.

    Worrying about who attends his fundraisers is an utter waste of energy.

    Educate yourself on the issues and the stances of the candidates.

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