Cary Trump Alternate Delegate Candidate Shares His Background

When I met Jim Magel at McHenry County State’s Attorney candidate Patrick Kenneally’s fund raiser and learned that he was on the Illinois delegate slate for Donald Trump, I asked him to send me information on his background and why he was supporting his candidate.

Below is what he sent me:

Jim Magel

Jim Magel

It was good to see you at Pat [Kenneally]’s fundraiser at Turnberry.During our discussion you asked me for a quick background on my career and how I came about being a delegate for Trump and for

On a personal level, I am 47 years old, and have lived in Cary since 2001 I have 3 children, 2 boys and a girl who attend local Schools. We are members at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Cary.

I graduated from Eastern Illinois University in ’91 with a BA in Communications minoring in Economics and Political Science.

I am in Business Development for a company based in Europe connecting machines to the internet.

Think e-books, connected cars and smart grid.

My public involvement so far has been about giving back, raising awareness and filling needs where I can based on time available with 3 active kids and a day job.

I have been an Election Judge, Governing Board member at my Church, a mentor for at risk kids, PTO Fundraiser and most recently [Republican ] Precinct Committeeman for Algonquin #55.

I have closely followed national politics since I was a young paperboy for the Daily Herald.

The politics section was and still is my favorite.

I remember clearly as a pre-teen the malaise of Carter’s USA and as a young teen the rise of Reagan against the establishment.

I was reminded of this time when I heard Trump’s announcement that he was running.

Admittedly it took a couple of days to soak.

While New Yorker’s have always been kind to me, my preference leans towards politicians with a Midwest style and demeanor.

I heard Trump speak plainly about common sense issues, subjects that past candidates avoided or twisted their tongues to describe.

I decided to get involved however I could.

Using my skills developed in my Sales Career I sought out the Trump campaign and offered my assistance.

I began walking my precinct to raise awareness of Trump’s message of common sense and America first.

The response to Trump was amazingly positive even as he was getting hammered in the press.

The folks I spoke with appreciated his approach and message, even if they may not publicly admit it.

Interest in this election cycle has been raised to heights I have not seen before.

Shortly after, I learned I was named on the ballot as an Alternate Delegate for the Trump Campaign in Illinois.

I have since volunteered at his Springfield event which despite being early in the campaign and organized only 72 hours earlier had over 10,000 in standing room only attendance.

What I experienced at this event combined with the responses I‘ve received from my neighbors has convinced me that there is a real movement, a real possibility to change the political conversation.

For me the bottom line comes to this: the Political and Donor class has been Centralizing power and money in Washington, In Springfield, in Woodstock, for some time.

Political correctness, nepotism and cronyism at all levels of Government is strangling our society and turning away the best and brightest from getting involved.

I believe we need a change, a drastic shock to the system led by a businessman who has the courage to lead, do what has to be done and is not part of the political class that every 4 years, amusingly promises to fix the problems they created.

That is why I proudly support Donald J Trump for President.


Cary Trump Alternate Delegate Candidate Shares His Background — 3 Comments

  1. Trump at the Algonquin Precinct Committeemen # 55 & Springfield levels.


    The government financial scheme is unsustainable at today’s revenue generation (taxes, fees, etc.) and service levels, no doubt about it, that’s unquestionable.

    Instead of creating a sustainable system they just borrowed and “promised” their way to office.

  2. Congratulations for getting involved.

    Good luck to you as you stay involved.

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