Realtors Give Carolyn Schofield $10,000

Carolyn Schofield

Carolyn Schofield

McHenry County Board member Carolyn Schofield has not been a candidate getting big contributions.

Last Tuesday, however, she reported receiving $10,000 from the REALTOR Political Action Committee.

Although Schofield held a fundraiser on February 3rd, no contributions $1,000 or more other than the $10,000 has been reported to the State Board of Elections since then.


Realtors Give Carolyn Schofield $10,000 — 14 Comments

  1. Isn’t Serwatka an actual realtor?

    Why didn’t he receive this endorsement/contribution?

    Do they know something we don’t?

    Why Carolyn?!

  2. DagTag42 : Serwatka can’t be bought!

    She can not only be bought (imho), she has been had!!

    She has not voted against one tax increase.

    Nor has she voted against one wage increase!

  3. Serwatka did not bother to show up for the newspaper interviews.

    Walked out on debate.

    Is he afraid to face his opponents.


  4. She will be another go along to get along representative and that is the problem we have with the state level GOP now.

    This is not what the taxpayers who are going to stay in Illinois need!

  5. When we’ve been taxed out of our homes by people like Carolyn Schofield, and join the exodus from Illinois, we’ll put up a sign “for sale by owner.”

    Maybe Carolyn should have yard signs simply saying “For Sale.”

  6. 2016 was a VERY profitable year for realtors in McHenry County.

    Think that has something to do with it?

  7. Honest Abe:

    Profitable for realtors while those selling lost their life’s savings!!

  8. I still say to send all the women home.

    Half of the problems will be solved just by doing that one thing.

  9. ….. the ‘lady’ is a toxic taxaholic, who needs serious rehab help, not enabling handouts from sinister stooges.

    Serwatka is the only choice in this race, unless you’re intent on sinking the listing ship, U.S.S. Illinois, quicker

  10. Paul doesn’t know what he’s doing and Carolyn is reaping the benefits from Tryon…..

    it’ll be entertaining to see her drown without a Tryon “life vest”

  11. So the IEA endorsed Carolyn.

    When will that money start flowing?

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