Skillicorn’s First Mail Piece

No address on this piece of Allen Skillicorn literature, so at first I assumed it was distributed door-to-door.

But, I ran into the candidate Saturday during the distribution of literature by the McHenry County Republican Party and he told me it was his introductory piece, which was mailed in an envelope during November.

On the outside of the extra long campaign piece are lots of photos.
Skillicorn lit door-to-door letter photos topSkillicorn lit door-to-door letter photos bottom
On the other side is a long letter:
Skillicorn lit door-to-door letter topSkillicorn lit door-to-door letter bottom


Skillicorn’s First Mail Piece — 6 Comments

  1. We need a solid conservative to replace Tryon.

    Angry Human hasn’t attacked conservatives in a while.

    He sounds just like Mike Shorten (liberal Barb Wheeler’s buddy).

    I wish that fiscal conservative Randy Donley were still her advisor, not Woodstock Ed, Springfield RINOs and the Shorten husband and wife team.

  2. Dont worry, The Nob. If not this election, he’ll try his hand in the next race for some other office until something sticks…

  3. Vote for Allen because he’s a political groupie?

    Compelling stuff there.

  4. Funny how people who want to shrink government and hate it keep running.

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