Steve Reick’s GOP Opponent on Jack Franks’ Fundraising Host Committee

If this were a family story, it would be incestuous.

Since it’s politics, it’s just a dirty trick.

Listing in plain view on State Rep. Jack Franks’ 2015 Host Committee is the man put up to run in the Republican Primary Election against Steve Reick on March 15th–Democrat Jeff Lichte.  It’s right on the bottom right hand column of page one, as you can see in the link or below.

Lichte, Jeff on Jack Franks 2015 Host Committee bigger

Fake Republican Jeff Lichte’s name is on State Rep. Jack Franks’ 2015 Host Committee.

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Steve Reick’s GOP Opponent on Jack Franks’ Fundraising Host Committee — 15 Comments

  1. Smoking gun, I’d say.

    Meeting Steve tonite at Crystal Lake Rib House along with others 6pm.

    Will look forward to his verbal update on this!

    Can this get any more luny?

  2. People are allowed to change their mind.

    If Occam and his razor had anything to say, wouldn’t the simplest answer be Lichte changed his?

  3. Also, Andy Glab, a Republican committeeman, used to carry Franks literature and post a Franks sign, but he is now with Reick in this election.

    Again, Occam… Razor….

  4. Del Houghton is a Republican. most on that list are Republicans.

    You all seem to forget that Ron Reagan was a Card carrying Democrat as well.

  5. Remember the candidate statement the League of Women’s Voters read Jeffery Lichte’s behalf at the Republican Primary for 63rd State Representative District candidate forum at McHenry County College on February 4, 2016?

    Mr. Lichte, on the March 15, 2016 Republican ballot for State House District 63, did not attend the forum but sent a statement to be read by the League of Women’s voters.

    “I’m the only Republican who can win in November.”

    McHenry County Blog
    Steve Reick Goes after Jack Franks on Fake Republican Challenger
    February 4, 2016


    The “Republican” 63rd District State Representative primary candidate (who claims he is the only Republican that can win in November) was on the Host Committee for the incumbent Democrat 63rd District State Representative’s fundraiser at Donley’s Wild West Town in Union, Illinois on September 26, 2015.

  6. Jeffery Licthe filed with the Illinois State Board of Elections on November 30, 2015 as a Republican candidate for State Representative 63rd District. > Search Options > Candidate Filing Search > Search > General Primary March 15, 2016 > By Name > Candidate Last Name: Lichte


    Jeffery Lichte was on the Host Committee for the incumbent Democrat 63rd District State Representative’s fundraiser to be held at Donley’s Wild West Town in Union, Illinois on September 26, 2015.

    Then on November 30, 2015, Jeffery Lichte filed as a Republican candidate for 63rd District State Representative.

    Has anyone seen a Republican sign on Jeffery Licthe’s lawn?

    Has anyone seen a single piece of Republican literature from Jeffery Lichte?

  7. The difference is that Del Houghton was a Republican Precinct Committeeman in both Algonquin and Burton Townships.

    Jeff Lichte has no record I can find of every done anything to help Republicans.

    Perhaps you can present some documentation of such activity.

  8. I met Mr. Lichte at a Valley Hi Operating Board meeting.

    I asked if he was running for iofficve, he replied: “sort of”.

    I asked his platform.

    His response was vaguely (as well as I could follow) that taxes were too high and that social programs mustn’t be cut, people need to be helped.

    I gave him my email address in case he wanted help with research.

    He never contacted me.

  9. Let’s be clear.

    This is a game.

    Any attempt to take this idiot or Mikey’s sycophant seriously is a waste of brain space.

    Jack isn’t serious as a man or as a professional.

    He is a wholly controlled entity.

    Whether by Daddy for personal gain or Mike for political gain Jack is a nothing.

    A puff of air in a hurricane.

    The problem is he’s smarter than his supporters.

    This primary placeholder COULD win the Republican nomination.

    There is no primary for Jack so his supporters, a vast majority in each of Jack’s elections, could vote for Jack’s proxy in the primary giving, by default, the General Election to Jack.

    This is a terrible possibility as Jack’s attention and money being free to destroy McHenry County would be devastating.

    Not to mention it would get Jack a lifetime pension on our backs to add insult to injury.

    Get Steve some money and help or see McHenry County further destroyed by a brilliant Madigan plan to do exactly this.

    Mike will be dead before the butchers bill comes due.

    Most of us won’t be so get involved now before you are sold into slavery for the price of a primary(General Elections cost FAR more to win).

  10. I always hear about how Jack needs an opponent.

    The moment Reick gets one, you all moan.


  11. Observer: Is it ‘moaning’ when one attempts to educate the voting public relative to how most Democrats play the game?

    Madigan working to get a ‘fake’ R on the ballot is simply an indication that nothing has changed since what the Democrats (and the mainstream media) did to Jack Ryan in 2004.

    Based on your comment, teachers do a lot of ‘moaning’.

  12. If I had two weeks, that wouldn’t be enough time to explain how wrong you are.

  13. You forget the role that the Illinois Republican party played in the fall of Jack Ryan.

    Importing a black man- sad, just sad.

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