Sheriff Bill Prim Endorses Patrick Kenneally for State’s Attorney

A press release from McHenry County State’s Attorney candidate Patrick Kenneally:

Bill Prim, McHenry County Sheriff, Endorses Patrick Kenneally for State’s Attorney

Bill Prim

Bill Prim

Bill Prim, McHenry County Sheriff, announced today that he is endorsing Republican Patrick Kenneally for McHenry County State’s Attorney.

Bill Prim is a 29-year career law enforcement professional, who rose through the ranks at the Des Plaines Police Department from patrol officer, to Detective, Sergeant, Detective Sergeant and finally to Commander, from which he retired honorably in August of 2012.

In 2014, Prim ran on his extensive experience and was elected McHenry County Sheriff.

Dan Kenneally

Patrick Kenneally

“Bill Prim is a true sheriff,” said Kenneally.

“Honest, tough, experienced, and no-nonsense.

“I am humbled and thrilled to have the endorsement of the top law enforcement.”

“Kenneally has a reputation as an experienced prosecutor that works in partnership with law enforcement,” said Prim.

“As a State’s Attorney, I have no doubt that Kenneally will build a strong and productive relationship with police based on mutual respect and trust.

“I have witnessed firsthand Kenneally working with my guys investigating and prosecuting murderers and violent offenders. His tenacity, grit, and professionalism are unsurpassed and he has my unqualified endorsement.”


Sheriff Bill Prim Endorses Patrick Kenneally for State’s Attorney — 22 Comments

  1. Well, of course, was there any doubt, Bianchi’s hand picked sheriff, and now Bianchi’s hand picked state’s attorney.

    Next will be Bianchi’s hand picked Recorder, Bianchi’s hand picked judge and Bianchi’s hand picked State rep, talk about the good ole boys!

  2. Big surprise from the Sheriff since he has not made a comment publicly since he was sworn in.

  3. “Honest, tough, experienced, and no-nonsense.
    Hiring three patronage workers right after taking office is no-nonsense?

  4. Yes, and if you notice they didn’t pick Regna?

    You wouldn’t want to be on the other side of one of Regna’s hunting trips.


    Believe me, when he aims at a target, he aims to get em.

    Oh well, too bad, those phony charges against Bianchi didn’t have a leg to stand on.

    And, for your information, Prim has done many great things since taking office.

    We sure didn’t here that about Zinke and Nygren the whole time they ran their dictatorship.

    The only great thing that I recall, is that Prim removed Nygrens name from all of the County vehicles. That was so awesome!

    Bianchi works for the people. We the people, will mis him.

  5. Removing those signs was not the only great thing Prim has done since taking office, he continues to work tirelessly for the people.

    The removal of Nygrens name from county vehicles was remembered vividly, because Nygren was dethroned once again.

  6. Bill has done what he was elected to do!

    He is a man of integrity so if he will put out an endorsement I think it should carry some weight.

  7. Fred’s hit the nail right on the head!

    A small amount of research will show the extreme connection between the current (and future) State’s Attorney’s office and the Sheriff’s department.

    The sheriff seems to be a good man, but we’ll just have to wait and see; who knows, maybe Dum DUm (Fighting Corruption) will finally find what she’s looking for; then again, she would probably not recognize it if it smacked her in the head

  8. Yes, AZ the ZINKE GUY!

    No credibility.

    Like Pack and his pal Sheriff Nygren were stellar.

    You are a joke.

  9. Although I would have preferred Prim to support Wilbrandt for state rep, I think Prim picked the better candidate in the SA race.

  10. Did not know Prim was so involved politically.

    But he made the right choice here

  11. Kenneally is the clear choice for SA.

    Well done Prim.

    That race is over.

    is anyone running against that tall lawyer from Woodstock for precient committeemen?

  12. The caption under the picture of the young man is Dan Kenneally.

    You my want to correct it.

  13. Old timer; I happen to back Kenneally also-that does not negate my post about the connection.

    Come out of your hole and check some facts.

    Or, maybe since I back him also, you now think he’s not qualified.

  14. FK…you mean the dude who wears the $6k suits?

    Maybe he’s a lawyer/pilot, would explain the expensive suits.

  15. Govt needs more candidates like 6 k suits.

    I trust anyone that successful in the private sector with my tax dollars

  16. I think it’s proven, if they are elected to office, control any of our $$$$, we shouldn’t trust them.

  17. Great to hear from Prim again.

    Is he available to comment on the McNamara patronage hire yet?

    Or still transparently busy?

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