Bernie Sanders Fans Feel the Chill

As I have written previously, I have seen no Democratic Party presidential activity in McHenry County, except for Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders supporters could have used some "burn" to protect them from the wind chill as they held up signs supporting their candidate.

Bernie Sanders supporters could have used some “burn” to protect them from the wind chill as they held up signs supporting their candidate.

Tonight, as I was driving to Outback Steakhouse, I saw Sanders’ signs at the corner of Route 14 and Virginia Street Road.

I asked that the banner be held up so I could get a photo. The wind was blowing so hard that fulfilling my request was difficult.

I asked that the banner be held up so I could get a photo. The wind was blowing so hard that fulfilling my request was difficult.

The wind was really blowing, so those holding the signs were really making a sacrifice.

Kids were out supporting their parents' candidate for President, Bernie Sanders.

Kids were out supporting their parents’ candidate for President, Bernie Sanders.  “End the Greed.  Spread the Love.  Feel the burn,” reads one girl’s poster.

And, as I have observed for a very long time, intensity counts.

There is no indication of any support for Hillary Clinton for President locally, unless you want to count State Rep. Jack Franks being a Clinton Delegate candidate.


Bernie Sanders Fans Feel the Chill — 30 Comments

  1. Good for them!

    Actually doing something. &

    Good for you for covering this in the blistering cold.

  2. I attended this rally.

    We want to thank the two wonderful ladies who provided hot chocolate to us.

    We also want to thank Mr. Terry Kappel who organized this event.

    It surely was chilly but we were gratified to receive so many enthusiastic signs of support from hundreds of drivers.

    The Bernie supporters at this rally showed an extraordinary commitment to this campaign.

    Stay tuned as we will hold additional rallies at other busy intersections around beautiful McHenry County over the next several weeks.

    Check for additional details.

    No doubt McHenry county is “Feeling the Bern”.

  3. Thanks for covering this!

    The mainstream media is asleep at the wheel – Bernie’s message is resonating with voters all over this county and all over this country.

    Great pictures and report.

    We are everywhere!

  4. Thank you, Cal, for freezing a little bit with us!

    It is so important that people get involved and educated about these issues.

    First and foremost- that voting is a civic duty.

    People can start voting NOW at the Woodstock office and we have same day registration as well.

    People can also register to vote at local libraries, online and by mail.

    Download a sample ballot and read up on the candidates.

    Early voting at local offices begins Feb 29, so no excuses, McHenry County!

    Look at it this way, if you don’t bother to vote, you are giving up your voice to someone else who does.

    It’s far too important to ignore and we can do much better than the last 32% voter turn-out.

  5. Happily surprised to find far more thumbs up than other gestures.

    A fine day to feel the wind Bern.

  6. Bolsheviks are accustomed to the cold winter.

    Remember it was during November 1917 when Vladmir Lenin overthrew the imperial government of Russia under Tzar Nicholas II.

    These U.S. Bolsheviks believe Federal Government and Wall Street are the reason for the Country’s ills, so their solution is more Government.

    Other than Vermont, 30 year ago, a Bolshevik like Bernie Sanders (as well B.O.) would have been laughed off the stage as a candidate for US President, now they are embraced by uneducated and inexperienced youth and this is no laughing matter.

    As a Country, parents and educators have failed our children for believing Socialism presents a more promising future.

    I reality, these policies will enslave them.

    Lets hope for their sake and ours, that the likes of Bolshevik Bernie become a forgotten footnote in the annuals of US Presidential Primary elections.

  7. 32%?

    There were only 11% voting last year when the folks who levy most of the taxes were on the ballot.

  8. Sadly, we get a fear-driven and flawed history lesson and forecast to the future coming from an orthodox follower of the unfettered capitalism doctrine.

    Please remember Bernie was laughed at for many months by corporate media and other elements of the establishment that currently enslaves us.

    Now we are finally taken seriously, and all we get are cataclysmic prophecies of massive enslavement under an oppressive system that will inflict pain and suffering to all human beings.

    They can call us uneducated and inexperienced, but we already have 2 states who showed support for Bernie Sanders across all socioeconomic strata.

    Bernie Sanders’ candidacy has opened the gate for the American people to open their eyes and walk into the political arena to write its own epic story, instead of just being a passive bystander.

    That is precisely what scares the heck off the establishment; a political revolution where common men and women pay attention and become active voices on the issues related to their future. Nobody knows for sure if this revolution (another scary word for the establishment) will succeed, but we know it is happening and we will continue to stay focused and determined to make it happen.

    Instead of listening to regressive rhetoric, please accept our invitation to ride Bernie’s love train in route to the White House.

    McHenry county is feeling the Bern!

  9. The term “useful idiots” came to mind when I first saw this picture.

    And the dumbing down of America continues …

  10. Please do not adjust your monitor, the “dumbing down of America” relates to Sarah Palin re-entering American politics discourse…

    Feel the Bern McHenry county!

  11. Please no more Bush’s or Clinton’s

    Bring on the extremes, it’s time we can actually vote about future of the nation.

  12. Keep up the good work of getting the message out and his name in front of the American voters.

    The more who know the more successful we will be in returning America into the hands of it’s people.

  13. I’m proud of the Sanders supporters that showed up in this bitter cold weather.

    I hope to be able to attend when my health is better.


