The Route 62 Four-Lane Question

For as long as I can remember, Barrington Hills has opposed turning Route 62 into four lanes.

When Jim Kempe was Village President and I served as State Representative and was Republican Spokesman on the Appropriations Committee that handled the Illinois Department of Transportation budget, I asked him what it would take to gain Barrington Hills’ acquiescence to widen Route 62.

He floated the idea of two overpasses for cross roads.  I can’t remember which ones, but local residents could probably identify where they would be most needed.

Dan McConchie and Martin McLaughlin at the League of Women Voters Forum in early February.

Dan McConchie and Martin McLaughlin at the League of Women Voters Forum in early February.

At the League of Women Voters Forum for legislative candidates, questions were asked of both the State Representative candidates, who represent many Algonquin Road commuters in Algonquin, Lake in the Hills, Crystal Lake and Huntley, plus the State Senate candidates through whose district the two-lane State Route runs, about widening Route 62 through Barrington Hills from two to four lanes.

The question pointed out that every other main road into southeastern McHenry County is a four-lane road.

Barrington Hills Village President Martin McLaughlin was the first to reply to the question.

He started his reply by referring to the Longmeadow Parkway.  He said the proposal was “not communicated effectively to the constituency.”

Had it been, he thought, the plan would have been different.

With regard to Route 62, he said he was “against widening Route 62.”

Dan McConchie’s answer pointed to “serious congestion issues.”

He said he “would like to see more information” on the “expansion of the road.”

The third candidate, Casey Urlacher was unable to make the Forum.

Carolyn Schofield, where Paul Serwatka sat before he left the stage with flu symptoms, Allen Skillicorn and Dan Wilbrandt.

Carolyn Schofield, where Paul Serwatka sat before he left the stage with flu symptoms, Allen Skillicorn and Dan Wilbrandt.  Wilbrandt got to answer the Route 62 widening question first.

In the 66th State Rep. District part of the Forum, Dan Wilbrandt’s reply was direct and amusing:


“It’s funny that we want to improve roads so people can get in and out faster.”

Carolyn Schofield seemed to expand the question:

“I actually completely agree with that support of Randall and Algonquin interchange.”

Then she addressed the question that was asked:

“If they feel it’s a project they need to make their village thrive.” [I assume the “they” she was referring to was the Village of Barrington Hills. None of her district is in Barrington Hills.]

She then returned to the intersection of Randall and Algonquin Roads, norting the “great population boom west of Randall.

“There traffic is an issue.

“A CFI [Continuous Flow Intersection] may not be the answer.”

My notes don’t have an answer from Allen Skillicorn. [Don’t know why.]

Paul Serwatka had left the stage by the time the Route 62 question was asked.

It should be noted that Route 62 is four lanes through South Barrington until it reaches Barrington Hills.

It took 30 minutes to get from Route 25 to Route 31 in Algonquin.  The surface was bumpy ice.

It took 30 minutes to get from Route 25 to Route 31 in Algonquin. The surface was bumpy ice.  You can imagine the length of time to get through Barrington Hills on its two-lane road.

Then it is two lanes until just before Route 25.

Route 62 through Barrington Hills is slow going, but the scenery is marvelous.

Route 62 through Barrington Hills is slow going, but the scenery is marvelous, especially in winter.

There are four lanes through the Village of Algonquin and Lake in the Hills all the way to Route 47 in Huntley.

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This a project which should be possible with a Republican Governor.


The Route 62 Four-Lane Question — 17 Comments

  1. It took forever to widen Route 22 / Half Day Road through Lincolnshire in Lake County when it was obvious it needed to be widened; similar situation.

    Traffic gets backed up for miles on Route 62 / Algonquin Road, it’s a main artery from the Lake in the Hills area to the Schaumburg area.

  2. 62 for sure needs widening in BH, the idea of overhead interchanges seems odd because of the looks of them.

    Alg at Randall a expensive over pass would be the best in the long run, but again it’s the look as much as the $$$$ that seems to stop them.

    A four lane 176 from CL threw Wauconda would be real helpful also.

    A bridge at Hagers Bend makes more sense than Long Meadow, at least to present McH Co residents.

    A limited access north south, and east west route would help, but at big $$$$.

    Sky Way over parts of 47, 176 or 14. think how negatively that would be accepted by the NIMBYs?

    12 around Richmond, with Wis completing 12 to Madison would help when I go fishing. LOL

    14 limited access to 90 would work also.

    Raise MFT by double, then at least the present stuff would be maintained way better, and some expansion can happen.

    Make sure Green cars and trucks pay their fair share also.

