Gas Thefts in Harvard

With gas as cheap as it is, people are still stealing the commodity.

In Harvard, two people drove off from the Little Corner Store at 301 N. Division Street without paying on the same day, last Tuesday.

  • On 02-16-16 at 0630 hrs, the Little Corner Store reported a black sedan (unknown make or model) pumped gas in the amount of $10.69 and left without paying.
  • On 02-16-16 at 0652 hrs, the Little Corner Store reported a black Sport Utility Vehicle (unknown make or model) with a male driver pumped gas in the amount $10.00 and left without paying.


Gas Thefts in Harvard — 3 Comments

  1. Division Street in Harvard is also US Route 14.

    The Little Corner Store is part of a Marathon gas station a few blocks north of the tracks and a few blocks south of Harmilda the Cow statue.

    Harmilda being an acronym for Harvard Milk Days.

  2. There are gas stations that still exist that don’t make you pre-pay?

  3. I do believe that’s a felony to steal gasoline.

    Thanks, Mark!!!

    I never knew that and I shall not forget it now.


    Very clever.

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