Casey Urlacher Uses Brother and Donkey in First Mailing

There are three candidates running for the Republican nomination to replace State Senator Dan Duffy.

Here is the first mailing from Casey Urlacher, the Village President of Mettawa.

It features his brother, Briar Urlacher.

Casey Urlacher, running for Dan Duffy's seat, is seen running with his brother Chicago Bear Brian Urlacher, on the address side of his first mailing.

Casey Urlacher, running for Dan Duffy’s seat, is seen running with his brother Chicago Bear Brian Urlacher, on the address side of his first mailing.

First time I have seen a candidate use a live donkey in a campaign piece.

First time I have seen a candidate use a live donkey in a campaign piece.


Casey Urlacher Uses Brother and Donkey in First Mailing — 12 Comments

  1. In October 2013, Urlacher was appointed by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn (politician)(D) to the Illinois’ Civil Service Commission.

    VOTE Martin McLaughlin!

  2. Which Urlacher was appointed to the Civil Service Commission by Quinn?

    Did he fill a partisan post?

  3. Let’s face the facts, Case Urlacher doesn’t have the smarts to represent us in Springfield.

    McConchey has canned answers and a political career in mind.

    Martin McLaughlin is the obvious choice.

    I’ll take Martin McLaughlin in the red zone any time.

  4. Marty has only ever donated to democrats – thousands – and is a pension fund manager that’s in bed with unions.

    People do your research.

    His family was all democrats and so is he.

    He’s only running as a republican because he would not have a shot as a dem.

  5. Brian Urlacher’s brother looks like he’s trying out for the part of Lennie in a Steinbeck play.

  6. Marcus – your comment reeks of intelligence – I wonder where all that information was obtained, on Marty and his family?

    Reads like the two letters that McConchie supporters posted in the Daily Herald within days of the candidates filing their petitions to run for office; one being in support of McConchie, one being negative comments on Marty —- thing is, both were written by 16 year-old high school juniors!

    Guess no adults were to be found that would put their names on the letters!

    So, you suggest we should consider voting for an individual because his older brother was a star for the Bears?

    Or do we vote for a guy who has been a lobbyist for a right-to-life organization?

    Problem is, Marcus, that although I am sure Urlacher and McConchie are decent people, their resumes are woefully inadequate for the job that has to be done in Springfield.

    Sure, Martin manages money for unions, and apparently he does a great job – certainly better than those managing many other pension funds!

    At least you, as a taxpayer, will only have to worry about picking up the tab for the pensions that fail, and not the ones that Martin manages.

    Pension shortfalls are at the heart of what ails Illinois at this moment.

    Martin’s business experience, knowledge of pensions, and his management experience in significantly reducing expenses as President of Barrington Hills, is exactly what is needed in Springfield!

    Marcus, we should vote for the best and the brightest….and Martin McLaughlin represents the best and the brightest, a future State Senator who will get much accomplished for all of us.

  7. Marcus:

    My description of Martin managing should have been more elaborate, per his campaign literature:

    “The owner and manager of a registered investment advisory firm for many years, Martin has overseen the investment of pension assets, both public and private, through some of the most turbulent financial times in history. As a named fiduciary on police, fire, and municipal pension plans, he has a unique background and experience working with leaders entrusted with public assets. His experience working with individuals, boards, actuaries and attorneys to coordinate interests and provide solutions to the public will serve the 26th District well. Furthermore, his financial expertise and ability to provide sound planning and leadership dealing with complex issues will be invaluable in Springfield.”

    I trust this clears up an understanding of the breadth of his “money management’ experience.

  8. All 3 seem like good men, but only 1 candidate is qualified to deal with IL State issues and that is Martin McLaughlin.

    Dan’s passion as a right to life lobbyist or policy maker makes him a perfect candidate for “Federal office” but not IL State Senate where expertise in budgets, taxation and pensions is paramount.

    Can’t do much with Roe v. Wade and its progeny by sitting in Springfield.

    Wishing and hoping to get things done is not going to do it; our only chance is electing those candidates with the expertise and experience, and in District 26, that is Martin McLaughlin.


  9. Let me sum up the race: Urlacher– ex-jock, McConchie–lobbyist, McLaughlin–financial expert.

    Enough said.

    Smart vote goes to Martin McLaughlin.

  10. There’s the proof…It”s the Donkey” the symbol of the Democrat with Urlachet..

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