Mike Walkup Calls for 50% County Tax Cut, Offers Strategy to Do So

A press release from McHenry County Board Chairman candidate Mike Walkup:

Walkup Calls for 50% Tax Cut

Michael Walkup

Michael Walkup

County Board Member MICHAEL J. WALKUP, representing McHenry County Board District 3, has called for a Special Meeting of the County Board to consider and vote upon the following resolution [see below].

“There has been a growing problem with the excessive fund balance at Valley Hi Nursing Home, which has now grown to over $41 Million Dollars.

“This is clearly well beyond what is needed to offset any reasonable annual operating expenses at Valley Hi, which has operated on a close to break even basis for the past several years.

“Legal issues have also been raised regarding the legality of a governmental body retaining a fund which is now four times the annual operating budget, even assuming that no funds are received from any other sources,” said Board Member Walkup, who is also an attorney.

“My proposal, if acted upon by the full County Board, will allow the County to cut the county taxes by approximately 50% next year, giving our taxpayers a much needed break.

“McHenry County is currently in the TOP ONE PERCENT of all counties in the ENTIRE UNITED STATES in local property taxes.  This is not the type of ‘one percente’” that our residents want to be.

“This measure will go a long way towards getting us out of the top one percent tax paying bracket, ” said Walkup.


Whereas, the Valley Hi Nursing Home account has accumulated unconscionable surpluses, over $41 million currently;

Whereas,  the McHenry County Board desires to distribute the excess accumulation to McHenry County taxpayers as expeditiously as possible;

Whereas, the Harrison Elementary School District 36 in Wonder Lake has just agreed to refund about $123,000 in illegally garnered property taxes from the 2014 tax year in a suit filed by attorney Timothy Dwyer on behalf of WKS Crystal Lake, LLC, et al;

Whereas, in that same tax year, the McHenry County Board levied $3 million in unneeded real estate taxes for the Valley Hi Nursing Home;

Valley Hi's entrance.

Valley Hi’s entrance.

Whereas attorney Timothy Dwyer has filed a tax protest suit using the same arguments as he argued in the Harrison School District case on behalf of WKS Crystal Lake, LLC, et al, against the County of McHenry citing that Valley Hi levy, the Road & Bridge Fund, the Matching Fund and the Loss & Prevention Fund, that is, that they all have illegally excessive funds on hand;

Whereas, Valley Hi Nursing Home has an annual budget of $10-$11 million and – as a result of an efficient operation, results in any annual shortfall being  no more than $500,000 to $1,000,000 because the nursing home receives Medicare and Medicaid funding as well as private pay and reimbursement for rehabilitation; ;

Now, therefore, be it resolved, that the McHenry County Board does instruct the Treasurer to transfer to from the  Valley Hi Fund an amount not to exceed $35,000,000, to the County Operating Fund or such other fund as may be appropriate, leaving a balance of approximately $6,000,000, in the Valley Hi Fund, with the understanding that said amount will be returned to the taxpayers in the immediate subsequent tax year by way of a reduction in the County Tax Levy for that amount and will not be utilized by the County for any other purpose.


Mike Walkup Calls for 50% County Tax Cut, Offers Strategy to Do So — 23 Comments

  1. I’m curious about this and would like to know more.

    Just to be clear on the math, are you saying if you transfer 35 million you can cut the tax that goes to the county (I assume you mean property taxes) by half?

    If so, wouldn’t that be only for one year?

  2. The Road & Bridge Fund has excessive funds on hand?

    No roads that need to be repaired or road related loan that could be paid off?

    Andrew or Mike, expand on that.

  3. The real estate tax take for the County this coming year will be about $74 million.

    Half of $74 million is $37 million.

  4. The sad part is, first we have to get through this year.

    Won’t be many that make it that far.

  5. The $37 million may not cover salaries and services.

    Show us on paper, Mike…

    Prove me wrong, please.

    Do you still believe we have a 6 month reserve in the bank?

    I doubt that too.