  14. Uneducated?

    Think Again!

    We are a coalition of teachers, artists, business owners, professionals, retirees, and yes, young people.

    Young people who refuse to inherit a government that is deaf to the warnings about climate change.

    Young people who refuse to inherit a country (the wealthiest in the history of the world) in which, if you want to better yourself by going to college, you end up with crippling debt.

    A country, praised for its ingenuity, which apparently cannot figure out how to provide healthcare for all its citizens.

    A country that worships money, greed and individualism as opposed to fraternity and solidarity.

    Don’t dwell on the past; a bright future awaits.

    We just need to change direction.

  15. Where are those sweet Reds’ guns?

    “For a person to say they are opposed to U.S. wars while supporting and voting for a candidate who is not 100% opposed to all wars is straight-up hypocrisy. And Sanders doesn’t come anywhere close to 100%. Indeed, he’s closer to 0%: Sanders supports current US engagements in Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya and Ukraine.

    Sanders also participates in the dangerous provocation of Russia and Iran, and is vague, at best, on the Israel Palestine issue (he typically votes for funding to Israel and supported their 2014 war on Gaza).

    To make matters worse, Sanders has said he would continue Barack Obama’s deadly drone program, which is to say he supports the way wars will be waged in the future. This is the same drone program that results in the killing of innocent people. According to documents revealed by Jeremy Scahill, during one five month period, US drone strikes only killed 10% of their intended targets – in other words, 90% of those killed were innocent civilians. Sanders wants to continue such a program.”

    excerpt from:

  16. Yes Old Man but College and condoms will be free so who cares about all this other international stuff which does not happen on campus or computer screens.

    Then again, I am just an “orthodox follower of unfettered capitalism doctrine”.

    Maybe, Angel, but better dead than red.

    You see Angel the difference between a capitalist and a Bernie red is a Bernie red sips his or her “hot chocolate” while freezing his or her ass-off outside where an unfettered capitalist like myself sits indoors in the heat sipping a fine beverage watching a Bernie red freezing his or her ass off.

    What the Bernie Reds do not know is under Democratic Party rules, Super Delegates can vote anyway they want irrespective of individual state primary vote.

    The political cronies have rigged the game for Hillary assuming she is not indicted.

    That is why Bolshevik Bernie will keep winning state primaries but will have less delegates.

    To understand this, Angel and the rest of the Yutes would have to understand basic math!

  17. You guys stop confusing the BernieBots with the facts,
    it only serves to make them even MORE crazy. Thank you.

  18. My unfettered capitalism lover friends of beautiful McHenry county are unable to understand our political revolution in terms other than Bolsheviks, condoms, and important stuff like that…they prefer death before recognizing the evil nature of unfettered capitalism and a rigged economy that favors a few and truly enslaves the majority of Americans.

    Speaking of basic math, take a look at the early voter turnout in favor of our next president Bernie Sanders and realize you are still welcome to ride with us in the love train in route to the White House…McHenry county is feeling the Bern!

  19. Free stuff to oil companies, no problem.

    Free stuff to wall street banksters, no problem.

    Free stuff to corporations that send our jobs overseas, no problem.

    Free stuff to billionaires, no problem.

    A change in priorities on our tax dollars to better serve the needs of the American people, and my ultra reactionary friends prefer death…perhaps you should follow Bill O’Reilly to socialist Ireland after we elect Bernie Sanders the 45th president of our United States of America.

    McHenry county is feeling the Bern!

  20. Hey David: Speaking of basic math, this is a perfect opportunity to state your position on Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

    After all, I see a lot of undocumented workers around Barrington Hills busy on the jobs American citizens prefer not to do.

    A good basic math number that might help you; it is 12,000,000.

    Bernie Sanders is not afraid to support it.

    Another question; are you ready to support expanding route 62 to 4 lanes on Barrington Hills?

    Too may blue collar calls perhaps, but a little less dangerous.

    Feel the Bern McHenry county!

  21. I am surprised at the number of liberals who read this blog.

    I expected the comments all to be in the thoughtless insult category.

  22. Yes, how far have we come when people actually consider a card carrying communist that has never even had a real job in his whiole life to be their leader?

    When did this country become full of mindless, clueless sycophants?

    If all of this weren’t a total waste of time and energy (Hitlery will be the next selected office holder – IF we even survive that far)I might be worried.

  23. Communism is around the corner…


    Feel the Bern McHenry county!

  24. Bernie fans, ya haven’t got by Hilliar yet.

    The Bern maybe on you.

  25. We’re not being ignored or laughed at anymore.

    My reactionary friends are scared to death of our political revolution.

    That explains the comparisons to Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Siberia camps, massive enslavement, the sandinistas, and the like.

    They shouldn’t be afraid.

    This is about saving our economy and society from self destruction.

    McHenry county is feeling the Bern!

    Stay tuned for additional rallies soon.

  26. “Bernie Bros,” angry young men given to coarse attacks upon anybody – especially women

  27. **There were only 11% voting last year when the folks who levy most of the taxes were on the ballot.**

    You do know that more people show up in Presidential years, right?

  28. Can’t thank you all enough for supporting this wonderful candidate,

    We the people need a change and its time to give this man a chance to make our country great again.

    He speaks for the poor and the middle class working people both young and old that deserve a better future.

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