Rauner on Latest Government Union Support Bill

A press release from Governor Bruce Rauner:

Rauner Administration Statement on HB 580

SPRINGFIELD – The Governor’s Office issued the following statement today attributable to Lance Trover, Director of Communications:

“Illinois taxpayers cannot afford HB 580 – it’s a $3 billion tax hike masquerading as a labor bill.

“If it becomes law, it will dig Illinois’ fiscal hole even deeper, further squeezing social services and, ironically, it will lead to layoffs.

“This is an unprecedented piece of legislation aimed only at Governor Rauner and a blatant attempt by career politicians to force a tax hike and help AFSCME secure a special deal by changing the rules of the game in the fourth quarter.

“Now it’s up to the Senate to decide if they stand with taxpayers or with special interests.”


Rauner on Latest Government Union Support Bill — 6 Comments

  1. These special interests are taxpayers also.

    Represent all of Illinois not just the Koch agenda.

  2. AFSCME, which has more State of Illinois employees as members than any other union in Illinois, is attempting to change, once again (SB 1229 was the previous attempt), the collective bargaining negotiating rules between the Governor and State public sector unions, because Rauner will not cave in to their demands.

    HB 580 passed the House today, February 16, 2016.

    McHenry County State Representative Jack Franks (63rd District) did not vote, according to the Illinois Review.

    Illinois Review
    February 16, 2016
    HB 580 passes House, but without enough votes to override veto


    Brian Mackey channel
    Published on Feb 16, 2016
    The Illinois House of Representatives votes on House Bill 580, commonly known as the AFSCME arbitration / no-strike bill, on February 16, 2016.
    Yes – 67
    No – 46
    Present – 2 (Cabell0, Pritchard)
    No Vote – 3 (Franks, Lilly, Meier)


    Rep Franks voted against SB 1229, presumably going against House Speaker Madigan’s wishes, whom presumably wanted to pass the bill.


    SB = Senate Bill.
    HB = House Bill.

  3. Presuming the Senate passes and Rauner vetoes HB 580, it may resurface in the fall veto session after the November 8, 2016 General Election.


    It does not significantly alter the results but the General Assembly website has a new roll call vote for HB 580 with a file name of 09900HB0580_02162016_005000T.pdf

    The previous file name was 09900HB0580_02162016_002000M.pdf

    The differences?

    Thapedi changed from No Vote to Yes (he was Yes on the YouTube video of the roll call).

    Cabello & Pritchard changed from No to Present (both were Yes on the YouTube video of the roll).

    Drury was changed from Yes to No (he was no on the YouTube video of the roll call).

    The House Roll Call board does not indicate if the No Vote was due to being present and not voting, versus having an excused absence.

    It could be enhanced by adding an Excused Absence indicator.

  4. oops.

    Should be.

    Cabello & Pritchard changed from No to Present (both were Present on the YouTube video of the roll).

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