Patrick Kenneally’s Wife Replies to Dan Regna’s Revelation of Police Report

I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but I’m not big on covering family problems.

I don’t cover divorces (with the exception of the one that ended up on the front page of the Chicago Sun-Times.)

I didn’t cover the three bankruptcies of elected county officials.

I don’t cover marital disputes.

One of the later was turned into a major story by the Northwest Herald when McHenry County State’s Attorney candidate Dan Regna supplied a Barrington Police Report of a domestic dispute his opponent Patrick Kenneally and his wife had five years ago. It was alcohol related and no arrests were made.

The NWH noted that McHenry County’s domestic violence organization, Turning Point, praised the work of State’s Attorney opponent Patrick Kenneally.

The only reply from the Kenneally camp was an Open Letter from his wife Colleen to Regna. It is below:

Dear Mr. Regna,

Patrick Kenneally announcing his candidacy for McHenry County State's Attorney.

Colleen Kenneally watches as husband Patrick announces his candidacy for McHenry County State’s Attorney.

My name is Colleen Kenneally.My husband is running against you for State’s Attorney.

I am not running against you and yet you have dragged me and my family into this race.

Let me start off by saying my husband is a wonderful man and father.

Let me say further and unequivocally that he has never, ever raised his hand to me in anger and
never would.

What happened those many years ago was a married couple that had some alcohol to drink on Thanksgiving and had a loud argument.

Nothing else.

The police left after uncovering no evidence of a crime, after I told them repeatedly that nothing happened, and without requiring me or my husband to leave the residence.

After the police left, we went to sleep. Since this incident, my husband and I have had two beautiful children, Patrick and John, and are happily married.

Patrick has not had a drop of alcohol since that evening.

Perhaps you also have also suffered low points in your multiple marriages? After all, weren’t the police called to your co-worker’s/second-wife’s house after your first-wife (who you were married to at the time) broke a window there?

I doubt you would like very much if my husband attempted to use an isolated incident like that from your past and your widely rumored marital infidelity to make blanket statements about your “character” or “integrity.”

Now that you and my husband have done your best to learn from and move on from past imperfections, hopefully we can begin discussing the actual issues of this campaign.


Colleen Kenneally


Patrick Kenneally’s Wife Replies to Dan Regna’s Revelation of Police Report — 18 Comments

  1. Seems like a lot of these upstanding republicans have skeletons in their closets.

  2. What kind of a digusting corrupt human being would it take to purposefully spread rumors?

    This is politics 101.

    And precisely the reason “good” people mostly stay away from all of it.

  3. Regna is connected to the old guard, referred to as the Regime, and that is reason enough to not allow him into office.

    We want to clean up McHenry County, not smear the dirt from the Nygren days.

    Besides, Regna probably has some African hunting trip to attend.

    Maybe an African Wildebeast or something?

    The days of hunting prosecutors is over with.

  4. Karma:

    You have been covering for Bill Clinton and his string of sexual misconducts, and Hillery destroying the reputations of his victims in order to save her own political career.

    There is a whole graveyard in the Clintons’ closet.

    As far as Regna, what was his role in covering up for his mentor, the disgraced Gary Pack, whose escapades as a (quasi) married man included a sitting county board member and the wife of one of his donors (among others)?

  5. Don’t feed the troll, Charles.

    He is the resident “useful idiot” of this blog.

  6. “Seems like a lot of these upstanding republicans have skeletons in their closets.”

    Who doesn’t?

  7. Especially since no arrest was made, since there is no evidence of further problems, and since they are still married it doesn’t make sense to make it a campaign issue.

    If anything the leak backfires and makes one more likely to vote for Kenneally.

  8. I thought the treatment of IL State Senator candidate Martin McLaughlin by McHenry County Republican Party and Walsh Acolytes was sleazy.

    The entire political process in McHenry County needs a good soapy rinse

    I do not know either one of these gentlemen running for State’s attorney but I like Colleen for standing up to this sleaze.

    Hopefully, Patrick has as strong a backbone as his wife.

    Patrick count me in, and credit Colleen for the 2 votes coming from my family!

    Instead of throwing money at candidates, maybe Proft can use some of that money to buy soap for sum of these mud slingers!

  9. Jesus Christ, David, we get it.

    You really like Martin McLaughlin.

    You can give it a rest, now.

  10. Boethius, I do not know McLaughlin or McConchi and Dave S. is driving me up the wall.

    Way to loose votes for your guy, Dave

  11. Talk about backfire.

    Mr Regna here is a newsflash, making a big deal over this focuses our attention on your philandering.

    That bothers me far less than the failure of your judgement.


    This was going to accomplish what again?

    Mr Regna you knew about this for months.

    You also know Pat quit drinking too.

    Knowing that Pat wasn’t using your shenanigans why on earth would you open Pandora’s box?

    Is this how you try to win cases?

  12. This has been a great tool to demonstrate the integrity of Kenneally.

    He hasn’t had a drink since.

    It is well known he doesn’t drink.

    I like a leader who can admit a flaw and correct the behavior.

  13. but I like Colleen for standing up to this sleaze.

    Hopefully, Patrick has as strong a backbone as his wife.

    Patrick has his wife making a statement.

    Any job opening

  14. Colleen is her own person.

    A mature, smart adult.

    If she wants to make a statement, more power to her.

    Patrick respects her decisions, as he should.

    Patrick has made his.

    Sorry if you missed it.

  15. My son was on Regna’s Tee-Ball Team and he couldn’t even manage it with any competency whatsover,

    how the hell is he going to run the States Attorney’s Office?

    McHenry County voters beware!!

  16. No offense, I was a Tee-Ball Team coach and once when the ball was hit to 3rd base, the boy picked up the ball ran from the field to a nearby slide where players from both teams ran after him down the slide and ultimately piling into a big pile on top of him.

    I had a Jimmy Piersal impersonator who liked to lay down in the outfield because she was too tired or wanted to play elsewhere.

    While I am not likely voting for Regina, running a Tee Ball Team is no easy job.

  17. Hey Mr. Regna: Please explain what NEQ means to a West Point Graduate serving in the Military?


    How is it possible that all you had to do to be promoted was to complete your military ed?

    And did you complete a single unit to get promoted to Major?

    Yet your service record shows you failed to turn a single educational unit required of you.

    Please Mr Regna, deny that you were NEQ.

    Then I can send your NEQ status prior to discharge to all of your friends here to prove that you couldn’t do the simplest thing required of you.

    You are not worthy to have any votes.

    Semper fi.

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