No Help for Bob Anderson from County Ethics Commission

Bob Anderson

Bob Anderson

It’s up and down for Wonder Lake’s Bob Anderson.

He won his claim that the McHenry County Board violated the Open Meetings Act when it allowed Michele Aavang and Mary McCann to vote by telephone.

Then he charged that County Board Chairman Joe Gottemoller and member Anna May Miller should not have been allowed to vote on the township consolidation referendum question because both receive income from township government.  (From Coral and Grafton Townships for Gottemoller and Algonquin Township for Miller.)

Anderson contended that was a conflict of interest.

The conflict of interest charges were found not to have violated McHenry County’s Ethics Ordinance Thursday afternoon.

My mind must have been in another time zone because I arrived over an hour late.

Chatting after the meeting were, from left to right, Ethics Commission member John Guanci, Acting Chairman David Everand, Joe Gottemoller and Anna May Miller.

Chatting after the meeting were, from left to right, Ethics Commission member John Guanci, Acting Chairman David Everand, Joe Gottemoller and Anna May Miller.

The charge that Anna May Miller made inappropriate use of the McHenry County seal in a campaign mailing was also found inadequate.

From the handouts on the table, it appears that one of her defenses was that lots of other incumbents had done the same thing.

Campaign mailings from Dan Shea, Marc Munaretto, Anna May Miller and Donald Brewer were there.


No Help for Bob Anderson from County Ethics Commission — 23 Comments

  1. Everybody else does it.

    Oh, ok.

    That’s good enough for us.

    Remember when you were asking who might like to be on the ethics committee?

    I guess no one with any integrity showed up.

  2. What a Friggin’ Joke!

    The biggest offenders are on the ethics committee!

    They’re all probably voting for Clinton!

    Paula Yensen was asked by an applicant to the ethics committee if SHE had ever been thru ethics training?

    She had to admit no she had not been.

    What a disgrace this county is!

  3. Why do people with a solid moral ‘base’ never become ‘career’ politicians?

    They get fed up with watching the voters returning corrupt ‘career’ politicians term after term.

    When you hold elected office you get to observe the corruption up close and personal.

    People with a sound moral ‘base’ who hold office are ostracized by staff and their fellow elected officials.

    People with a sound moral ‘base’ do NOT compromise.

    Insofar as the financial condition of this state, its the Pensions stupid!

    Insofar as the level of corruption in politics in this state, its the voters stupid!

    Actually, even the Pension issue was made possible by the voters guaranteeing public sector pensions and then electing corrupt politicians who used the money raised to fund those pensions for social welfare programs and to support selective capitalism.

    How many TIFs in your local unit of government?

    How many SSAs created by your local unit of government?

    Voters approved the 708 Board, the Valley Hi tax and the Senior tax.

    Why do we have such ignorant voters?

    Read this FREE book:

    When you get down to it, IMO Anderson is also corrupt.

    He tried to get an item on the ballot under the guise that it would save taxpayers money when it was openly proven that it would not.

    The County Board did the right thing and now he is wasting taxpayer dollars with his hissy fit.

    I expect petulance in a child.

    Bob Anderson’s petulance is unforgivable.

    Now that I have posted all that:

    John Adams stated:

    ‘Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people’

    Did the Merit Commission meet that requirement?

  4. Questioning on, what is the definition of moral base?

    Yes Bob is corrupt, and the people using him for political gain are even more corrupt.

    Oh waaaaaaaaaaait that was a moral judgement. 🙂

    I believe the States AG has ruled on passed related voting issues already, and found no conflict.

    FOI it, but I’m sure some know about those rulings and are just suppressing that info for political gain.

    Some of the people behind Bob know of those rulings, yet they waste our tax dollars anyway.

    Look to the so called reformers running for office now not to vote for, they are part of Bob’s game.

    Another moral judgement.

  5. Hmmmmmm I do believe those words are actionable…

    You is in really big trouble…

    “Yes Bob is corrupt, and the people using him for political gain are even more corrupt”

  6. Questioning, sitting at home and slamming Anderson, who puts his time and effort into something he feels strongly about, is easy and meaningless.

    Keep it up Bob.

  7. What?

    That is a pretty clear violation for the use of that seal- I don’t care who has done nit before.

    You are politicking with the county seal.

  8. Did he have an attorney?

    If not, what an amateurish effort.

    The powers that be that put Bob up to this should be ashamed.

    This was their big chance to kneecap the Miller machine, and they blew it by selecting a semiliterate barber as their champion.

  9. So now a citizen needs to hire a lawyer in order to protest conflicts of interest of hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars???

    Sure way to keep people quiet!

  10. It’s about the vote, vote for who ya want, stop wasting our $$$$ on nonsense.

  11. The Nob: Because you have to ask is an indication of how severe the problem is.

  12. Nothing is cut and dried, severe is debatable.

    I like debating. 🙂

  13. Questioning?

    Charlotte is wonderful, thanks for the link; but do you really believe the voters are the problem as you seem to be saying?

    Also, do you really think a handfull of commentators on this blog are going to suddenly wake up and use tools like Charlotte offers?

    Country is gone.

    We have had no clear education system since the late sixties.

    Furthermore, now that we have common core embedded, it will never be back.

    I would say the problem is rampant stupidity.


    Sometimes just reading the comments on any website can give you an inside look at where it all went downhill.

  14. if there were no cases that supported the idea that murder was wrong, this ethics committee would say:

    Gee, who knew?

    All roads lead to nope with this joke of a committee.

    They starred at the improper act in the face and then did nothing!

    Its total Bull Sh..

  15. The Ethic rules tend to be vague, most gov rules are, so the people writing them can use vague.

    The law covering state balanced budgets is a great example of vague, our growing debt is proof positive.

    Sometimes laws are vague nit picky as the wind blows nonsense that just costs us all, BOcare comes to mind.

    After reading the negative comments about the commissions ruling on vague rules, I’d expect to see a lot more people running for office to make the rules less vague.

    Next Ethics Commission opening should have allot of applicant’s, at least all the people that complained about them here.

  16. According to the nwh story, John Guanci, ethics commission member, agreed that he would have recused himself from voting had he been in Miller and Gottomoller’s position but because the allegations of financial conflict of interest is not addressed in the ordinance they would not advance them to the states attorney’s office.

    The ordinance is being reviewed and common sense would dictate that someone benefitting financially from a position whether it be a small amount or the thousands of dollars annually as Miller does, should not be able to vote on such an issue.

    One has higher expectations of elected officials.

  17. What are you talking about, The Nob?

    If you have to have rules to go by, in order to be on the ethics committee – then – YOU DON’T BELONG THERE!

  18. Ethics and morals are debatable, laws/guidelines are written so the people writing them have a out.

    Lawyers make a ton of $$$$$ because of vague.

    Put your name in to be appointed and/or run for office yourself.

    Say this to yourself: If it is to be it’s up to me!

    The out come was predictable, who ever is advising Bob should of know that.

    Like it or not, the effort was a waste of time and $$$$$.

    One of the most ethically challenged family in America could again control the Presidency.

    Read the first line again.

    Not my fault.

  19. Will there be a conflict-of-interest ethics complaint brought against County Board Member Mike Walkup, former attorney for anti-township activist Bob Anderson, for not recusing himself from the Township Consolidation vote? Probably not.

    We all know that the rules never apply to Mike Walkup…

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