  6. Gas Bag (aka Andrew Gasser) you would support anything because like Mike Walkup you both stand for nothing.

    This is nothing more than a power grab and political pandering please remove yourself

  7. Fine, we take a one-year reduction and it’s back to the old rate.

    Until you cut expenses, you are not going to cut taxes.

    Nice gimmick political play.

    And what is the meaning of “won’t be many who make it that far?”

    Did we miss the apocalypse announcement?

    The majority of us won’t make it to the next year?

  8. We will take the one year 50% tax holiday but then shoot for at least a 10% permanent reduction.

    You could start with the bus routes or the out of control Conservation Dist.

    There is a deep hole to start investigating!

  9. Why not apply to be appointed to the Conservation District Board, if you think you could find savings?

  10. They would not let me in!

    I would not be looking for savings but BIG CUTS for the taxpayers of this county.

    It would require a big dose of questions and exposure to the public.

  11. Farmer if Joe wins apply, you may have a chance of getting appointed.

    If Mike wins don’t bother, his supporters say he’s a tree huger, that levy will never see a cut.

  12. The Nob: Ho do you know Joe was not Chairman when ‘Farmer’ was turned down?

    Unless we vote out Board members like McCann, Draffkorn, Miller, Skala, nothing will change.

    Even with those gone we still have major problem.

    Bottom line: Until THE BOARD quits approving wage increases and the State Legislature (the voters) fix the pension problem – Ladies and Gentlemen, the proposal by Walkup will have ZERO long term positive impact.

    BTW the Board Chairman has no vote unless he / she is also a District Board member.

    Your comment:

    “If Mike wins don’t bother, his supporters say he’s a tree huger, that levy will never see a cut.”

    is irrelevant.

  13. Question, how do you know Farmer has really tried?

    The way he said it could mean, because he is for big cuts they, whoever they is, wouldn’t let him in.

    Chairman makes the appointment with over site from board, so who is chairman is relevant.

    The comment was Sarcasm 101, lighten up a tad.

  14. Mike Walkup, career Democrat, has consistently protected nepotism and excessive spending, provided it is done by his political supporters.

  15. Fact: Walkup, although not an ideal Candidate, IS THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS.

    I wish we had more of a choice.

    We have Gottemoller who has so many conflicts of interest, it’s dangerous! and this schmo.

    Unfortunately I only see fit to vote for the less dangerous, less conflicted, less corrupt schmo.

  16. Why not run an independent in general and not vote where you know it is wrong

  17. Mike Walkup, thank you for showing definitive leadership dealing wtih this theft of taxpayer funds. While not a perfect solution (ie returning it those who it was stolen from) it is a good solution which would get my support for whatever that is worth, which is probably not much.

    Gasser should also be commended for taking lead on this from behind by saying without using his moniker knowledge voter that he would approve of special meeting.

    Of course this does not commit him to vote for Mike’s plan.

    Damn it Mike, you are going to make me vote for you just yet.

    For those of you who are balking at return of these funds to taxpayers still have not accepted the legal reality that in the eyes of the law, these funds never belonged to the County, thus Valley Hi because they were illegally assessed.

    Now Mike, this is leadership.

    Will someone please wake sleepy Joe and let him know? Alleged Democrat or not, unlike the snoozer, Mike is demonstating leadership qualities seriously lacking on that Board.

  18. @David Stieper…

    Ok yeah it would be nice to get some moola back in my pockets, but here is the problem…

    The millions in accumulated taxes did not appear overnight, so I guess the question would be to Walkup Illinois Ranger and Gasserup would be why didn’t you propose this earlier… like last year or the year before?

    Hard to call it leadership when it smells like election year politics.

  19. Could be Bilboo but at least they are now acting.

    Where is sleepy Joe on the issue.

    This was centerpiece of my campaign for board in 2013 as well as gravy train full time benefits for part time job.

    So to the blogger who said I lost my election in district 1 incorrect.

    My issues are center stage.

    The only loss was to McHenry county taxpayers because I truly would have mmsde a difference.

    Certainly would have livened the party.

    Just ask the dark prince of Barrington hills how much fun I was pointing out his corruption, waste and mismanagement of village resources.


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