  3. Martin McLaughlin, “against widening Route 62.” will lose a few votes for him in McH Co.


  4. Eventually we need to make major transportation changes in McHenry County.

    People cannot complain there are no good paying jobs here but want no new highways or roads.

    Rockford to Chicago to Milwaukee will be a business corrider in the future.

    Bedroom communities have high property taxes because there are more children to educate.

  5. Cal, ask Tom Wilbeck his position on widening 62 threw BHs is?

    He resides in BH, lives in this county, and is running for McH Co board.

    Tom’s opinion on the subject would be very interesting and could change some votes also.

    When questioned about whether our Co board members do a part of full time job, he wouldn’t answer

    A question about 62 widening may get the same response from our pal Tom, no direct answer.

  6. While Martin McLaughlin was down in Springfield this week meeting with Governor Rauner and others discussing infrastructure needs for McHenry and Lake Counties, Dan McConchie through his major donor Dan Proft at Liberty Principles PAC issued a mailng putting Marty in sheeps clothing intimating Marty is a really a Democrat.

    Instead of addressing the pension crises and possible solutions, McConchie and his team would rather draw pictures of sheep and put it on a mailing costing $15,000.00.

    Is McConchie really a guy we want to send to Springfield as a State Senator.

    I for one, would prefer he remain in Springfield in his current career as a one issue policy maker relating to his stance on abortion.

    The last thing McConchie wants to do is take Marty head on with the issues.

  7. Cal, I think this blog is misleading. I went to this forum and my recollection of Marty’s statement was that he was opposed in principle to widening of Route 62 but if the Long Meadow Parkway was to be constructed he would not want traffic sitting in VBH on Route 62 and would take appropriate action. In fact, unlike the designers of Long Meadow Parkway who could give a damn about this LMP traffic feeding into Route 62 by never consulting with Cook County, Marty has already consulted with Cook County about LMP and contingency for Route 62. To cast Marty in this light is very unfair because the designers of LMP should have consulted with Cook County and had a plan in place for Route 62 bringing VBH to the table

    Of course McConchie’s response to this question was he was neither familiar with LMP or Route 62. This is for obvious reasons, McConchie knows nothing about local issues or challenges in District 26 except what his team of Dan Proft and Joe Walsh et al. tell him. But McConchie does know Springfield by being part of the lobying establishment for so long.

  8. Cal you are correct, I believe Marty said he met with IDOT.

    I am interested why you selected this question as center piece of your blog . . . and then only provided a portion of Marty’s answer.

    It is important readers get accurate information not half truths by only providing slivers from complete answers.

    You should have also provided McConchie response to this same question which was obvioulsy asked by a ringer for McConchie, perhaps by another Dan Proft candidate who received money.

    Why did you not tell your readers about candidates solution to pension problem, in particular McConchie’s response that the state should borrow more money in the billions for individual buy-outs.

    Let’s not shield readers from hearing nonsense spewed by favored candidates, especially those not qualified for the office. McConchie fits this bill!

  9. Ya Cal of course it’s a state road, 62 still has an effect on the county.

    If he wants our vote he can answers directly about issues that face this county.

    62 and if the county board is full or part time are important issues, aren’t they?

    They must be you put them on your blog.

  10. I wrote what I had in my notes.

    Any candidate is welcome to expand on what is in the article.

  11. The candidates shouldn’t have to come back here and “tweak” their positions based on how they felt they did or which way the wind is now blowing.

    (even though we know that they will in successive interviews and appearances in other forums.

    By the same token if your notes and reportage were more accurate and, at times, less slanted. . .

  12. Nob,

    your prior blog is incoherent.

    You usually do a better job, Nob or is it now Nob job, not sure any more.

    Must be hanging out with Karma . . .

  13. David, if you want it to incoherent because it treads on your guy, it will be my partisan friend.

    Truth hurts?

    Oh and thanks for the Bernie Bros type comment, what a guy!

  14. Hey Nob!

    I support Martin McLaughlin not because he is my guy but because having served under him on the ZBA in VBH and having campaigned for elected office in VBH not on his poltical team and seeing McLaughlin in action in particular his business acumen and expertise with pensions, he is the only guy for State Senate.

    He is that special and I wish before others speak they research his record in VBH and hear him speak on the issues he will make a convert out of you and most others.

    I believe if McLaughlin’s potential for political office is unlimited and by not electing McLaughlin for this office will be missed opportunity for people of Illinois and residents of 26th District.

    I am not a political animal and while I always vote I have never openly supported a candidate.

    An exception is made with McLaughlin because he is that good!

  15. I guess if you’re so into the guy the new story of him raising taxes in VBH needs explaining.

    Not here, on the other story.

    I think your thoughts on Valley Hi are real good, THX for the off the clock stuff. 🙂

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